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  • Tips To Boost Your Recruitment ROI

  • Presented by:

    Ramnath BanerjeeStrategic Consultant, Pervenio Search & Consultants

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  • What Are TheCurrent Recruitment


  • Recruitment Challenge #1

    As the global talent shortage widens,talent acquisition has become a challenging task.

  • Recruitment Challenge #2

    Demand for faster hiring has become ade facto priority for every organization.

  • Recruitment Challenge #3

    No matter what, hiring managers look forshorter time-to-productivity.

  • What Is TheCurrent Recruitment

    Scenario in U.S.?

  • FACT #1

    The average time to fill an open position is29.5 working days.


  • FACT #2

    The average cost of bad hire is estimated to bemore than $50,000.


  • FACT #3

    The average time-to-productivity for anew employee is 20 weeks for professionals

    and 26+ weeks for executives.


  • How Do WeAddress These


  • Are There Any Shortcuts?

  • The answer is

    NO!There are no


  • The only way to dealwith these recruitment challenges

    is to follow these

    Recruitment Best Practices

  • #1

    Define a clear process before starting the recruitment


  • Define a clear process

    Like any other business processes, recruitmenttoo should be a process driven approachwhich should be designed and optimized

    as per the size and needs of the organization.

  • #2

    Understand the candidate requirements clearly

  • Understand candidate requirements

    This is a critical step in avoiding bad hires. Try tocollaborate with the respective hiring manager andestablish a friendly communication channel so that

    you get a clear understanding of the candidates KPAs.

  • #3

    Create an attractivejob post

  • Create an attractive job post

    As per a survey by CareerBuilder, 75% of candidatesopined that look and feel of a job post hasinfluenced their decision to apply for a job.Hence, try to make your job post intuitive

    by optimizing it as much as possible.


  • #4

    Gain maximum reachby using varioussales channels

  • Gain maximum reach

    Dont rely on the post-and-pray approach. Sharethe job post in relevant social media channels. Adopt

    other sales techniques like cold calling, emailingor approaching passive candidates via private messages

    to see if theyre looking for a job change.

  • #5

    Adopt an innovative, diversified, data driven


  • Adopt a data driven approach

    Taking help of CV parsing technology or similarsmart techniques like predictive recruitment

    analytics can save thousands of dollars of man-hours.

  • #6

    Create a seamless,interactive, dynamic onboarding process

  • Create a dynamic onboarding process

    Organizations need to design and develop anonboarding process which is semi-automated,

    interactive, paperless, fun filled and dynamic in nature.

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