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Peoples Post Retreat 19 June 2012


<ul><li><p>E-mail: Tuesday 19 June 2012 Tel: 021 713 9440 Fax: 021 713 9481</p><p>260 OTTERY ROAD, OTTERY</p><p>Full House, family car,</p><p>188 000km</p><p>1999 Honda 1.6i</p><p>Ballade Luxline</p><p>A/c, one owner</p><p>137 000 km</p><p>1994 WV Golf GTI</p><p>A/c</p><p>185 000 km</p><p>2000 Fiat</p><p>Siena</p><p>R950 pmR950 pm</p><p>One owner,</p><p>180 000 km</p><p>3 to choose from</p><p>2001-2005 Toyota Tazz</p><p>216 000 km</p><p>1997 Opel Corsa</p><p>Lite 1.4i</p><p>D/cab,</p><p>204 000 km</p><p>2006 Isuzu</p><p>R2 850pmR2 850pm</p><p>85 000 km</p><p>2007 Hyundai Atos</p><p>Auto GLS Prime</p><p>R1 450pmR1 450pm</p><p>New</p><p>2012 Foton Thunda</p><p>2.2 iv</p><p>R1 999 pmR1 999 pm</p><p>A/c, 16-seater</p><p>New</p><p>2012 Taxi</p><p>R6 500pmR6 500pm</p><p>Sunroof</p><p>241 000 km</p><p>1997 Honda Vtec</p><p>A/c, one owner</p><p>308 000 km</p><p>1997 Honda Ballade</p><p>1.5i Luxline Auto</p><p>2-door</p><p>130 000 km</p><p>2009 Toyota Yaris</p><p>Rayaan 079 103 7540 Pamala 074 748 4014 Jason 079 414 2881</p><p>R1 200 pmR1 200 pm R950 pmR950 pm</p><p>R700 pmR700 pm</p><p>R1 200pmR1 200pmR1 850pmR1 850pm</p><p>Latest Payslip + 3 months bank statement, copy of ID, proof of address needed. 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A child killer.</p><p>Owen Shanmugan (47) will no longer be re-membered for the good work he did for resi-dents of the Hillview informal settlement.</p><p>Instead, the man fondly known as Charrawill be remembered for the gruesome murderof his son Lionel (2) and his girlfriend Yolan-die Petersens daughter Shaylin (4) last week.</p><p>Ina failed suicideattempt, Shanmuganalsoslit his own throat and later died in hospitalwhile in police custody.</p><p>Hillview community worker CharmainePretorius tells how she was one of the firstpeople at the scene after Shanmugans girl-</p><p>friend ran to her for help screaming: Char-maine ... Owen! Kom help my!</p><p>Pretorius immediately ran to the woodenstructure and tried to open the door, whichwasbolted shutwithapole. I opened thewin-dow and saw the lifeless, bloodied bodies ofthe children on the bed.</p><p>She phoned the police and asked some menwho had gathered at the scene to force openthe door.</p><p>Once inside, they found Shanmugan lyingon the floor in a pool of blood, still conscious.</p><p>We asked him who had done this to them,because we thought someone had broken intothe home. He answered: Ek, ek!</p><p>The police then arrived, declaring both tod-dlers deadandarrestingShanmugan formur-der. He had allegedly collected both children</p><p>from their daycare centres earlier that day.Petersen reportedly said she was in disbe-</p><p>lief and trying to come to termswith thedeathof her children.</p><p>The community is also still reeling of shockafter last Wednesdays brutal killings.</p><p>This is not the first time Shanmugan wasbrought before the law for an act of violenceupon a minor. Assault charges we broughtagainst him after he kicked a 13-year-old boyon his back for allegedly not respecting him(Leader on assault charges, Peoples Post,3 August 2010).</p><p>At the time residents voiced concernsabout Shanmugans leadership style, stat-ing he often threatened them.</p><p>But Pretorius, who fought alongside Shan-mugan for services such as water, sanitation</p><p>and electricity, is adamant her friend mustbe remembered for the good he did in thecommunity.</p><p>I did not know him as a violent person. No-body knows why he did what he did; that se-cret he took to his grave.</p><p>A memorial service was held for the tod-dlers in Hillview last week. They will be bur-ied on Saturday.. It is believed Shanmugan was buried in</p><p>his hometown in Durban yesterday (Mon-day).</p><p>A FINAL FAREWELL: Friends andneighbours of Shaylin and LionelPetersen gathered for a memorial service near their home onThursday. Foto: Yunus Mohamed</p><p>Shaylin Petersen.</p><p>Lionel Petersen.</p></li><li><p>Page 2 Peoples Post Retreat GENERAL Tuesday 19 June 2012</p><p>We salute ourWe salute ourcommunity workerscommunity workers</p><p>Dear reader,</p><p>Last week I had the privi-lege and honour of meetingtwo inspirational communi-ty workers; Ebrahim Hull ofLansdowne and OtterysKeith Blake.</p><p>Both men are passionateabout serving their commu-nities, altruistically, andask-ing for nothing in return.