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<ul><li><p>TUESDAY 7 May 2013 | 0021 910 6500 | Fax: 021 910 6501/06 | Email: | Website: | Mobisite:</p><p>TELLING IT AS IT IS</p><p>RETREAT</p><p>MEDICAL AIDS AND THE FOLLOWING CARDS ACCEPTED</p><p>MasterCard</p><p>MasterCard</p><p>Free eye test for kids 8-12 years</p><p>comprehensive</p><p>Free eye test</p><p>for pensioners</p><p>Free Glaucoma (eye pressure) test</p><p>terms and conditions apply</p><p>GR A S S Y PA R K</p><p>A h i g h r e s o l u t i o n c ame r a p r o v i d i n g</p><p>a d e t a i l e d p i c t u r e o f t h e b a c k o f t h e e y e . .</p><p>EYE SAVE</p><p>OPTOMETRIST</p><p>0 2 1 7 0 6 7 2 4 7 | 0 8 6 1 0 0 1 3 2 6 | | WWW. E Y E S A V E . CO . Z A</p><p>9 am - 7 pm MON - F R I 9 am - 1 pm S A T</p><p>O P PO S I T E B O N A FA S T F OOD S</p><p>A L L M E D I C A L A I D M EM B E R S S A V E W I T H E Y E S A V E !</p><p>Single vision</p><p>Frame + lens + eye test</p><p>Bifocals</p><p>Frame + lens + eye test</p><p>Multifocals</p><p>Frame + lens + eye test</p><p>CASH</p><p>SPECIALS</p><p>O P E N U N T I L 7 PMO P E N U N T I L 7 PM</p><p>HEATHFIELD: EMPLOYMENT FOR OVER 400 LOCALS</p><p>Housing plan</p><p>finds a home</p><p>TASMIN CUPIDO</p><p>A</p><p>HIGH density housing development</p><p>has been proposed for a semi-occupied</p><p>property in Heathfield.</p><p>The property, which runs from Rochester</p><p>to Consort roads, is owned by the estate of</p><p>the late Karel Foentjies.</p><p>An application for the rezoning of the</p><p>land, from single residential to a subdivi-</p><p>sional area for a residential development,</p><p>was submitted to the City of Cape Town by</p><p>HeadlandPlanners, the companywhich cur-</p><p>rently has power of attorney to the land.</p><p>The objection and comment phase for the</p><p>application is currently open and closes on</p><p>Thursday 16 May.</p><p>The proposed development of the 1.8ha</p><p>property, by DNL Developers, will see the</p><p>construction of 136 residential units. This</p><p>will include the construction of 64 single res-</p><p>idential units 30 double-storey terraced</p><p>residential units and 34 semi-detached sin-</p><p>gle storey dwellings and 72 apartments on</p><p>the property which borders Little Princess</p><p>Vlei. But the proposed development has</p><p>been met with concern from residents of</p><p>Heathfield, who held a community meeting</p><p>last Wednesday (1 May). A total of 104 resi-</p><p>dents attended the meeting to express their</p><p>concerns.</p><p>Speaking on behalf of residents, Sharna</p><p>Fernandez, says they are not against devel-</p><p>opment, but are concerned about the type of</p><p>development proposed. We found out about</p><p>the development by default, when a resident</p><p>saw the notice in the Cape Times in early</p><p>April, she says.</p><p>He then photocopied the notice and deliv-</p><p>ered it to all our postboxes. Since then we</p><p>have held twomeetings andmet with the de-</p><p>veloper at the end of March.</p><p>Some of the matters of concern expressed</p><p>at the meeting were the negative impact on</p><p>property prices and the impact on privacy.