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  • Email Marketing Tips:

    Increase your marketing ROI by Analyzing & cleaning your email data

  • Did you Know?

    On average 5-30% of your email address data is Harmful, duplicated, incorrect, Inactive, unknown, ect.

  • If your unknown user rate is around 5.5% your chances of getting

    accepted by the ISP's is only about 58%

  • IPs with Sender Score of 100 are 38% more likely to get into an inbox than those

    with a Sender Score of 50

  • Average Inbox

    Placement Rate with a

    Sender Score of 91 or

    greater is 88%

  • *Practicing regular data hygiene is what achieves great sender scores.

    *Remove bad data and unlock maximum ROI potential

    *Boost open rates by 30%+


    What to Do?

  • Enter VeriAS


  • Verify *The first step is to verify, in real-time, the potential value of the email addresses of your subscribers. This process results in a data set specifically compartmentalized in order for you to proficiently proceed to the next step.

    *Our verification method service determines which email addresses will not be able to be sent and that will consequently hard bounce back to the sender.

    *A hard bounce is one of the most damaging forms of email data, it is vital to eliminate these emails from a list in order to have a successful campaign.

  • Why?

    *This procedure is essential to protect your reputation and raise your score as a sender.

    *A low sender score or reputation will create many difficulties when trying to get your emails into inboxes rather than spam folders.

    *Since no one reads their spam mail, it is crucial that your emails do not end up in this abysmal black hole.

  • Analyze

    *Included in this process is looking into subscribers online profiles, their past activity behavior, what site they visited.

    *VeriAS analyzes the data and proceeds to eliminate any invalid domain names, harvested email addresses and potential spam traps guaranteeing that only usable valid email addresses are being used for distribution.

  • Score

    *The final step is to derive the actual email score using more than 3,500 different rule sets to determine legitimacy of the record and signup location.

    *The higher the score, the lower the risk associated with the record.

    *The combinatorial scoring system we use references a multitude of different components to develop a true value of an email record and determine the email records with the highest possibility of responding.

  • Why Score?

    *Our data scoring and email verification utilizes over 3,500 different rule sets to determine the quality and accuracy of the record and signup location/timestamp, which then in turn provides the most comprehensive scoring on the market.

    *This allows for the highest possible deliverability rates, infrastructure protection, and improved returns on your marketing spend.


    *VeriAS is revolutionizing the way that mass communication email lists are inspected and processed to identify and segregate malicious records or records with no propensity to convert.

    *VeriAS provides a secure enterprise level platform designed and managed by our team of highly experienced and highly qualified developers.

    *Our secure platform was created with the intention of offering real-time data scoring, email verification and hygiene to enterprise, and email service companies.

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    LinkedIn- Devin Gomez

    Email- Devin@verias.com

    Web- verias.com