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Tom Schuyler shows the Newport Interactive Marketers the value of Facebook marketing: Best tactics & ROI measurement pointers.


  • 1. Presented by: Tom SchuylerNIM -April 2011 Demystifying Facebook ROI @Tom_SchuylerTomschuyler@gmail

2. Me

  • Young, but Ive been on Facebook since it was students-only
  • Building brands is what Im all about, Ive been doing it for years
  • Gurus scare me
  • Ive worked for brands big and small:

3. Why this topic

  • Let me ask you
  • To answer the question, What is Facebook worth to my brand?
  • Set expectations and meaningful goals with clients
  • Make data actionable
  • Get over the hype

4. Part 1: Media Agnostic ROI 5. You already knew this 6. Thats an ice cream cone

  • You sell ice cream cones.How many ice cream cones did you sell before social media?How many did you sell after?
  • It may be inconvenient but we can lose sight of the basics

7. Part 2: Lets escape the real world (its scary out there) 8. Facebook Insights = Your Friend

  • Insights will give you every input you need to write your own equation
    • Reach.Your peeps times 130
    • Engagement .The search for signs of intelligent life
    • Relevance.Your consumer not your fans.More on that

9. Shocking News

  • Your Fan Count Doesnt Matter
  • (More at 11)

10. WhoAREthese people?

  • Fan Count vs. Consumer Count
  • Not all fans are created equal
  • Do you have the right fans?
    • Demographic Indexing

11. Consumer Count

  • Demographically-relevant
  • Active
  • This Matters
  • Total Irrelevants Inactives =Consumer Count

12. Nope...

  • Im not impressed with you 1M fan count

13. WhatAREthey doing

  • Engagement is the single most important indicator of success
    • Activity
    • Post Views
    • Post Feedback
    • Unsubscribe
    • Goal 85% monthly 50% weekly

14. WhatAREthey doing?

  • Not going to your wall
  • Not going to your fancy tab
    • Unless youre running ads
  • Not going to your app
  • Tabs arent evil
    • Set defaults intelligently

Cool tab!... Not 15. WhatAREthey doing?

  • Not clicking over to your site to buy something
  • Facebook is about making relationships to influence INTENT, not purchase
  • Tracking code data all points the same direction
    • Facebook is not an effective means to drive traffic

16. The Equation 17. What to shoot for: Engagement

  • 40% 50% for sub 10,000
  • 50% 60% for plus 10,000
  • 1%+ per day = success

18. What to shoot for: Ads

  • Cost per fan between $0.30 and $0.90 plus 25%
  • Chose.Then be chosen.
  • Target intelligently.Test.Test.Test again.Try B&W
  • Algorithm gives preference to spikes

19. Part 3: Key Takeaways 20. Do

  • Plan ahead!
  • Lead with content let brand messages follow
  • Use rich media
  • Use Facebook Questions
  • Embrace now ad hoc
  • Be conversational.Marketing as dialogue not monologue
  • Direct ads to the fan page
    • Spike spend in correlation with content roll out
    • Create a tab for non-fans
  • Use models to set goals
  • Set expectations and define goals early on.Whats it worth to them

21. @Tom_SchuylerTomschuyler@gmail