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Slides from a webinar on Wednesday, November 12, 2014. Featuring: Jody Mooney, Director of Product Marketing, Influitive Scott Ingram, Account Executive, Certain This webinar discusses a chapter from Scott's new book "Making Rain with Events".


  • 1. Thanks for joining us! Well start promptly at 1:03 p.m. ET

2. Housekeeping Q&Apanelonyourright Recordingforcolleagueswhocouldntmakeit Alla;endeeswillreceiveslides Twi;er: #advocatemktg @certain@scoAngram @influiCve@jomoon 3. What youll learn New book: Making Rain With Events Event marketing challenges Role of advocacy at events How to leverage advocates before, during and after Keeping advocates engaged 4. CertainThe event platform for the marketer Certain provides enterprise event management solutions to planflawless events and create engaging experiences. Marketers need an event management platform designed forthem, with all capabilities built into a single platform andintegrated with their marketing automation systems. A platform designed to help them practice their craft segmentaudiences, target messages, drive behavior, and track results and incorporate events into the buyers journey. 5. InfluitiveAdvocate marketing experts Powerful advocate marketing software thathelps B2B marketers discover, mobilize, andrecognize their biggest fans customers,partners, employees Drive referrals, references, reviews, word ofmouth recommendations, engagement, andmore Founded in 2010 HQ in Toronto, Boston, Palo Alto Private, VC backed, >$11M raised 6. Marketing impact of events 7. The event marketing gap 8. The integrated marketing opportunityAttendee Profile Event Technology Engaging EventExperienceDrive RevenueCycleMarketingSoftwareProfile, Behaviors,& Interests 9. Events consume 20% of modernmarketing budgets More than - content,branding, marketingautomation, social media,PR and analyst relationscombined! Yet only half of CMOs admitthat they struggle to make abusiness case forinvestment in events* 10. Why events dont liveup to their billing Typical pre-event marketing drives registration, but not passionand buzz Its hard to drive traffic to the sessions and exhibits that matter especially for booths & sessions on the edges of the mainevent Marketing pitches and demos that inform but dont convince Not enough content/not authentic enough content Flash in the pan marketing its all over in 2-3 days 11. The solution: your advocates! 12. What is an advocate? 13. They may not do this 14. But they will do all of this and moreRe-tweets, ReferencesLikes, sharesConsider, Retain, InspireReferralsProduct reviewsBlogcommentsDiscoverMediainterviewsUser groupsProductsurveysCustomerAdvisoryBoardsAnalystinterviewsPurchase 15. Why advocacy and events? Customers,partners,prospects,mediaandanalystsallinoneplace Onamissiontolearnandnetwork,shareexperCsewithpeers A;endeesdontcareaboutsponsors Theywanttohearwhatothera;endeesareinterestedin,experiencingsuccesswith Needstobeastrategicpriorityintegratedwiththerestofyoureventmarke8ngplan 16. 7 Ways Advocates HelpYou Boost Event ROI 17. 1. Generate topics, speakersubmissions and speakersEktrons advocates generated atidal wave of speakersubmissions for their annualuser conferenceBEFORE THE EVENT90% of tracksessionswerecustomergenerated 18. 2. Promote the event anddrum up more registrationsFill those seats!BEFORE THE EVENT 19. 3. Make it memorableDURING THE EVENT 20. 4. Amplify engagementand social buzzDURING THE EVENT 21. 5. Capture videos, casestudies and more on-siteWithinthefewdaysoftheconference,Ektroncapturedtonsofnewcustomervideos,creaCngcontenttheycouldusethroughouttherestoftheyearDURING THE EVENT 22. 6. Orchestrate genuineinteractions on-siteDURING THE EVENT 23. 7. Continue the engagementafter the event endsAFTER THE EVENT 24. 7 Ways Advocates HelpYou Boost Event ROI1. Generate topics, speaker submissions & speakers2. Promote the event in advance & help drum up moreregistrations3. Make it memorable4. Amplify your engagement & social buzz5. Capture videos, case studies & more while onsite6. Orchestrate genuine interactions7. Continue the engagement after the event ends 25. How are your advocateshelping you at your nextevent?Whether it's an event like aconference, trade show,product launch or a keycampaign, advocates can helpyou maximize the impact of allyour strategic marketing effortswhen effectively mobilized. 26. Check youremail!