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Peoples Post Retreat 19 Mar 2013


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    DILAPIDATED and vacant buildings, open

    plots which have become dump sites and

    streets strewn with litter.

    The Retreat business hub, from Seventh

    to Eleventh Avenue and Retreat Road, is in

    desperate need of an upgrade. The once

    thriving business hub and first choice shop-

    ping area has become a home for vagrants

    and a crime hotspot.

    While businesses are struggling to gener-

    ate a profit and pay salaries, the area is no

    longer frequented by residents of the greater

    Retreat area, who have chosen to do their

    shopping at nearby shopping malls.

    But in a bid to increase business and visi-

    tors to the business hub, local business own-

    ers and the City of Cape Town are calling for

    support from residents and other businesses

    for the upgrade of the business centre.

    Local business owners, togetherwith local

    ward councillor Jan Burger and the Citys

    Department of Economic Development, will

    meet to discuss the way forward tonight

    (Tuesday 19 March).

    Business owner and Steenberg Communi-

    ty Police Forum (CPF) chairperson Kevin

    Southgate says business owners in the area

    have been concerned about the negative im-

    pact of crime and the state of total neglect

    of buildings for a number of years.

    Building owners have allowed the build-

    ings to reach its current state, despite those

    renting these premises having requested

    that landlords fix and clean it, he says.

    This has led to a limited scope of progress

    for businesses, with very few if any in-

    vestment in the area. First impressions

    leave lasting impressions and many owners

    feel unsafe.

    Southgate says he often receives phone

    calls fromprospective customerswho, in the

    end, do not visit his store once they are

    aware of its location.

    He adds that the establishment of the

    South Peninsula Business Forum a year ago

    was not well supported.

    We are now planning a new initiative

    with the businesses in and surrounding the

    industrial area, with the hope of mobilising

    all business owners in the area, Southgate


    We have met with Steenberg police and

    the CPF, as we realise the importance in a

    partnership with the organisations. At the

    meeting the challenges were discussed,

    while the support for a business forum was


    Southgate says key issues, such as

    crime, safety and security and parking, will

    be high on such a forums priority list.

    Peoples Post previously reported on the

    departments plans for development econo-

    mists to survey the current economic situa-

    tion and design a business retention and ex-

    pansion plan for Retreat (Business survey

    in Retreat, Peoples Post, 29 January).

    The survey will focus on businesses and

    industries located along Retreat Main Road,

    MilitaryRoad andRetreat Industria the ar-

    ea bordered by Station, Main and Military

    roads, and the railway line.

    Burger says plans to upgrade the business

    district were initiated in 2006.

    Since then we have exhausted all ave-

    nues for funding and support.We seem to hit

    a brick wall everywhere, Burger says.

    The upgrade of the business area will

    work hand in glove with the upgrade of Re-

    treat train station, while it will also create

    jobs during and after the process.

    Itwill also assistwith skills development

    for the unemployed people of the greater Re-

    treat area. We just need the buy-in and sup-

    port of a sponsor tomake these ideals a reali-


    V Tonights meeting will be held at Nortons Panel

    Shop in Tenth Avenue, Retreat, at 18:00. All interested

    parties are welcome.

    The annual Cape Town Carnival was held in the CBD on Saturday 16 March. The event,

    featuring dancers, floats, music and pretty girls in colourful costumes, saw the parade

    pass through the City centre, along the Fan Walk, and finish in Green Point. See page

    4 for more photos. PHOTO: JACO MARAIS/PHOTO24




    Tuesday, 19 March 2013

    2 NEWS

    The right



    N THURSDAY South Africans cele-

    brate Human Rights Day. Is it just an-

    other day off work or do Capetonians

    give special attention to their hard-fought

    human rights? Peoples Post interns Tarren-

    Lee Habelgaarn and Luzuko Zini polled


    WENTZEL DANIEL: He feels the right to

    education is important, especially for the new

    generation. In my days we didnt have the

    opportunities the children today have and I

    dont want my children to struggle.


    ODENDAAL GERBER: He is most passionate

    about the right to access to water. People

    should use water sparingly. There are so many

    people who dont have access to drinking

    water. Yet you get others who can afford it

    and then waste it.

    TOBIE STEENKAMP: The right to life is the

    most important right, he says. I feel if you

    take away someones right to live, your life

    should be taken away. In our country that

    right is absolute, not even the State can take

    away your right to life.

    LEE-ANN PEDRO: She says freedom of speech

    should be supreme and feels it is what our

    country needs to move forward. It is impor-

    tant and will help our country if people could

    express what they want, when they want and

    how they want.

    TERRI-LEE JENSSEN: She believes it is

    important for people to express themselves.

    Freedom of speech is the most important

    human right because people should be able to

    say what is on their minds.

    CHARLES MERRINGTON: The right to freedom

    of movement is important. This is not (like

    in) the old days when you needed permission

    to enter certain places. We dont want to go

    back to those days, so that right shouldnt be

    taken away.

    LAWRENCE LUBBE: I think the right to

    education is the most important because

    when a person is educated, they have a

    chance to land a decent job. Should that right

    be taken away a lot of people would be

    hopeless education is everything.

    Sassa re-registration for safetys sake


    CONFUSION about where State pension-

    ers can collect their monthly payout has


    This comes after the South African So-

    cial Security Agency (Sassa) adopted and

    introduced the biometric- based system

    for all social grants in February.

    The systemaims to ensure that the right

    grant is paid to the right individual at the

    right time and place. Its immediate plan

    is to eradicate fraud and corruption.

    It will also allow beneficiaries to use

    their Sassa branded card anywhere in the


    But Peoples Post received a number of

    frantic calls from readers, who claim the

    new system was time consuming and


    One such reader, Beatrice de Wett (78)

    from Diep River, tells of her experience at

    a local supermarket. I was not there to

    draw my monthly pension I will only

    have to do so in April, but I was horrified

    and shockedwhen I sawwhatwas happen-

    ing, she says.

    When I arrived at the supermarket, the

    place was very crowded. I thought the peo-

    ple were rioting, but soon realised they

    were there to draw their pensions.

    She describes the atmosphere as abso-

    lute chaos, as pensioners queued in long

    lines inside and outside the store. They

    all had to stand; there was no place for

    them to sit. Some of the people were stand-

    ing with walking sticks, visibly uncom-

    fortable, De Wett says.

    I also found out that they had been

    standing there for a very long time some

    of them had been there for up to four

    hours. And there are no ablution facilities

    for them to use.

    De Wett claims she was informed that

    the chaos was the same the previous

    day, with three of the pensioners having

    been transported to hospital for medical

    treatment after they had fainted while

    waiting in line. The staff at the supermar-

    ket also told the people that they had to re-

    turn the next day, because there was no

    more money, she says.

    I cannot understand why Sassa

    changed the process of drawing your pen-

    sion. Why must we go to supermarket? It

    is heartbreaking and sad to see the pen-

    sioners suffer this way.

    However, regional Sassa spokesperson

    Shivani Wahab says supermarkets Pick n

    Pay and Shoprite are not the only places

    pensioners can draw their monthly


    The beneficiary has the option of ac-

    cessing their social grant at a Sassa