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Peoples Post Retreat 19 Mar 2013


<ul><li><p>TUESDAY 19 March 2013 | 0021 910 6500 | Fax: 021 910 6501/06 | Email: | Website: | Mobisite:</p><p>TELLING IT AS IT IS</p><p>RETREAT</p><p>Mark Brickles</p><p>072 742 6963</p><p>CEA: MIEA</p><p>Broker/Owner.</p><p>RE MAX/ Ultra Select</p><p>Every AgentWill Promise</p><p>To Sell Your Home </p><p>We GUARANTEE it</p><p>Call Mark For More Info</p><p>OR</p><p>SMS G19,Your Name, Email</p><p>address/ address to 072 742 6963</p><p>FREE CALL 0800-00-00-08</p><p>24HRS, 7 DAYS AWEEK</p><p></p><p>If your Home</p><p>Doesnt Sell</p><p>Well buy it</p><p>*T &amp; C Apply*</p><p>UPGRADE: BUSINESS HUB</p><p>Retreat</p><p>revamp</p><p>TASMIN CUPIDO</p><p>DILAPIDATED and vacant buildings, open</p><p>plots which have become dump sites and</p><p>streets strewn with litter.</p><p>The Retreat business hub, from Seventh</p><p>to Eleventh Avenue and Retreat Road, is in</p><p>desperate need of an upgrade. The once</p><p>thriving business hub and first choice shop-</p><p>ping area has become a home for vagrants</p><p>and a crime hotspot.</p><p>While businesses are struggling to gener-</p><p>ate a profit and pay salaries, the area is no</p><p>longer frequented by residents of the greater</p><p>Retreat area, who have chosen to do their</p><p>shopping at nearby shopping malls.</p><p>But in a bid to increase business and visi-</p><p>tors to the business hub, local business own-</p><p>ers and the City of Cape Town are calling for</p><p>support from residents and other businesses</p><p>for the upgrade of the business centre.</p><p>Local business owners, togetherwith local</p><p>ward councillor Jan Burger and the Citys</p><p>Department of Economic Development, will</p><p>meet to discuss the way forward tonight</p><p>(Tuesday 19 March).</p><p>Business owner and Steenberg Communi-</p><p>ty Police Forum (CPF) chairperson Kevin</p><p>Southgate says business owners in the area</p><p>have been concerned about the negative im-</p><p>pact of crime and the state of total neglect</p><p>of buildings for a number of years.</p><p>Building owners have allowed the build-</p><p>ings to reach its current state, despite those</p><p>renting these premises having requested</p><p>that landlords fix and clean it, he says.</p><p>This has led to a limited scope of progress</p><p>for businesses, with very few if any in-</p><p>vestment in the area. First impressions</p><p>leave lasting impressions and many owners</p><p>feel unsafe.</p><p>Southgate says he often receives phone</p><p>calls fromprospective customerswho, in the</p><p>end, do not visit his store once they are</p><p>aware of its location.</p><p>He adds that the establishment of the</p><p>South Peninsula Business Forum a year ago</p><p>was not well supported.</p><p>We are now planning a new initiative</p><p>with the businesses in and surrounding the</p><p>industrial area, with the hope of mobilising</p><p>all business owners in the area, Southgate</p><p>says.</p><p>We have met with Steenberg police and</p><p>the CPF, as we realise the importance in a</p><p>partnership with the organisations. At the</p><p>meeting the challenges were discussed,</p><p>while the support for a business forum was</p><p>reiterated.</p><p>Southgate says key issues, such as</p><p>crime, safety and security and parking, will</p><p>be high on such a forums priority list.</p><p>Peoples Post previously reported on the</p><p>departments plans for development econo-</p><p>mists to survey the current economic situa-</p><p>tion and design a business retention and ex-</p><p>pansion plan for Retreat (Business survey</p><p>in Retreat, Peoples Post, 29 January).</p><p>The survey will focus on businesses and</p><p>industries located along Retreat Main Road,</p><p>MilitaryRoad andRetreat Industria the ar-</p><p>ea bordered by Station, Main and Military</p><p>roads, and the railway line.</p><p>Burger says plans to upgrade the business</p><p>district were initiated in 2006.</p><p>Since then we have exhausted all ave-</p><p>nues for funding and support.We seem to hit</p><p>a brick wall everywhere, Burger says.</p><p>The upgrade of the business area will</p><p>work hand in glove with the upgrade of Re-</p><p>treat train station, while it will also create</p><p>jobs during and after the process.