</p><p>The developmentwill also affect access and</p><p>egress for residents in Rochester Close and</p><p>will result in a change to the character of the</p><p>area, Fernandez says.</p><p>The level of densification (for the devel-</p><p>opment) is high and the portion and unit siz-</p><p>es are not in keepingwith that of other erven</p><p>in the area. We are also concerned about the</p><p>residents currently residing on the proper-</p><p>ty,whohavealready received evictionnotic-</p><p>es. They have nowhere to go. Those oppos-</p><p>ing the development will be lodging objec-</p><p>tions to the City, Fernandez says.</p><p>DNLs Howard Fisher says they were in-</p><p>troduced to the property in June last year.</p><p>After consulting with our engineers, town</p><p>planners and architects, we agreed to put in</p><p>a development proposal in September 2012,</p><p>he says.</p><p>We have submitted a rezoning and a sub-</p><p>division application (to the City), who have</p><p>no objections to our development with re-</p><p>gards to spatial planning, heritage, storm-</p><p>water, sewer and electricity capacity, trans-</p><p>port and planning, and environmental im-</p><p>pact.</p><p>Fisher says, pending outstanding applica-</p><p>tions, the development is planned to start in</p><p>May next year.</p><p>We envisage a complex with a high level</p><p>of security. There will be controlled access</p><p>with private roads and play areas, he says.</p><p>A clubhouse and swimming pool will add</p><p>to family environment we are hoping to fos-</p><p>ter. We are still considering the possibly of</p><p>a retirement village.</p><p>Fisher also says thedevelopmentwill offer</p><p>employment to more than 400 skilled and</p><p>semi-skilled construction workers.</p><p>The residents are within their rights to</p><p>raise objections. But what constitutes a val-</p><p>id objection? It is delegated to themunicipal-</p><p>ity to consider the objections in light of the</p><p>new spatial planning framework. We must</p><p>allow this process to run its course.</p><p>The Heathfield community will again</p><p>meet at the Trinity Methodist Church in Ro-</p><p>chester Road on Saturday 11 May at 15:00.</p><p>Call Fernandez on 0 (021) 712 2650.</p><p>VWhat are your views on the proposed housing devel</p><p>opment for Heathfield? SMS your views to 32516.</p><p>GrandWests Grand Arena came to life with the sweet melodies of Peaches and Herb</p><p>on Saturday evening. The duo from USA performed some of their charttopping hits,</p><p>such as Reunited, Lets Fall In Love and Let Me Be The One. The show was opened by</p><p>Zayn Adam as well as Sophia Voster. PHOTO: JACO MARAIS/PHOTO24</p><p>REUNITED</p><p>REUNITED</p></li><li><p>PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT</p><p>Tuesday, 7 May 2013</p><p>2 PHOTOS</p><p>UNIT 9 N O 6 P LANTATIO N R OAD W ETTON/O TTERY 0 21 7 62 3 985 021 7 62 4 783 0 82 7 86 4 092</p><p>ROYAL CAPE</p><p>GLASS &amp; A LUM I N I UM</p><p>MAUFACTURERS AND SUPPLIERS</p><p>OF ALUMINIUM WINDOWS &amp; DOORS</p><p>FREE QUOTATIONS</p><p>INSTALLATIONS CAN BE DONE</p><p>AT A SMALL EXTRA CHARGE</p><p>royalg lassandaluminium@y</p><p>600 x 900 R500</p><p>900 x 900 R625</p><p>600 x 1200 R580</p><p>900 x 1200 R700</p><p>ORDER NOW TO AVOID DISAPOINTMENT! PIVOT DOORS ALSO AVAILABLE AT EXTRA COST</p><p>Designer</p><p>Doors</p><p>with</p><p>sidelites</p><p>from</p><p>R4800</p><p>Designer Doors</p><p>from R3500</p><p>1200 x 900 R725</p><p>1500 x 900 R800</p><p>1800 x 900 R895</p><p>1200 x 1200 R1000</p><p>1500 x 1200 R1100</p><p>1800 x 1200 R1200</p><p>1200 x 900 R950</p><p>1500 x 900 R1050</p><p>1200 x 1500 R1220</p><p>1500 x 1500 R1330</p><p>1200 x 1800 R1300</p><p>1500 x 1800 R1500</p><p>1500 x 1500 R1950</p><p>1500 x 1800 R2100</p><p>1800 x 1500 R2100</p><p>2100 x 1500 R2200</p><p>2100 x 1800 R2450</p><p>1500 x 900 R1150</p><p>1800 x 900 R1200</p><p>SIDELITES</p><p>300 x 2100 R1050</p><p>600 x 2100 R1200</p><p>900 x 2100 R1350</p><p>OPEN SATURDAYS</p><p>8 am -1pm</p><p>Lavender Superstars celebrate</p><p>Lavender Superstars celebrate</p><p>T</p><p>HE Lavender Superstars Youth and</p><p>CooningDevelopment hosted their 10th</p><p>year celebrations and awards evening</p><p>last week.</p><p>The event, held at the Cradock Road Hall</p><p>in Steenberg, was aimed at acknowledging</p><p>the youths achievements and to present the</p><p>various trophies.</p><p>The cocktail and dinner was enjoyed by</p><p>members of the Lavender Superstars, their</p><p>families and supporters, as well as various</p><p>guest speakers.</p><p>FAMILY FUN: From left are Rashwile Marthunis, Rushana Aploon, Nadeema Aploon, Muhzahriq</p><p>Aploon, Lana van Boven and Westley van Boven. PHOTOS: TARRENLEE HABELGAARN</p><p>NIGHT OUT: Tracey AsiaLamour (left) with her parents Jane and Henry Asia.</p><p>EXCITED: From left are Haaniefah Corsten, Bilqees Corsten, Valentina Overmeyer, Rayaanah</p><p>Februarie and Tuscany Philander.</p><p>FUN TIME: Keenen Louw and Carol Koopman.</p><p>CELEBRATION: Linda Howan (left) and</p><p>Daphne Louw.</p><p>VICTORY:</p><p>Showing off their</p><p>silverware are,</p><p>front row from</p><p>left, Emeraan</p><p>Petersen and</p><p>Kevin Skippers.</p><p>Back row from</p><p>left are Micheal</p><p>Koopman,</p><p>Abubakaa</p><p>Alexander,</p><p>Rushdeen</p><p>Aploon, Ebrahim</p><p>September,</p><p>Faeeza Abass,</p><p>Rene Louw, John</p><p>Dean, Dirk Jacobs</p><p>and Duane</p><p>Marman..</p><p></p><p>Register on our website</p><p>to stand a chance to win</p><p>Sports action</p><p>Fine Brandy Fusion</p><p>MULTIMEDIA</p><p>MULTIMEDIA</p><p>COMPETITION</p><p>COMPETITION</p><p>Like our Facebook page</p><p>Follow @ThePeoplesPost</p><p>SOCIAL MEDIA</p><p>SOCIAL MEDIA</p></li><li><p>PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT</p><p>Tuesday, 7 May 2013</p><p>NEWS 3</p><p>Monday - Saturday 08h30-17h00, Sunday &amp; public holidays 09h00-16h00</p><p>350 Ottery Road, Ottery (opposite Sasol &amp; China Town near Pick n Pay &amp; Makro)</p><p>Wide variety of shrubs and</p><p>trees at affordable Prices.</p><p>Specials end 31 May 2013 or while stocks last!