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  • 1. The 311 Culture BPM/Process Reengineering in DeKalb County, Georgia Kristin M. Howlett Director of Process Improvement September 10, 2008

2. DeKalb County, Georgia

  • Demographics
  • Approximately 8,500 Employees
  • 46 County Departments
  • Population: 750,000
  • Most densely populated County in Georgia
  • 3 rdmost populated County in Georgia
  • Over 100 languages spoken countywide

3. Calling our GovernmentThe Citizen Shuffle

  • How do I obtain a Firearms permit?
  • Probate Court:
    • Firearms permit number Blue Pages
  • Marriage License Recording:
    • No option to speak with a person
  • Administration:
    • Blue pages number no answer
  • Central Office:
    • Transfer to voicemail with directions to call another phone number

4. Calling our Government(Continued) The Citizen Shuffle

  • How do I obtain a Firearms permit?
  • Voicemail and directions to call another phone number
  • Automatic IVR
    • Directions to call another phone number
  • Person picks up and answers questions

5. Decentralized Confusion CEOs Office Is the problem solved? How is citizen satisfaction measured? What work order? Wrong department? Right number? Who to call? Status? Service Request Work Order County Departments Board of Commissioners Citizen Call Resolution County Departments 6. Issues Important to DeKalb County

  • Two-Fold
  • Overload of call volume to the DeKalb County 911 System
    • 42% of total call volume were non-emergency calls
  • Improved Customer Service including:
    • Ease of Access
    • Improve Accountability to Administration and Customers
    • Central Point of Contact

7. Why 311?

  • Reduce call burden on 911 from non-emergency police and customer service calls
  • Backup 911 system and emergency facilitation center
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness Improvements
  • On average, 75% of incoming citizen calls are handled within a 311 call center, off-loading the departmental call volume
  • Increased revenue stream

8. Why 311? (Continued)

  • Improved information management for Citizens, Commissioners, and County Employees
  • Ability to prioritize service response
  • Enable departments to more precisely determine budgetary needs
  • Standardize Business Processes
  • Standardized measurement tool to track citizen requests from inception to completion

9. Centralized Communications Improving citizen services and cutting costs while reducing unnecessary 9-1-1 calls MULTI-CHANNEL SATISFACTION CONFIRMATION FOLLOW-UP VIA TELEPHONE, E-MAIL, FAX OR MAIL Resolution CRM - Service Closed Loop Communication Citizen County Departments Elected Officials CEOs Office 3-1-1 Contact Center County Departments Work Order 10. Departmental Example Recorders Court

  • Over 420,000 calls come into this office annually
    • 90,000 calls are handled by call takers annually
    • 50,000 additional calls are abandoned during business hours
    • 280,000 calls come in outside of business hours, and therefore go unanswered
  • Three call takers
  • Over 75% of all callers are seeking the amount of a fine owed to the County

11. Business Results Impacted

  • Houston, Texas implemented 311 in 2001.
  • Within two months of 311 going live, Houstons municipal court collections increased by $100,000/month.
  • Collections stabilized at this increased rate.
  • This is a financial example of how implementing 311 impacts business outcomes.

12. DeKalb Vision

  • The vision for the DeKalb County 311 System is to relieve the 911 system of the non-emergency call burden, and to serve as a customer-service based call center.
  • Provide a back-up 911 Center and/or an Emergency Facilitation Center
  • Consolidate current departmental call centers
  • Provide standardized and consistent methods of providing customer service response
  • Provide ability to track trends to allow for adjustments to changing service needs

13. The 311 CultureorThe Other Side of 311 14. The 311 Culture The Other Side of 311

  • How do we currently interface with our customers?
  • How will 311 change the way we will work with our customers in the future?
  • What will change in our current customer service operations?

15. Process ImprovementInitiatives Within 311

  • Countywide focus on customer-centric service
  • A centralized point of contact
  • Increasedaccountability ,accessibility ,consistency , andtimelinessof service delivery

16. Call Centers andProcess Improvement

  • Both governments and industries tend to work in silos
    • Understand what your group does, but no connection to company goals and objectives
    • Not in line with overall organizational customer focus
  • Call Centers often considered an accessory to business (non-essential to bottom line)

17. How a Call Center Can Help Your Business Improve Process and Responsiveness to Customer

  • Call center is part of your marketing group
    • Front line employees hear customer needs and their level of satisfaction FIRST.
  • Product development and refinement
    • Track call trends
    • Root cause of calls; (customer dissatisfactionmaybe there is a flawed design/process)

18. 311 and Process Improvement

  • 4 Keys to Change Management Success
  • Leadership presence ofChampion for the initiative not just a figurehead
    • CEO for DeKalb 311
  • Buy-in from department leadership and the importance of it
  • Task Oriented Departmental Process Change
  • Institutionalization of Change

19. Strategic Planning and Implementation Departmental Ownership

  • System-wide Process Improvement initiatives are easier when there is a plan for individual attention and a phase-in process.
  • Strategically choose the order of roll-in groups by those eager to participate.
  • Early success breeds future success.
  • Identify goals and objectives early on, and re-visit often.
    • Focal point in this project was ease of access to government and improved customer service.

20. Milestones

  • The 311 implementation resulted in anoverall 40% decrease in direct customer contact to departments,as calls come in through the centralized call center.
    • DeKalb County Human Services call volume decreased 45% after cutover to 311, allowing the department to better focus on the business side of their operations.
  • Optimization of Business License renewal process yielded an additional 1,600 additional renewals and $1M in receivables over the past 12 months.
  • Thus far, a 10% reduction in calls to DeKalb County 911.

21. Future of 311 in DeKalb (Continuous Process Improvement)

  • iSupport
    • Web-based self service for Citizens
    • 24/7 Availability
  • Interface with Water/Sewer Billing System
    • Reduction of Redundancy in work effort
    • Call volume was 500,000 annually
      • Today, through process improvement efforts call volume is down by 50% in Water/Sewer Billing

22. Questions?