3 ways to boost your event roi with tech

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  • 3 Ways to Boost Your Event ROI With Technology

  • Theres a reason event director was recently named the fifth

    most stressful job of 2016.

  • Youre focused on creating a memorable experience, all while

    putting out unexpected fires.

  • Given all that youre juggling, it's hard to keep an eye on

    budget efficiency.

  • 3 out of 5 marketers use no tools to measure event ROI, and most companies plan and execute events without specific business objectives.HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW | Get More from Your Event Spending 1

  • So how can you continue to increase event revenue

    without a significant increase in event costs?

  • There are 3 key ways technology can help you get more out of your

    event budget:

    1. Selling more tickets up front

    2. Capitalizing on profit opportunities

    3. Saving yourself time and money

  • 1Sell More Tickets

    Up Front

  • The right technology can make your marketing an:



    and repeatable,

    ...driver of ticket sales

  • To find the right social media platform for your advertising, be sure to investigate 3 things.

  • 1. Reach: How many people will see your ads?

  • 2. Cost: How much will it cost you? Is the reach significant enough to justify the price tag?

  • 3. Access to analytics: Will the platform give you rich info on who is seeing and clicking on your ads?

  • While Instagram and Snapchat have much less competition for ad eyeballs, they are more expensive than Facebook.

    Figure out where your budgets best spent using social media management tools like Hootsuite or Buffer.


  • Consider content marketing. This is the practice of building brand awareness through valuable, relevant content.

  • Events naturally lend themselves to the creation of a lot of original material!

    If youre interested in live-streaming your event, check out Periscope or YouTube.


  • 2Capitalize on Profit


  • One of the highest-ROI sources of revenue is sponsorships.

    In fact, the majority of marketers are satisfied with their ability to measure the ROI of sponsorship and event marketing initiatives. So, how can you make your sponsorships more valuable?


  • Strengthen sponsor relationships, engage attendees, and increase event revenue with these tools:

  • Gamification technologies turn brand activations into a fun scavenger hunt (ex: Mapdash)


  • Mobile event apps let sponsors send location-based push notifications to attendees (ex: DoubleDutch)


  • 3Save Time and


  • Today, people are using between 11 and 16 different apps on average in the workplace.

    These apps often dont talk to each other. Workflow automation lets every professional pass data through.WADE FOSTER | Co-Founder and CEO, Zapier


  • The right technology can help you achieve a lot more with less by:

    -Automating tasks

    -Reducing operational costs

    -Eliminating tedious manual data-entry

  • Instantly update your email list with event-friendly platforms

    (ex: Mailchimp, Emma)


  • Make staff more efficient by automating your workflow

    (ex: Zapier)


  • Eliminate data transfers to your attendee database (ex: EventbriteSync,

    HubSpot Connect)


  • Interested in more technologies that can help lift ticket sales,

    increase profit, and save time?

    Check the full list here.



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