</p><p>A nursery run with</p><p>organic integrity</p><p>- Caroline Gabb, Biogrow.</p><p></p><p>Tel 021 703 8689</p><p>GUARA</p><p>Dark Pink</p><p>GUARA</p><p>Dark Pink</p><p>CUPHEA</p><p>Mauve orWhite</p><p>CUPHEA</p><p>Mauve orWhite</p><p>R9.95R9.95R19.95R19.95</p><p>Per 4kgPer 4kg Per 4kgPer 4kg</p><p>PANSIES</p><p>&amp; VIOLAS</p><p>PANSIES</p><p>&amp; VIOLAS</p><p>R11.95R11.95</p><p>PER 6 PackPER 6 Pack</p><p>CHRYSANTHEMUMSCHRYSANTHEMUMS</p><p>R22.95R22.95</p><p>12.5cm12.5cm</p><p>R9.95R9.95</p><p>20dm20dm</p><p>ORGANICMANURE</p><p>&amp; POTTING SOIL</p><p>ORGANICMANURE</p><p>&amp; POTTING SOIL</p><p>Mothers Day</p><p>gifts on offer</p><p>Mothers Day</p><p>gifts on offer</p><p>Fishermans body recovered</p><p>THE body of Steenberg fisherman Lucas</p><p>van Wyk was found after it washed ashore</p><p>on Workers Day, Wednesday 1 May.</p><p>Van Wyks body was recovered by police</p><p>at the beach at Hoek van Bobbejaan in the</p><p>Cape Point Nature Reserve at 14:05. His</p><p>body has been handed over to the Forensic</p><p>Pathology Services, where his family has</p><p>positively identified him.</p><p>Peoples Post reported on the search for</p><p>VanWyk, after he had gone missing on Fri-</p><p>day 26 April (Fisherman presumed dead,</p><p>30 April).</p><p>National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI)</p><p>spokesperson Craig Lambinon says an in-</p><p>termittent sea and shore search operation</p><p>had been conducted since Van Wyk went</p><p>missing from the vessel the 33-year-old</p><p>worked on. The search involved NSRI</p><p>Kommetjie, the police, police divers, Police</p><p>Sea Borderline, City of Cape Town Marine</p><p>Law Enforcement, Table Mountain Nation-</p><p>al Park (TMNP) rangers and TMNPMarine</p><p>Unit rangers and the Department of Agri-</p><p>culture, Forestry and Fisheries,</p><p>Lambinon says.</p><p>Our sincerest condolences are ex-</p><p>pressed to the family of the deceased by all</p><p>emergency agencies that have been in-</p><p>volved.</p><p>HEALTHCARE: FORCED TO SHARE PILLS</p><p>Medication</p><p>shortage hits</p><p>Retreat Clinic</p><p>LIAM MOSES</p><p>A</p><p>RETREAT woman was forced to</p><p>share medication with her aunt or go</p><p>without after the Retreat Community</p><p>Health Centre ran out.</p><p>The woman (46), who did not want to be</p><p>named, and her aunt both suffer from high</p><p>blood pressure, but she was forced to leave</p><p>the clinic without her prescribed medica-</p><p>tion at least thrice in the last six months</p><p>because the hospitals stock was depleted.</p><p>She says the last time walked away emp-</p><p>ty-handed was April, when she was given</p><p>a slip and asked to return in a week.</p><p>I went to fetch my moms and my aunts</p><p>medication and the pharmacist toldme that</p><p>there isnt any medication in the Western</p><p>Cape, she says.</p><p>Im not sure if what they told me is the</p><p>truth. Then I went for my medication a</p><p>week later, and then only did I getmy aunts</p><p>medication.</p><p>The woman says the first incident was</p><p>last year, but struggles to properly remem-</p><p>ber.