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2. 30 MINUTESfood for thought doing permissionmarketing2 3. BUILDING CUSTOMER-CENTRIC RELATIONSHIPS3 4. Most important KPI: CPnO (Cost Per new Customer) CLTV(Customer Life Time Value)41/28/2013Teradata Confidential 5. WHY CARE ? webshops2012 # 55 6. 6 1/28/2013 Teradata Confidential 7. Repeat buy?E-COMMERCEMAILORDER CATALOGUEORDER NUMBER REBUY ACCUM.UTILIZATION NUMBERREBUY ACCUM. UTILIZATION7 1/28/2013Teradata Confidential 8. 10% Loyalty improvement conv. ToCpC buy % CpOToday0,40 1,822,22Future 0,40 1,822,22Reference numbers for the customer (BEFORE) Re-buyCpOBasketMargin Margin Contribution1st buy 22,22 51,00 40% 16,73 -5,492nd buy 35%5,853rd buy4th buy45%50%10% = 38% Value 2,631,325th buy 70%20% = 81% Value0,92Total direct contribution after 5 buys (CLTV) 5,2330% = 2,3X ValueReference numbers for the customer (AFTER 6 MTH) Re-buyCpOBasketMargin Margin Contribution1st buy 22,22 51,00 40% 16,73 -5,492nd buy38,5% 6,443rd buy49,5% 3,194th buy55,0% 1,755th buy77,0% 1,35Total direct contribution after 5 buys (CLTV) 7,2481/28/2013Teradata Confidential 9. Business value = Loyalty 5X 4XRepeat buy 3X 2X 1X Customers91/28/2013Teradata Confidential 10. Pre-condition for professionel email marketing10 1/28/2013 Teradata Confidential 11. Value of email permissions? Dutch webshop b2c Data source: new customers in Q4 -11 and Q1 12 No segmented or behavioural marketingPermissionNon-permission 1. time buy100%100 100% 100 2. buy 46%4630%30 3. buy 56%2650%15 4. buy 74%1961%9 5. buy 93%1880%7207161 Value of email permission, before real email marketing - 28%111/28/2013 Teradata Confidential 12. From Newsletter to Campaign mail 1:all1:1121/28/2013 Teradata Confidential 13. Email marketingKey email marketingdiscipline must be managedand applied to succeed Permission and send Email deliverability: Capacity Deliverabilitytiming, right speedWhitelisting, reputation etc Open Email open: Personalization,DATA Clicktiming, subject line Conversion: Relevance andappealing (based uponbuying/click history) 13 1/28/2013Teradata Confidential 14. Email marketing Data integration Automatic processes141/28/2013 Teradata Confidential 15. Data, data,data INTEREST 1. TIME BUY ESTABLISHEDLOYAL REACTIVATEDDONT MISSBE THE FIRSTIT!WE MISS YOU!SegmentedTO!THANK YOUFOR behavioural Antichurn FeedbackCHOOSING! reaktivering Leadnuturing SAFE & EASY!151/28/2013 Teradata Confidential 16. Automatisering er et must Segmented PUSH1:NOpt-InOpt-OutProspect1st Buy 2nd BuyEstablished PremiumWF:WF:WF: WF:WF: WF:Sign-upHoney Moon 1st-TimersLoyaltyAborted Browsed inCaptureTurningFeedbackoffers purchasehigh valueleadsprospectsmails &product areas into follow-uponsite customersincentive1:n/1:1 PULL WF:WF: WF:WFRFM: Birthday Tell aUp-Selling Local shopReactivationfriendand CrossoffersMailsSelling60 days 90 days 180 days WorkFlows automatedRetargeting campaigns 16 1/28/2013Teradata Confidential 17. Case Study German online pharmacyCustomers /month 25.000 56 employees17 1/28/2013Teradata Confidential 18. Data driven campaigns improved result 5xClick stream campaigns Number of orders Gender, age 543 and prescription 242 100Push - mail SegmentedBehavioural18 1/28/2013 Teradata Confidential 19. halfords - automated and highly personalized messages to drive second purchaseChallengeIncrease second purchase rate of customers throughcross-selling other productsSolutionStorage and synchronization product catalog andProduct recommendations in the Digital MarketingCloudIntegration with Bazaarvoice for compelling productreview data to enrich the messageComplete automation by dynamic assembly of email Resultstemplates Open rates increased 129% Sales conversions up 45% 19 1/28/2013 Teradata Confidential19 20. Sony increased sales conversions by 5% using customerproduct reviews Challenge Increase traffic to the Sony online store Use product review data to drive online conversions Promote sales of specific products according to business needs Solution product promotional email campaign using customer reviews content Match Reevoo reviews content to products using Cloud+ / related data Cross-sell opportunities identified driving customers along the sales funnel Results Increase in traffic to Sony website bringing prospects closer to the product 81% of shoppers utilise customer reviews 20 1/28/2013 Teradata Confidential 5% uplift in sales conversionse 21. 21 1/28/2013 Teradata Confidential 22. Data driven marketing = KPI22 1/28/2013 Teradata Confidential 23. KPI could betoday6 months12 months CpO - Google 87,50 7,00Affiliate 7,25 7,00 6,75.. Repeat buy -1. to 2. buy25%35%50%2. t0 3. buy45%58%65% Permission %email 65%70%75%SMS 10%15%18% Conversion % Direct2,1% 2.4%2,6% Shop1.1% 1.3%1.4% Call center 3.0% 1.5%1.1% email open rate19%23%26% email click rate 12%20%22% .. CLTV (after x22 2530 mth)23 1/28/2013 Teradata Confidential 24. get a balance in marketing spending? Lead generation activities Nurturing activitiesLoyalty /retention activities241/28/2013Teradata Confidential 25. Summary 7 Points BudgetKPI Follow-upPermission CLTV Dedication Data & & PassionIntegrat. System25 1/28/2013Teradata Confidential 26. Make a plan30 100180 Quick-wins Days Next Generation DaysDaysVrdi/Resultat Lift off Campaigning Business ROI-Acceleratorer: - Profil data - Welcome mail - Feedback mailAdvanced campaigns: - Birthday e-mail etc. Segmenteret & TriggerAbandon basket kampagner: - Click stream campaigns- 1:1 recomendations - Click stream segmented - Facebook feed - Me too offers- Reactivation campaigns - Bounce handling - ...Lift offBusiness Tid261/28/2013Teradata Confidential 27. THANKS FOR LISTENINGPer John JensenFollow usNorthern EuropeT +45 29 61 33 03@ p.jensen@ecircle.comSlagterhusgade 10www.ecircle.com1715 Kbenhavn V 27 1/28/2013Teradata Confidential eC