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Social media analytics can drastically improve your ROI. Here's a practical guide for using social media analytics to make your social media marketing SIZZLE


  • 1. HOWTO: Use Descriptive and Predictive Analytics to BoostYour Market Performance AMA DC Washington, DC June 19, 2013 Hausman andAssociates

2. Hausman andAssociates Angela Hausman, owner of Hausman and Associates, is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Howard University. She is the author of several books and numerous publications on social and internet marketing. In additional to writing for Hausman Marketing Letter, she is a popular writer on Business 2 Community, Social Media Today, Technorati, and Social Media Mags, Follow her on Twitter @MarketingLetter or on Facebook! 3. The Problem by the Numbers Hausman andAssociates 2.2 X better ROI DATA 80% unstructured and 3Vs 20% growth 1.6X 1021 60% MORE analytics skills Assumptions????? 4. Hausman andAssociates ROI? Loyalty? 5. Hausman andAssociates 6. Hausman andAssociates Michael Stelzner, Social Media Examiner: Marketers are beginning to understand that the ROI of social media extends beyond sales goals. 7. Hausman andAssociates 8. Hausman and Associates I like 9. Hausman andAssociates Descriptive: Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Pinterest, etc Predictive Hadoop, Big Insights, etc Prescriptive Infoshere Streams 10. Google Analytics Hausman andAssociates 11. Facebook Insights Hausman andAssociates 12. Predictive Analytics Y= (Xi, i) Behavior= Attitudes, Social Norms CLV Tech Acceptance = Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use Events = Community Engagement, Performer,Venue, Location Segmentation Forecasting Hausman andAssociates 13. Prescriptive Analytics Allocate scarce resources under conditions of uncertainty. Optimize returns with limited risk. Which products and how much Who and how Example manage engagement in social networks Hausman andAssociates 14. Big Data Storage issue Analysis Spurious correlations Hausman andAssociates 15. Put itTogether Hausman andAssociates 16. Take Aways SMART Goals Metrics? Part science, part art Dashboards Monitor/Tweak Predictive Analytics ROI Hausman andAssociates 17. Questions @MarketingLetter Hausman andAssociates