</p><p>She says that she and her aunt are on the</p><p>exact same medication, Losartan, and had</p><p>to make the pills stretch by lowering their</p><p>prescribed dosage and sharing medication.</p><p>My aunt said she was going to have to</p><p>take less than what she was supposed to</p><p>take. She did that for a few days, says the</p><p>woman.</p><p>When I didnt have she gave me some of</p><p>her medication and I did the same. Our</p><p>medication is the same, but other people</p><p>may give one another the incorrectmedica-</p><p>tion.</p><p>She says that neither her, her aunt, nor</p><p>her mother who takes medication for an-</p><p>other condition suffered any ill effects due</p><p>to the lack of medication.</p><p>Siyabonga Mahomba, spokesperson for</p><p>provincial department of health, says the</p><p>Retreat Community Health Centre ran out</p><p>of stockbecause the supplier, theCapeMed-</p><p>ical Depot, was unable to supply more</p><p>stock at that time.</p><p>Losartan has been an on-and-off prob-</p><p>lem for some time now, says Mahomba.</p><p>However, the Cape Medical Depot has</p><p>managed to source some stock from an al-</p><p>ternative supplier and it has addressed out-</p><p>standing orders.</p><p>She adds that the stock shortage affected</p><p>all hospitals andclinics in theprovince. Ac-</p><p>cording to Mahomba, pharmacists at State</p><p>health institutions are supposed to source</p><p>stock from another facility if there is a</p><p>shortage.</p><p>If this is not possible then patients</p><p>should be referred to a medical officer to</p><p>have their treatment reviewed.</p><p>The woman says that she has also wit-</p><p>nessed others ill people leave the Retreat</p><p>Community Health Centre without their</p><p>medication because of stock shortages.</p><p>Mahomba advises patients who dont re-</p><p>ceive medication to lodge a formal com-</p><p>plaint with the facilitys manager.</p><p>She says that patients can also fill out</p><p>complaint forms and place them into desig-</p><p>nated boxes at the facilities.</p><p>Fire claims two, leaves 10 homeless</p><p>AUTHORITIES are still investigating</p><p>whether a lit candle left unattended is</p><p>the cause of a blaze that claimed the</p><p>lives of a pregnant Vrygrond mother</p><p>and her daughter.</p><p>The fire, which reportedly broke out</p><p>after 04:00 on Sunday 5 May, is be-</p><p>lieved to have startedwhen a lit candle</p><p>lit bedding after toppling. A fire was</p><p>reported at 04:21am today (Sunday) at</p><p>6 Frederick Street in Vrygrond, said</p><p>City of Cape Town distaster risk man-</p><p>agement spokesperson, Wilfred Solo-</p><p>mons-Johannes.</p><p>Three shacks were engulfed in</p><p>flameswhen the Citys fire services ar-</p><p>rived at 04:30.</p><p>At 04:49, during the firefighting ef-</p><p>forts, the emergency crews found the</p><p>remains of 41-year-old Magdalena</p><p>Cloete and her two-year-old daughter,</p><p>Tallulah, under the rubble.</p><p>Cloetes other child had gone away</p><p>for the weekend with her grandmoth-</p><p>er.</p><p>The fire was extinguished at 05:30.