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Looking for a way to maximize the ROI on your market, tradeshow, and/or corporate events? We can help! Learn actionable ways to maximize your pre- and post-show emails to drive people to your event, gather lead information, and turn those leads into paying customers. Learn how to: Maximize Your Event ROI using Email with Whereoware + our partner Atlantic Exhibits. • drive people to your event booth • gather lead information • turn those leads into paying customers.


  • 1. DRIVINGTRAFFICTOYOUR BOOTH using email to boost ROI at your next event

2. WHEREOWARE Geek chic: building nerd smarts + style into every design, development, + marketing project 3. A FEW OF OUR CLIENTS 4. ATLANTIC Atlantic is a full service, visual communications company specializing in the design/build of trade show exhibits and corporate interiors. 2013 marked the 25th anniversary of serving our valued clients from our HQ outside ofWashington DC and offices in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Richmond. Our production/operations center is located in Front Royal,VA. We are EDPA members as well as the Exhibit and Event MarketersAssociation. Atlantic has been named to the FAB50 list by Event Marketer Magazine for the past 2 years. 5. Setting up for success Email best practices Pre-event emails Example emails Multi-channel approach AGENDA 6. SETTING UP FOR SUCCESS doing your homework 7. 80% of attendees know who they will visit - prior to traveling to the show CEIR report 8. 76% of businesses use email to market an event Hubspot report 9. For every $1 spent on email, businesses see $40 in return 10. Segment the show list by industry + business potential Use your in-house list and show list Partner with a non-competing company to advertise Schedule meetings in the booth prior to the show Use incentives wisely DOYOUR HOMEWORK 11. Product demo Asset or case study to review together Quality giveaway or discount for select booth visitors Game or social tie-in to drive engagement EXAMPLE INCENTIVES 12. EMAIL BEST PRACTICES learning how to best optimize you emails 13. Affects open + click through: You have very little real estate to capture readers attention Getting users to enable images affects open rates Creative best practices can improve click through rates Looks matter: Often times you are judged by your looks If an email is all text, copy can make the difference Inboxes are jammed + cluttered, your email needs to pop CAPTURE: WHY CREATIVE MATTERS 14. CONVINCE:VALUE PROPOSITION Why should customers visit your booth instead of a competitors? Some common value props: Authority in your field Exchange thought leadership Product demo/exhibit Incentive/exclusive giveaway/game Does it have appeal + exclusivity? Be clear and concise: what are the benefits to your customers? 15. CONVINCE:THE BIGTHREE SS Subject line Snippet text Sender Sender: recognizable + trustworthy Subject line: less than 50 characters, front-loaded value prop Snippet text: move housekeeping items, contains the value prop, front-loaded From: Litmus Subject: Not just another email conference 16. CONVINCE: SUBJECT LINES From name 25 characters Subject line 50 characters Snippet text 85 characters 17. SAMPLE SUBJECT LINES Subject:Your invitation to the 2014 NewYorkVenture Summit Optimized: Save 50% - Sign up for NYVenture Summit today 18. SAMPLE SUBJECT LINES Optimized: Save 10% on Off-Broadway musical hit Ordinary Days Subject line :TM Insider: Save on musical hit Ordinary Days 19. Top left 300x400 pixels are most important Does it contain your value proposition? Can you include your CTA? CONVINCE:THE PREVIEW PANE 20. CONVINCE:THE LAYOUT Layout 21. CONVINCE:THE LAYOUT S-curve Create a good eye path 22. CONVINCE:THE LAYOUT 600 px Create a good eye path Email should be less than 600 pixels wide 23. CONVINCE:THE LAYOUT poor use of alt-text Create a good eye path Email should be less than 600 pixels wide Combat image blocking 24. CLOSE: CTA Single prominent CTA Tells the user what it will accomplish Includes the value prop Looks clickable 25. PRE-EVENT EMAILS best practices 26. GOALS OFYOUR PRE-EVENT EMAIL Set up a meeting / product demo at the show Clear, compelling value proposition above the fold Contact information / booth number Clickable CTA 27. MAKE IT EASY 28. MAKE IT EASY 29. MAKE IT EASY 30. WE EAT OUR OWN DOG FOOD 31. EXAMPLES before and after 32. Clear CTA Conveys exclusivity Clear concise value proposition Communicates instead of markets Clear takeaway + minimal copy Authority in field personalized with photo 33. Move value prop support up top 34. Specific Call to Action, looks clickable Clear, compelling value proposition Clean layout with good eye path 35. Shortened the header to bring the valuable info up Made the value prop clearer and more concise Moved the call-to- action up 36. Move housekeeping items away from snippet text Header image is too large No value proposition No call to action 37. Snippet text added to header Smaller header image + better headline Value proposition passes the so what test Call to action 38. Snippet text not front loaded Call-out the value proposition Bring pricing + discount value to top No call to action 39. Font-loaded snippet text Value prop clear and concise Clear call-to-action Quantity value prop 40. ADDITIONAL IDEAS multichannel 41. INTEGRATE 42. WHEREOWARE EXAMPLE POSTAL MAILING EMAIL PHONE FOLLOW-UP 5 days later 3 days later 43. ADDITIONAL OUTREACH IDEAS Submit to be a speaker, sit on a panel, or sponsor the event Create a game in the booth, with a cumulative leader board* Mail well qualified attendees a two part item, requiring the attendee visit the exhibit to collect the second part 44. Sender keep it relevant Subject lines keep it short, include value prop, front load Snippet text support the subject line Using copy effectively passes the so what test Highlight incentives Use email to support multi-channel efforts KEYTAKEAWAYS 45. QUESTIONS? GET INTOUCH Bill Haskitt Partner + heads marketing dept. 703-889-1212 Website: Twitter: @whereoware Facebook: Blog: James Morris VP client strategy 215-674-9500 x 3154 Website: Facebook: Twitter: @atlantic_james