[webinar] boost your paid search roi with bing and yahoo! search

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In this webinar, Trada and Microsoft team up to give you information about key adCenter tools, insights, and best practices that will help you optimize your Bing and Yahoo! Search campaign and improve your paid search ROI. Whether you’re new to adCenter or would just like to improve your campaign’s performance, learn how to: • Reach more customers. • Raise conversion rates. • Increase your return on advertising spend. Check out Trada Reviews here: http://www.trada.com/trada-reviews/


  • 1.Boost your Paid Search ROIwith Bing and Yahoo! SearchReach a new audience.Increase conversions.Drive down your CPA.#Trada4adCenter

2. #Trada4adCenter 3. Sara FoxMarketing Manager Lead NurturingTradaJohn GagnonMatt HesslerSenior SEM Manager andDirector of MarketplaceBing Advertising EvangelistOperationsMicrosoft Trada #Trada4adCenter 4. MicrosoftAdvertisingadCenterand theSearchAlliance#Trada4adCenter 5. is for doing Empowers Shop Savvy consumers to make Be Entertained smarter, faster, Go Local more informed Travel Smarter decisions. Search Socially#Trada4adCenter 6. #Trada4adCenter 7. The Help-You-Find-Exactly-What- Youre-Looking-For Engine Product Health & Beauty Auto Shopping Education Finance Travel Computer & Internet Jobs and many more #Trada4adCenter 8. Microsoft Advertising adCenterCreate and manage all campaigns on Bing andYahoo! Search from one efficient platform. #Trada4adCenter 9. Reach a new Why You audienceWant Increaseto Use conversion rate adCenter Improve ROI#Trada4adCenter 10. Reach a New Audience30% of the U.S. search market uses Yahoo!Search and Bing (including Microsoft andYahoo! Core Search sites) thats 162 million unique searchers!#Trada4adCenter Source: comScore Core Search (custom) January 2012 11. Reach a New Audience 33% of those 162 million unique searchers do not use Google 54 million unique searchers in the U.S. who you can only reach with search ads through Microsoft Advertising adCenter#Trada4adCenter Source: comScore Core Search (custom) January 2012 12. Increase Conversion RateMany advertisers experience higherCTR & conversion rates with adCenter#Trada4adCenter 13. Increase Conversion RateTrada Ad Network Budget AdjustmentCampaigns start with 70% Google, 30% Yahoo!/Bing budget allocation. 43% of campaigns hadgreater budget allocatedto adCenter Increased adCenterspend avg. = 8% Increased AdWordsspend avg. = 3.5% 14. Improve ROI The unique searchers on Microsoft and Yahoo! sites (including Yahoo! Search, Bing, and partners) are likely to: Spend 6% more than Google searchers in the U.S. Spend 23% more than the average searcher.#Trada4adCenter Source: comScore Core Search (custom) January 2012 15. Improve ROIIn 2011, Yahoo/Bing delivered more revenueper click and better return on investment14%RPC 9% ROI Source: Efficient Frontier Global Q4 2011#Trada4adCenter Digital Marketing Performance Report January 2012 16. Improve ROI Source: Efficient Frontier Global Q4 2011Digital Marketing Performance Report January 2012 17. adCenter Can Help YouMaximize Your Paid Search ROIExpandedaudience Higher ConversionRate#Trada4adCenter 18. Develop Keyword MicrosoftLists & StrategiesAdvertising Optimize KeywordIntelligenceCampaigns Tailor Your BiddingStrategy Evaluate CampaignPerformance#Trada4adCenter 19. MAI: Develop Keyword Lists and StrategiesBuild out lists of suggested keywords anddevelop informed keyword strategies based onactual Bing and MSN query data, including: relevance volume cost history demographic geographic#Trada4adCenter 20. MAI: Optimize Keyword CampaignsLeverage historic and forecasted monthlyquery and content data to optimize yourkeyword campaigns based on what potentialcustomers are actually doing.#Trada4adCenter 21. MAI: Tailor Your Bidding StrategyTailor your bidding strategy based on pricingdata for keyword-specific metrics such asclicks, impressions, position, click-through rateand cost per click.#Trada4adCenter 22. Trada for adCenterTrada helpsoptimize your paidsearch campaign.#Trada4adCenter 23. Is a solution for businesses running paidsearch campaigns across multiple adnetworks. Provides access to a community of thousandsof certified paid search experts. Saves you time while maintaining completevisibility into and control over your campaigns. #Trada4adCenter 24. Run Campaigns Seamlessly AcrossMultiple Ad Networks.#Trada4adCenter 25. Easily Compare Ad NetworkCampaign Performance.#Trada4adCenter 26. Easily Compare Ad NetworkCampaign Performance.#Trada4adCenter 27. Easily Compare Ad NetworkCampaign Performance.#Trada4adCenter 28. Easily Compare Ad NetworkCampaign Performance.#Trada4adCenter 29. Ad Network Automatic Budget Adjustment Automatic Network Automatic Network Budget Adjustment Budget Adjustment Maximize ad spend based on performance. Improve overall campaign conversions andconversion rate.#Trada4adCenter 30. Community of Paid Search ExpertsTradas advertising specialists, called Optimizers Know how to run sophisticated, ROI-focused campaigns on adCenter and AdWords. Use the side-by-side view of adCenter & AdWords campaign performance to compare, adjust, etc. Are paid based on performance and therefore directly incentivized to get high-quality clicks and low-cost conversions for you. #Trada4adCenter 31. Community of Paid Search Experts#Trada4adCenter 32. Transparency and Control#Trada4adCenter 33. Transparency and Control#Trada4adCenter 34. adCenter Expand your audience Attract higher quality, higher performing traffic Enjoy advertiser-friendly features andenhancements#Trada4adCenter 35. TradaManage multiple networkcampaigns from one platformAutomatic networkDiversity and expertise ofbudget adjustmentonline advertising experts#Trada4adCenter 36. Questions? John Gagnon Matt Hessler Senior SEM Manager andDirector of Marketplace Bing Advertising EvangelistOperations Microsoft Trada@jmgagnon@fasterstillFor more information or to schedule a demo of the Trada Marketplace, email sfox@trada.com or visit www.trada.com/learn-more.Sara FoxMarketingManagerLead NurturingTrada @Trada @snowfox78#Trada4adCenter


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