</p><p>The inferno left 10 people destitute,</p><p>while two people sustained burn</p><p>wounds. Both were taken to hospital</p><p>for treatment.</p></li><li><p>PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT</p><p>Tuesday, 7 May 2013</p><p>4 NEWS</p><p>Quality is our game!</p><p>OUR MOST INEXPENSIVE BEDS WE SELL MUST BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR OURSELVES, OR WE WOULD NOT SELL THEM!</p><p>MIDNIGHTMIDNIGHT</p><p>20-yr Wty</p><p>20-yr Wty20-yr Wty</p><p>ULTIMATE BEDSETULTIMATE BEDSET</p><p>LEISURE COMFORTLEISURE COMFORT</p><p>20-yr Wty20-yr Wty</p><p>EXTREMELY</p><p>GOOD</p><p>QUALITY</p><p>EXTREMELY</p><p>GOOD</p><p>QUALITY</p><p>MASTERCRAFTMASTERCRAFT</p><p>TOP OF CLASSTOP OF CLASS</p><p>POSTURE SUPREMEPOSTURE SUPREME</p><p>VERY GOOD</p><p>QUALITY</p><p>VERY GOOD</p><p>QUALITY</p><p>Inner springInner spring Dual Non TurnDual Non Turn</p><p>5-yr Wty5-yr Wty 15-yr Wty15-yr Wty</p><p>Non Turn</p><p>on both sides</p><p>Non Turn</p><p>on both sides</p><p>Dual Non TurnDual Non Turn</p><p>Bamboo</p><p>Dual Non Turn</p><p>Bamboo</p><p>Dual Non Turn</p><p>OUTSTANDING</p><p>QUALITY</p><p>OUTSTANDING</p><p>QUALITY</p><p>CREDIT CARDS, DEBIT CARDS</p><p>AND CASH ONLY</p><p>LAY-BYES ACCEPTED</p><p>TOKAI 021 702 3749/9</p><p>80kg pp80kg pp</p><p>MATTRESS ONLY</p><p>BEDSET</p><p>91cm Single</p><p>107cm 3/4</p><p>137cm Dbl</p><p>152cm Qu</p><p>PRICE</p><p>R2 799</p><p>R3 499</p><p>R3 899</p><p>R2 499</p><p>NOW</p><p>R1 199</p><p>R1 299</p><p>R1 599</p><p>R1 799</p><p>MATTRESS ONLY</p><p>R 999</p><p>R1 049</p><p>R1 299</p><p>R 899</p><p>MATTRESS ONLY</p><p>BEDSET</p><p>91cm Single</p><p>107cm 3/4</p><p>137cm Dbl</p><p>152cm Qu</p><p>PRICE</p><p>R4 999</p><p>R5 499</p><p>R5 999</p><p>R4 399</p><p>NOW</p><p>R1 999</p><p>R2 299</p><p>R2 499</p><p>R2 699</p><p>MATTRESS ONLY</p><p>R1 750</p><p>R1 899</p><p>R1 999</p><p>R1 499</p><p>MATTRESS ONLY</p><p>BEDSET</p><p>91cm Single</p><p>107cm 3/4</p><p>137cm Dbl</p><p>152cm Qu</p><p>PRICE</p><p>R4 999</p><p>R5 699</p><p>R5 999</p><p>R4 399</p><p>NOW</p><p>R1 999</p><p>R2 299</p><p>R2 599</p><p>R2 699</p><p>MATTRESS ONLY</p><p>R1 599</p><p>R1 799</p><p>R1 999</p><p>R1 399</p><p>MATTRESS ONLY</p><p>BEDSET</p><p>91cm Single</p><p>107cm 3/4</p><p>Dbl &amp; Qu</p><p>183cm King</p><p>PRICE</p><p>R5 499</p><p>R6 599</p><p>R8 999</p><p>R4 799</p><p>NOW</p><p>R2 199</p><p>R2 499</p><p>R2 999</p><p>R4 199</p><p>MATTRESS ONLY</p><p>R1 699</p><p>R1 999</p><p>R3 100</p><p>R1 599</p><p>MATTRESS ONLY</p><p>BEDSET</p><p>91cm Single</p><p>107cm 3/4</p><p>Dbl &amp; Qu</p><p>183cm King</p><p>PRICE</p><p>R5 799</p><p>R7 499</p><p>R10500</p><p>R4 999</p><p>NOW</p><p>R2 499</p><p>R2 699</p><p>R3 399</p><p>R4 799</p><p>MATTRESS ONLY</p><p>R1 799</p><p>R2 399</p><p>R3 499</p><p>R1 599</p><p>110kg pp110kg pp 110kg pp110kg pp 120kg pp120kg pp 120kg pp120kg pp</p><p>WILL WIN</p><p>MATTRESS</p><p>OF THE YEAR</p><p>AWARD</p><p>WILL WIN</p><p>MATTRESS</p><p>OF THE YEAR</p><p>AWARD</p><p>1010</p><p>HALF PRICE SALEHALF PRICE SALE</p><p>DAYDAY</p><p>BEST PRICES EVER!BEST PRICES EVER!</p><p>High...</p></li></ul>