</p><p>Charismatic Ebrahim vis-ited our offices and regaledus with his knowledge of thedynamics and pulse of bothyoung and old in his community.</p><p>Ebrahim has been a resident ofLansdowne for 38 years and is known as theMayor of Groenvlei.</p><p>Day and night, he is always on call whenhis communityneedshim,but thishumble,modest man does not want praise, high-lighting instead the good work of other un-sung community heroes.</p><p>At one stage, Ebrahim was secretary offive different organisations simultaneous-ly, in addition to holding a demanding full-time senior job in the furniture business.</p><p>His concern for the challenges faced bysociety, especially young people, is toppedonly by the action he takes to address socialissues such as vagrancy, drug abuse andcrime.</p><p>Among others, he was thefounder of some communitystructures, has been in-volved in sport and culturalbodies, served his localmosque and was a radio pre-senter.</p><p>Luckily for wife Gadija,this is all in the past and Eb-rahim can now focus prima-rily on being a doting hus-band and father to his threesons and daughter andgrandfather to 12 grand-daughters and four grand-sons.</p><p>My meeting with Ebrahim was followedby a visit to Keiths home and I was warmlywelcomed by Keith, his wife Tina, adorablegranddaughter and the familys dog whowas perhaps not so pleased to meet me.</p><p>A retired police captain, Keith is calledKaptein by the many underprivilegedpeople whose lives he touches.</p><p>With Tina at his side, he tirelessly servespoor communities and the couple alwayshave a meal for the poor who come knock-ing at their door.</p><p>Keith is a regular letter writer to PeoplesPost. Tina, he says, is his soulmate, hisvoice of reason and the editor of the numer-ous letters he sends us.</p><p>A gate they had recently put up, has hadto come down, they say, as it obstructs their</p><p>view of their people referring to thehomeless and other needy people who cometo them for food.</p><p>Assisted by others like them and theirfamily, including three sons, the couplesfocus is providing relief, love and prayerto residents in informal settlements andother underprivileged areas.</p><p>Over the years they have taken goodssuch as food, clothes and blankets to theneedy, ensuring that Christmas cheer pre-vails in the poorest of communities andproviding Easter eggs and pickled fish tohundreds of poor people over Easter.</p><p>Their prayers and public appeals have al-ways been answered abundantly, withtruckloads of goods coming their way andfinding its way through them to those inneed.</p><p>Both Keith and Ebrahim are spiritualpeople, expecting nothing in return fortheir good deeds which impact on hun-dreds, if not thousands, of lives.</p><p>Their philosophy, positivity and eternalhope in the face of despair provehowsignif-icant a difference one person can make;that it really does begin with one.</p><p>Till next time, go well.. ConnectED is a weekly column by Peo-</p><p>ples Post Editor Feroza Miller-Isaacs whocan be contacted on</p><p>Peoples Post is online. Visit</p><p>Youth day celebrations at RooikransIN celebration of Youth Day, hun-dreds of youths gathered atRooikrans Sport Grounds on Satur-day. Schools from across the great-er Retreat and Grassy Park partici-pated and performed items on theday, while Grassy Park police per-formed a drill. The Metro police K-9Unit also showed their skills.</p><p>UNDER CLOSE WATCH: Constables Thomaza Maholwana and Valmeri Sandmann of the Metro Polices mounted unit watch over the proceedings at theevent. Photos: Mark Ward</p><p>AT ATTENTION: Constable AldridgeIsaacs from the Grassy Park policestation.</p><p>NATIONAL ANTHEM ATTENTION:Ganesh Cloete, a grade four pupil atPelican Park primary school standsat attention during the singing of theanthem.</p><p>OUT FOR THE KILL: One of the demonstrations at the event was done bythe K9 unit.</p><p>I LIKE CANDY: Taden Glendas, Abdullah Salie, Laeeq HassenParker, Mymoena Antullay, Shamielah HassanParker and Aliyah Isaacs of the Bambino DayCare participated in the event as well.</p><p>HUP! TWO THREE FOUR: Pelican Park primary school pupils marching.</p><p>DUTY, HONOUR, COUNTRY: Parkwood high schools team in action duringthe drilling contest.