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Peoples post retreat 27 mar 2014


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    n application for extended liquor trad-

    ing hours in Retreat has been shot

    down by the Protea Subcouncil.

    In a unanimous vote, councillors gave the

    application brought by Steenberg Liquors to

    trade until 20:00 during weekdays and a re-

    quest to trade onSundays, the thumbsdown.

    According to the application, the store has

    been feeling the pinch since trading hours

    were curbed.

    The applicant Heidi Hanekom raised con-

    cerns about a loss of income for the store and

    staff. She also said if they were allowed to

    trade later, customers would not be forced

    to go to illegal shebeens.

    Strong objections to the application were

    received from the SteenbergCommunity Po-

    lice Forum (CPF) and the Langevlei Rate-

    payers and Residents Civic Association.

    Both emphasised the fining of the liquor

    shop by Steenberg police.

    However, the owners claimed this was a

    misconception. In a letter to the Subcouncil

    manager Brian Ford, the owners said they

    had only been warned and not fined.

    Ward councillor Jan Burger voiced his

    concerns and said many of the social ills in

    the area surrounding the establishment

    were alcohol-related.

    The organisations who objected under-

    stand the issues we are dealing with and I

    cannot support this application, he said.

    Questioned about the location of the store,

    Burger explained it was a mixed-use area

    consisting of businesses, residences, schools

    and community buildings.

    But councillors were not impressed and

    said the current operating hours were suffi-


    They denied the first application.

    Considering the request to trade on Sun-

    days, councillor Matthew Kempthorne said:

    Absolutely not.

    Burger said the issue of Sunday trading

    was more complex as there were many ille-

    gal shebeens.

    He said authorities were struggling to

    close down illegal establishments and these

    owners were legal.

    Butwhenwe consider the concerns of the

    community, we have to refuse this applica-

    tion, he said.

    Councillor Penny East said her under-

    standing was the amendments to the Liquor

    Trading Hours Bylaw only made provision

    for businesses in the hospitality industry to

    apply for Sunday trade.

    Burger added: Im not saying the prob-

    lems in this community stem from this es-

    tablishment, but we need to consider the im-

    plications of allowing this business to trade

    on Sundays.

    Hanekom says she will appeal the deci-

    sion. She explainsher customers come to the

    store after 17:00 as they return home from


    The curbing of trading hours has had a

    severe impact on our business and we had

    to cut staff working hours resulting in a loss

    of income for them, she says.

    She explains she understood any liquor

    outlet could apply to trade on Sundays.

    There are many illegal shebeens who

    dont even have liquor licences. We are re-

    sponsible traders, she adds.

    No to booze application

    No toNo to boozebooze applapplicicationation

    DENIED: An application for extended liquor trading hours by Steenberg Liquors, which is situated at the bottom of Hot Spots Sports Bar, has been denied. PHOTO: MONIQUE DUVAL


    Thursday, 27 March 2014

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    Breaking news as it happens


    Long wait for transfer




    t can take up to a decade to have a council

    house transferred to the name of a new


    This means the trauma of losing a loved

    one to death is amplified for the rest of a le-

    gal tenants family, who fear eviction from

    their homes.

    And while the transfer is tied up in red

    tape, relativesmay be threatenedwith evic-


    Avril Adams has been waiting six years

    for the transfer of her home.

    Mymother died years ago andwere still

    waiting for the council house to be trans-

    ferred to my stepfathers name. She lived

    there for over 30 years. Ive lived in this

    house all my life, she says.

    The holdup has created several inconven-

    iences for Adams. She is unable to open a

    bank account, as she does not have a valid

    proof of residence.

    When the tenant of a council flat dies,

    their spouse or children are eligible to take

    over the lease, says Mayoral Committee

    member for Human Settlements Tandeka


    If more than one child is eligible to be

    considered for the tenancy, then the final

    decisionwill rest with the relevant commit-

    tee of the City of Cape Town, she says.

    Tenants must be South African citizens,

    must be a registered applicant for accom-

    modation, must not own property andmust

    have a joint income of less than R10 000.

    If the tenant of the house does not fall into

    this category, the unlawful occupation poli-

    cy will apply. The policy on unlawful occu-

    pation is clear in that occupants in occupa-

    tion prior to 1March 2006 can be considered

    for regularisation if they comply in terms

    of set criteria, she says.

    Nowhazana Tokota fought for three years

    to have a council house transferred into her

    name, and was often threatened with evic-


    I lived with an elderly woman who I

    cared for. She informed the rent office that

    I live with her and should get the house

    when she dies, Tokota explains.

    I was told: If its not in your name, we

    have to kick you out.

    Housing activist Jimmy Xalipi says a

    number of families find themselves strug-

    gling to change the name on their lease.

    There are many other families in the

    samesituation,where the residents arepay-

    ing the rent but the house is not in the right

    name, he says.

    They havent beenmade the rightful ten-

    ants. The longer these things take, themore

    likely families are to lose documentation

    proving they are entitled to live there, he


    Another council house resident, who did

    not want to be identified, says her family

    has moved into the council house even

    though she is paying rent. We live in a

    wendyhouseoutsidewhilemymothers sib-

    lings live in thehouse.Because the leasehas

    not been put into my name, Im not able to

    ask them to move, she laments.

    Gqada could not give a time-frame for

    transfers of the contract.

    The transfer of tenancy and not owner-

    ship varies depending on the family situa-

    tion and the procedure that has to be fol-

    lowed in terms of the policy. There have

    been some unavoidable delays; in some cas-

    es this was because nominees failed to pro-

    duce the required documents, she says.

    HOUSING HASSLE: It can take up to 10 years to have a council home transferred from a deceased

    tenant to the new lessee. PHOTO: FILE

    Let there be light with competition

    Eureka! The lightbulb moment when it call

    comes together, where creativity meets

    technology in an exciting lighting design

    competition is hosted by Eskom.

    Resourceful designers have the opportu-

    nity to harness their creative juices for a

    good cause and stand a chance to win cash.

    Celebrate 20 years of democracy is this

    years theme and the closing date is Friday

    15 August.

    The first prize is R30 000, the second prize

    is R20 000 and the third prize is R10 000. This

    includes gifts for all winners.

    Eskoms Energy Efficient Lighting De-

    sign Competition challenges designers to

    come up with their own, unique fusion of

    flair in designing an energy-efficient lamp.

    Eskom is inviting high school learners,

    students and professional designers to

    think outside the box and submit imagina-

    tive, energy-efficient lamp designs that not

    only work, but are pleasing to the eye as


    These may include, for example, a com-

    plete lighting system that caters for a low-

    cost housing development.

    The categories for the prize money are as

    follows, the first category is Residential Lu-

    minaire Design for students who submit in-

    novative energy-efficient designs, systems

    or products, suitable for residential applica-


    The second category is InnovativeEnergy