How to Power Boost Facebook Posts for Positive ROI

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Kevin Bates, WooThemesFacebook Power Boosting March 2015 Webinar@ThueLMadsen #KISSwebinar Tweet Us!Todays PresenterKevin Bates - WooThemes - @KevinB Kevin Bates is the Technical Marketer at WooThemes. Since working at ClickTracks hes been focused on building data driven marketing funnels that maximize the ROI of campaigns.Thue Madsen - KISSmetrics - @ThueLMadsen Thue is the KISSmetrics Webinar Wizard and Marketing Ops Specialist. Whenever Thue is not trying to automate everything around him, you can find him fishing and hiking in the Sierras. @KevinB #KISSwebinar Tweet Us!What To ExpectPreeminence means being seen in your market as the most trusted advisor for life. You are there to make a profound and sustaining dierence in their lives and you are there for them, whether they monetarily reward you or not. Jay AbrahamWhy Boost Your Posts?WATCH WEBINAR RECORDING NOWOrganic Reach Keeps Dropping Source: Ogilvy0%3%6%9%12%2013 2014 2015Organic ReachWhat Is Power Boosting?The Power EditorRegular Boosts 1. Limited Targeting 2. Limited Metrics Power Boosts 1. Advanced Targeting 2. Detailed Metrics 3. Conversion Pixels The Exact Process I Follow To Power BoostLOG IN WITH GOOGLEStart Your Free KISSmetrics Trial1 Part One: Targeting2 Part Two: Campaign3 Part Three: MeasurementYoure Going To LearnTargeting The Perfect Audience For Your Content11 Interest Targeting2 Custom Audiences3 Lookalike AudiencesAudience TypesRelationship Targeting Moving people through the funnel with the right content types.Audience Types Content Types KnowLook-a-Like Audience Interest TargetingBlog PostsLike Website Custom Audiences Opt-In PagesTrust Email List Product OffersTargetingInterest Targeting What are your prospects interested in?TargetingWebsite Custom Audiences Create target audiences for your content based on behavior.TargetingWebsite Custom Audiences Use URL matching to create target audiences.TargetingBlog Categories URL Custom AudienceFood & Drink /food-and-drink/ FoodiesPolitics /politics/ PoliticsReal Estate /real-estate/ Real EstateCustom Audiences Create target audiences for your content based on behavior.TargetingLookalike Audiences Create target audiences for your content based onTargetingLookalike Audiences Create target audiences for your content based onTargetingCampaign How To Setup Your Boost Campaign2Boost Campaign Structure How to set up your campaign.Campaign SetupCampaign Ad Sets AdsBoosts Interest TargetingBlog PostWebsite Custom AudienceOpt-In PageEmail List Custom AudienceOer PageCampaignCampaign SetupAd SetsCampaign SetupAudienceCampaign SetupAdsCampaign SetupPostsCampaign SetupConversion PixelsCampaign SetupMeasurement Key Metrics For Measuring Campaign Performance3Custom ReportsMeasurementCustom ReportsMeasurementAn ExampleExample Customer Journey Boosted Blog Post About SEO Added To SEO Website Custom Audience Ad Oering A Free eBook About SEO Subscribe To Your List Clicked And Viewed A Product Product Interest Website Custom Audience Special Oer Buy Customer Custom Audience Up-Sell Oers & RetentionWhat To Do Now1 A Post2 An Audience3 A Conversion PixelGe"ing Started2015 KISSmetrics Guide KISSmetrics Demo h"p:// h"p:// Questions?Kevin Bates Technical Marketer WooThemes @KevinB kevin@woothemes.comThue Madsen Marketing Operations KISSmetrics @ThueLMadsen THANK YOUKevin Bates WooThemes