</p><p>Itwill also assistwith skills development</p><p>for the unemployed people of the greater Re-</p><p>treat area. We just need the buy-in and sup-</p><p>port of a sponsor tomake these ideals a reali-</p><p>ty.</p><p>V Tonights meeting will be held at Nortons Panel</p><p>Shop in Tenth Avenue, Retreat, at 18:00. All interested</p><p>parties are welcome.</p><p>The annual Cape Town Carnival was held in the CBD on Saturday 16 March. The event,</p><p>featuring dancers, floats, music and pretty girls in colourful costumes, saw the parade</p><p>pass through the City centre, along the Fan Walk, and finish in Green Point. See page</p><p>4 for more photos. PHOTO: JACO MARAIS/PHOTO24</p><p>COLOURFUL CARNIVAL</p><p>COLOURFUL CARNIVAL</p></li><li><p>PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT</p><p>Tuesday, 19 March 2013</p><p>2 NEWS</p><p>The right</p><p>stuff</p><p>O</p><p>N THURSDAY South Africans cele-</p><p>brate Human Rights Day. Is it just an-</p><p>other day off work or do Capetonians</p><p>give special attention to their hard-fought</p><p>human rights? Peoples Post interns Tarren-</p><p>Lee Habelgaarn and Luzuko Zini polled</p><p>readers.</p><p>WENTZEL DANIEL: He feels the right to</p><p>education is important, especially for the new</p><p>generation. In my days we didnt have the</p><p>opportunities the children today have and I</p><p>dont want my children to struggle.</p><p>PHOTOS: TARREN-LEE HABELGAARN AND LUZUKO ZINI</p><p>ODENDAAL GERBER: He is most passionate</p><p>about the right to access to water. People</p><p>should use water sparingly. There are so many</p><p>people who dont have access to drinking</p><p>water. Yet you get others who can afford it</p><p>and then waste it.</p><p>TOBIE STEENKAMP: The right to life is the</p><p>most important right, he says. I feel if you</p><p>take away someones right to live, your life</p><p>should be taken away. In our country that</p><p>right is absolute, not even the State can take</p><p>away your right to life.</p><p>LEE-ANN PEDRO: She says freedom of speech</p><p>should be supreme and feels it is what our</p><p>country needs to move forward. It is impor-</p><p>tant and will help our country if people could</p><p>express what they want, when they want and</p><p>how they want.</p><p>TERRI-LEE JENSSEN: She believes it is</p><p>important for people to express themselves.</p><p>Freedom of speech is the most important</p><p>human right because people should be able to</p><p>say what is on their minds.</p><p>CHARLES MERRINGTON: The right to freedom</p><p>of movement is important. This is not (like</p><p>in) the old days when you needed permission</p><p>to enter certain places. We dont want to go</p><p>back to those days, so that right shouldnt be</p><p>taken away.</p><p>LAWRENCE LUBBE: I think the right to</p><p>education is the most important because</p><p>when a person is educated, they have a</p><p>chance to land a decent job. Should that right</p><p>be taken away a lot of people would be</p><p>hopeless education is everything.</p><p>Sassa re-registration for safetys sake</p><p>TASMIN CUPIDO</p><p>CONFUSION about where State pension-</p><p>ers can collect their monthly payout has</p><p>surfaced.</p><p>This comes after the South African So-</p><p>cial Security Agency (Sassa) adopted and</p><p>introduced the biometric- based system</p><p>for all social grants in February.</p><p>The systemaims to ensure that the right</p><p>grant is paid to the right individual at the</p><p>right time and place. Its immediate plan</p><p>is to eradicate fraud and corruption.</p><p>It will also allow beneficiaries to use</p><p>their Sassa branded card anywhere in the</p><p>country.</p><p>But Peoples Post received a number of</p><p>frantic calls from readers, who claim the</p><p>new system was time consuming and</p><p>dangerous.</p><p>One such reader, Beatrice de Wett (78)</p><p>from Diep River, tells of her experience at</p><p>a local supermarket. I was not there to</p><p>draw my monthly pension I will only</p><p>have to do so in April, but I was horrified</p><p>and shockedwhen I sawwhatwas happen-</p><p>ing, she says.