auto shop's profit leaks; why mobile websites can boost your roi

Download Auto Shop's Profit Leaks; Why Mobile Websites Can Boost Your ROI

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These days, it’s absolutely essential for local businesses to have a mobile website. Yet, understandably, business owners may wonder if the return on investment (ROI) is worth it and better, yet, will a mobile website help boost ROI. Not only is a mobile website important for the success of your business, but it can certainly boost your ROI



2. As a Business Owner GROWTH is Likely Your #1 Priority: Generating NEW Customers Holding on to EXISTING Customers Maintaining Cash FLOW Increasing PROFITS 3. What is a Profit Leak? DEFINITION: Inefficiencies within a business that consistently hinder your ability to INCREASE profits 4. In Other Words Profit Leaks Are: Missed Opportunities to Generate New Customers Missed Opportunities to Retain Existing Customers Anything That Simply Leaves Money on the Table 5. What are the Consequences of Ignoring Profit Leaks? You Dont See the REAL Problem You Only See the END Result In the End, They Can KILL Your Business 6. Why is a Mobile Website the Perfect Plug? 7. 3 Out of 5 Searches for Local Businesses Are Done on Mobile Phones A lot of local consumers are likely looking for your type of product or service on their mobile devices 8. Mobile Searchers are 51% More Likely to Take Action Than Desktop Searchers Optimizing your website for MOBILE viewing can help you connect with prospects who are ready to buy 9. 70% of All Mobile Searches Result in Some Type of Action within ONE Hour If your business is not mobile-friendly, you will not see ANY of this profitable activity 10. 46% of Mobile Consumers Who Experience Problems with a Website will NEVER Return A website that is not optimized for mobile viewing will cause you to lose potential sales due to frustration 11. 57% of Mobile Users Wont Recommend Companies with Poor Mobile Sites When mobile users become frustrated with your website, most of them wont refer your business to others 12. By 2016, 88% of Local Advertising will be Delivered on a Mobile Device Your local competitors will invest more into mobile marketing giving them an advantage 13. Why is a Mobile-Friendly Website a Necessity Today? Expos ure Consumers are using their mobile devices to find local businesses more than ever Mobile websites are built specifically for mobile phones Mobile websites load quickly and easy to navigate for mobile users 14. How your Mobile Website should look. Expos ure 15. Fixing Your Mobile Profit Leaks Will Boost Expos ure Credibility Exposure Leads Sales PROFITS! 16. Thank You for Viewing Our Video Ready to Plug This Profit Leak? Contact Us Today for More Information! (800) 520-9498