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Tzvetan TodorovBy Nilesh & Razi

Tzvetan Todorov is a Bulgarian-French historian, philosopher, structuralist literary critic, sociologist and essayist.

Born: March 1, 1939 (age 77), Sofia, Bulgaria

Spouse: Nancy Huston

Residence: Paris, France

Parents: Haritina Peeva-Plachkova, Todor Borov

Alma maters: Sofia University, University of Paris

Todorovs body of work:Worked for French governmentStudied Literary theory Has visited many universities around the US He also helped produce many books (21 in total)

Tzvetan todorov was a man who worked for the French Centre for Scientific research . Unis such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia and University of California 2

New equilibrium The characters reach a state of normality which they had at the beginning of the film and all good is restoredEquilibrium All being right/normal for the characters in the world of the filmDisruption of the equilibrium Something happens to the characters which disrupts this normalityRecognition of the disruption The characters realise the problem and identify how they can resolve itAn attempt to repair the damage The characters begin to solve the problem and face various problems on the wayTzvetan Todorov narrative theory

Stage 1: Equilibrium This is where the story begins in a good mood at the beginning of the movie.

For example in the Simpsons movie the beginning starts of with a normal, happy morning with Homer doing the chores.

Stage 2: Disruption of the equilibrium

In the Simpsons movie Homer choses to bring home a pig which causes imminent problems for the people of Springfield (As homers dad gave him a warning about an animal with a twisted tail.This is when the problem is introduced.

Stage 3: Recognition of the disruption

This is when the problem has occurred and the character(s) realises the problem.Everything then begins to go downhill for the Simpsons, when Homer dumps a dirty silo in the Springfield Lake, causing the government to close off Springfield from the rest of the world. The Simpsons then realise that everyone knows that they are the cause of the problem, which causes the rest of Springfield to run them out of town.

Stage 4: An attempt to repair the damage

When the characters solve the problem.They then come back after some time in an attempt to save Springfield.

Stage 5: New equilibrium

When the problem is solved and the characters are happy at the end.They are then able to save Springfield and have been able to restore peace in the town of Springfield.