</p><p>When I arrived at the supermarket, the</p><p>place was very crowded. I thought the peo-</p><p>ple were rioting, but soon realised they</p><p>were there to draw their pensions.</p><p>She describes the atmosphere as abso-</p><p>lute chaos, as pensioners queued in long</p><p>lines inside and outside the store. They</p><p>all had to stand; there was no place for</p><p>them to sit. Some of the people were stand-</p><p>ing with walking sticks, visibly uncom-</p><p>fortable, De Wett says.</p><p>I also found out that they had been</p><p>standing there for a very long time some</p><p>of them had been there for up to four</p><p>hours. And there are no ablution facilities</p><p>for them to use.</p><p>De Wett claims she was informed that</p><p>the chaos was the same the previous</p><p>day, with three of the pensioners having</p><p>been transported to hospital for medical</p><p>treatment after they had fainted while</p><p>waiting in line. The staff at the supermar-</p><p>ket also told the people that they had to re-</p><p>turn the next day, because there was no</p><p>more money, she says.</p><p>I cannot understand why Sassa</p><p>changed the process of drawing your pen-</p><p>sion. Why must we go to supermarket? It</p><p>is heartbreaking and sad to see the pen-</p><p>sioners suffer this way.</p><p>However, regional Sassa spokesperson</p><p>Shivani Wahab says supermarkets Pick n</p><p>Pay and Shoprite are not the only places</p><p>pensioners can draw their monthly</p><p>grants.</p><p>The beneficiary has the option of ac-</p><p>cessing their social grant at a Sassa pay</p><p>point, vendor or bank of their choice.With</p><p>approved vendors, Shoprite and Pick n</p><p>Pay, there is no fee applicable for a benefi-</p><p>ciary to access their social grant, Wahab</p><p>says. However, should a beneficiary opt</p><p>to access their social grant at a bank, the</p><p>regular bank charges will</p><p>be applicable.</p><p>The new system requires all beneficiar-</p><p>ies to re-register, not re-apply, for their so-</p><p>cial grants. The registration process com-</p><p>menced in November. The re-registra-</p><p>tion process entails</p><p>about 15 million social grant recipients</p><p>enrolling onto the system using biometric</p><p>tools such electronic fingerprinting to ver-</p><p>ify their identities, Wahab says.</p><p>Beneficiaries will then be issued with</p><p>a smartcard that will allow the flexibility</p><p>of accessing social grants anywhere in the</p><p>country.</p><p>The re-registration process is expected</p><p>to be complete on Sunday 31 March.</p><p>Sassa will update all the details and cap-</p><p>ture an electronic scan of fingerprints of</p><p>the beneficiary at the last payout at the</p><p>old pay point. Beneficiaries need to take</p><p>along their identity document, Sassa</p><p>branded master card, contact details and</p><p>the name and contact details of a next of</p><p>kin. To verify the status of your re-regis-</p><p>tration, visit any registration site or local</p><p>Sassa office.</p><p>V For more information phone (021) 469 0206 or</p><p>0800 601 011.</p><p>For the record</p><p>IN THE report Booze control kicks</p><p>in (Peoples Post, 12 March) it was in-</p><p>correctly stated that the application to</p><p>extend liquor trading hours is free.</p><p>There is, however, a cost for these ap-</p><p>plications.Peoples Post regrets the er-</p><p>ror.</p><p>V Applications are available from www.cape-</p><p></p><p>A-MAZE-ING: The hunt is on for the Lindt gold</p><p>bunnies at the V&amp;A Waterfront. Following the</p><p>success of the event last year, a bigger and better</p><p>Easter maze is at the Barrow Court this Easter.</p><p>From Friday 22 to Sunday 31 March, children will</p><p>be able to hunt around the hedgerow maze to</p><p>find chocolates along the way. The larger-than-life</p><p>maze has been especially designed to let children</p><p>and their parents experience the joy of Easter in</p><p>a fun and interactive way. The maze is available</p><p>every two hours from 11:00 to 19:00 and on the</p><p>Sunday until 13:00. The sponsors will also be</p><p>raising funds for the Endangered Wildlife Trusts</p><p>Riverine Rabbit Programme. PHOTO: SUPPLIED</p><p></p><p>Register on our website and</p><p>stand a chance to win!