</p></li><li><p>Tuesday 19 June 2012 NEWS Peoples Post Retreat Page 3</p><p>MEDICAL AIDS AND THE FOLLOWING CARDS ACCEPTED</p><p>we will</p><p>BEAT</p><p>any quote</p><p>MasterCard</p><p>MasterCard</p><p>Free eye test for kids 8-12 years</p><p>comprehensive</p><p>Free eye test</p><p>for pensioners</p><p>Free Glaucoma (eye pressure) test</p><p>terms and conditions apply</p><p>GR A S S Y PA R K</p><p>EYE SAVE</p><p>OPTOMETRIST</p><p>0 2 1 7 0 6 7 2 4 7 | 0 8 6 1 0 0 1 3 2 6 | | WWW. E Y E S A V E . CO . 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We are prepared to work on a no</p><p>win-no fee basis.</p><p>For further queries, contact</p><p>LESTER &amp; ASSOCIATES ATTORNEYS</p><p>021 423 4601</p><p>Gang activityGANG violence is once again plaguingthe greater Lavender Hill area.</p><p>The conflict is centralised to the areasof Lavender Hill, St Montague Villageand Seawinds, which fall within the po-lice precincts of Muizenburg and Steen-berg.</p><p>Steenberg police and the provincialtactical response team have conductedmany disruptive operations to curb theviolence.</p><p>Operations the past weekend includeda number of arrests; 14 for believed gangactivity, 25 for drug-related charges,and various drug and fire arm confisca-tions.</p><p>Rally to save Princess VleiTASMIN CUPIDO</p><p>PLANS to refurbish the open space ofPrincess Vlei into a natural fortress wastaken to a higher level on Saturday.</p><p>A Peoples Rally, hosted by the PrincessVlei Forum (PVF), attracted more than 2 300people. The event also saw the signing of apetition to save thevlei frombeingdevelopedinto a mega-mall.</p><p>The proposed development by InsightProperty Developers is expected to comprisea 9090m shopping mall and a 100m taxirank, leavingonlya 30mbuffer strip fromthevleis shore for recreational purposes.</p><p>It has been a tug-of-war between the own-ers of the land, the City of Cape Town, theprovincial Department of Environmental Af-fairs and Development Planning and thoseopposing the development since the planswere initially submitted more than 15 yearsago.</p><p>In November the Citys Spatial Planning,Environment and Land Use ManagementCommittee (Spelum) turned down the devel-opers application for the extension of the re-zoning.</p><p>The developers, in turn, appealed to theMEC for Environmental Affairs and Devel-opment Planning Anton Bredell, who ap-proved the application for the land to be re-zoned from public open space to business.</p><p>But there is still no clarity on whether thedevelopment has received a final approvalfrom the City. And those in opposition to thedevelopment have decided to launch the Peo-ples Plan a plan to refurbish the land andrecreational space, a walk-way around thevlei, a community garden, a market placeand an Environmental and Socio-natureCentre where the history of the Cape Flatswill be curated (Plans for thePrincess,Peo-ples Post, 5 June).</p><p>At the rally Philip Bam, chairperson of theLotus River and Grassy Park Civic Associa-</p><p>tion (Logra) and a founder of PVF said: Oneof the wonderful things this campaign hasdone for us is it has brought us to realise whowe are in this way they took away our herit-age and inheritance. Just as we are restoringthe fynbos here at the vlei, we will restoreour dignity.</p><p>Also showing his support for the plan wasCosatu provincial chairperson Tony Ehren-reich.</p><p>Dont for a minute believe those who willtell you workers will stand with these bigbusiness interests because it will provide usjobs. We know we need jobs in this country,but much more importantly we know weneed to defend and sustain our heritage andthat is why Cosatu is standing behind thePrincess Vlei committee, he said.</p><p>This is not about politics and it is notabout race; it is about assuring ourselvesthat we must stand on the side of justice. Weneed places where we can come together asblack and white in a real space, like the Prin-cess Vlei. But those spaces are shrinking they are being taken away, but they shouldbe expanding. We want to assure you thatwhile we will sign petitions and pray for thePrincess Vlei, we will also not hesitate tofight for the legacy of all our people.</p><p>SIGNING UP: Youths show their support for Princess Vlei at the Peoples Rally on Saturday16 June. Photo: Supplied</p><p>Police imbizoMUIZENBERG POLICE invites resi-dents of Hillview, Seawinds, ConistonPark, Sheradon Park and VillageHeights to an imbizo at the Church ofChrist on the corner of Diamond Driveand Military Road on Thursday 21 Juneat 11:00. Phone Constable SalindaMdana 0 082 522 2554.</p><p>ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS, FLEETCARDS &amp; GARAGE</p><p>www.drivealig...</p></li></ul>