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  • 2. Todorovs narrative theory suggests that thereare 5 stages of conventional narrative:1. State of equilibrium2. Disruption of equilibrium3. Recognition of disruption4. Attempt to repair disruption5. Reinstatement of equilibrium This theory is used in many texts including books (fictional and non-fictional), films, music videos, and even songs themselves.
  • 3. Examples of texts that use this concept are. Films: A Cinderella Story The Hangover Songs: Burn Usher Irreplaceable Beyonc Lay It Down Lloyd ft. Patti LeBelle Music Videos: Mistletoe Justin Beiber Wherever You Will Go The Calling
  • 4. Mistletoe Justin BeiberThe first indication of disruption of equilibrium is at 0:17, then againat 0:35 by the female character. However, the equilibrium disruptionis only small so is constantly restored.From 0:50 there is clear equilibrium with both characters happy,until 1:31 when the disruption of equilibrium is clear, with the girlwalking away. At 1:45 there is recognition of disruption when theboy realises she is upset.At 2:00, there is an attempt to repair the disruption because he hassent her a present. And at 2:15, he is waiting outside for her,attempting to repair the disruption.At 2:18, both the characters are seen together, smiling, suggestingthat the equilibrium is restored. For the rest if the video, thecharacters are seen to be happy with one another, and at 2:55 kiss,showing the reinstatement of equilibrium.
  • 5. Wherever You Will Go The CallingThis video is harder because it involves more bricolage than the Justin Bieber video, and is of a lesslinear structure. However, I am going to comment on the story (or my interpretation of the story), ratherthan the presentation of the video.At 0:30, the female character is getting a tattoo of her partners name.This suggests that there is equilibrium.At 1:06, the female character is seen walking into the house smiling,but at 1:12, the male character is seen inside the house with anotherwoman. This suggests disruption of equilibrium.At 1:30, the woman finds the male with the other woman, showingthe recognition of disruption of both characters.There is no clear attempt to repair disruption, however at 1:56, thewoman is seen throwing the mans clothes out. Maybe this is her wayof attempting to repair the disruption?At 3:03, the woman is seen with a different guy, and looks veryhappy. However, the ex is not happy. The equilibrium is restored inher life, but not his.
  • 6. Todorovs theory in relation to my videoStage 1- State of equilibriumAt the start of my video, there is no clearequilibrium, however there is no cleardisruption of equilibrium either. However, withthe variety of close ups, mid shots and wideshots showing the characters behaviour such aspicking a daisy, disruption of equilibrium issuggested.
  • 7. Stage 2 disruption of equilibrium This is shown at 0:10 when the girls is seen sadand alone. A wide shot shows the charactersitting under a tree, alone, and appearing upset.
  • 8. Stage 3 recognition of disruptionThis is shown at 0:19 when the couple are inbed, where a two-shot shows the couple facingaway from each other.
  • 9. Stage 4 Attempt to repair disruptionAt 3:45, a variety of wide shots, two-shots, midshots and close up shows the boy approachingthe girl and hugging her, in an attempt to repairthe disruption.
  • 10. Stage 5 reinstatement of equilibriumThis stage is clearly shown in the last scene at3:14 where a silhouette-style shot shows thecouple kissing in slow motion.
  • 11. In the production of my music video, I did notconsciously attempt to use Todorovs narrativetheory, however, because I analysed musicvideos and became accustom to the codes andconventions of music videos, I produced a videothat contained all 5 stages of the theory becauseI used all of the knowledge that I had acquired.