</p><p>See Shadowclub at Kbosch</p><p>Human Rights Day</p><p>with Prime Circle</p><p>Like us on</p><p>Facebook</p><p>Follow</p><p>@ThePeoplesPost</p><p>on Twitter</p></li><li><p>PEOPLE'S POST | RETREAT</p><p>Tuesday, 19 March 2013</p><p>NEWS 3</p><p>MEDICAL AIDS AND THE FOLLOWING CARDS ACCEPTED</p><p>MasterCard</p><p>MasterCard</p><p>Free eye test for kids 8-12 years</p><p>comprehensive</p><p>Free eye test</p><p>for pensioners</p><p>Free Glaucoma (eye pressure) test</p><p>terms and conditions apply</p><p>GR A S S Y PA R K</p><p>A h i g h r e s o l u t i o n c ame r a p r o v i d i n g</p><p>a d e t a i l e d p i c t u r e o f t h e b a c k o f t h e e y e . .</p><p>EYE SAVE</p><p>OPTOMETRIST</p><p>0 2 1 7 0 6 7 2 4 7 | 0 8 6 1 0 0 1 3 2 6 | | WWW. E Y E S A V E . CO . 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PIVOT DOORS ALSO AVAILABLE AT EXTRA COST</p><p>Designer</p><p>Doors</p><p>with</p><p>sidelites</p><p>from</p><p>R4800</p><p>Designer Doors</p><p>from R3500</p><p>1200 x 900 R725</p><p>1500 x 900 R800</p><p>1800 x 900 R895</p><p>1200 x 1200 R1000</p><p>1500 x 1200 R1100</p><p>1800 x 1200 R1200</p><p>1200 x 900 R950</p><p>1500 x 900 R1050</p><p>1200 x 1500 R1220</p><p>1500 x 1500 R1330</p><p>1200 x 1800 R1300</p><p>1500 x 1800 R1500</p><p>1500 x 1500 R1950</p><p>1500 x 1800 R2100</p><p>1800 x 1500 R2100</p><p>2100 x 1500 R2200</p><p>2100 x 1800 R2450</p><p>1500 x 900 R1150</p><p>1800 x 900 R1200</p><p>SIDELITES</p><p>300 x 2100 R1050</p><p>600 x 2100 R1200</p><p>900 x 2100 R1350</p><p>OPEN SATURDAYS</p><p>8 am -1pm</p><p>New zoning scheme to reshape city</p><p>TASMIN CUPIDO</p><p>THE Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance</p><p>(GCTCA) has raised concerns about the</p><p>City of Cape Towns new zoning scheme.</p><p>The organisation, which is the umbrel-</p><p>la body for civic associations across the</p><p>Cape Peninsula, raised these concerns in</p><p>a press release, issued jointly with the</p><p>Far South Peninsula Civic Forum.</p><p>The Integrated Zone Scheme for Cape</p><p>Town (CTZS) was launched on Friday 1</p><p>March, replacing the 27 former outdat-</p><p>ed zoning schemes with a single zoning</p><p>scheme.</p><p>The process for the promulgation of the</p><p>scheme was divided into five phases,</p><p>from 2002 until November last year. It</p><p>was adopted at a Full Council meeting in</p><p>December.</p><p>The newCTZS, however, does provide</p><p>for mechanisms, such as the Overlay</p><p>Zone to effectively respond to the protec-</p><p>tion and conservation of unique and spe-</p><p>cific areas within the City, says Cheryl</p><p>Walters, the Citys Director for Planning</p><p>andBuildingDevelopmentManagement.</p><p>The purpose of the CTZS has not</p><p>changed and still provides for the deter-</p><p>mination of use rights and to provide for</p><p>controls over such use rights. This is a</p><p>Constitutional obligation of local govern-</p><p>ment, as part of municipal planning.</p><p>This project did also result in the re-</p><p>peal of some of the last remains of apart-</p><p>heid planning, such as those zoning</p><p>schemes promulgated in terms of the</p><p>formerBlackCommunitiesDevelopment</p><p>Act.</p><p>Walters describes the scheme as mod-</p><p>ernised, as it provides for new land use</p><p>activities such as cellular infrastructure</p><p>and green technologies. It is also, in gen-</p><p>eral,more permissive, encouragesmixed</p><p>uses where appropriate and equal oppor-</p><p>tunities.</p><p>The scheme was subject to various</p><p>meetings and public participation proc-</p><p>esses during the planning stages. Vari-</p><p>ousmedia releases, placement of notices,</p><p>advertisements in the community press</p><p>and information sessions happened in</p><p>this period to inform, warn and prepare</p><p>industry stakeholders and the public of</p><p>the implementation date of the CTZS,</p><p>Walters says.</p><p>However, the concerned organisation</p><p>flagged various aspects of the scheme, in-</p><p>cluding the possibility of a radical</p><p>change in the character of the city and</p><p>undermining its sustainability in the</p><p>press release.</p><p>The press release reads: No...</p></li></ul>