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Optimize Your PPC Retargeting Program To Boost ROI


HOSTED BY:Optimize Your PPC Retargeting Program To Boost ROI

#thinkppcCarrie1PresentersJonas PauliukonisSenior Manager of Search Marketing at AdRoll@pauliukonis

Amanda West-BookwalterSenior Account Manager at Hanapin MarketingBlogger on PPC HeroSpeaker at Hero Conf 2015@Amanda_WestBook

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#thinkppc3Live Poll Question #1How long have you been in PPC?#thinkppc

Less than 1 year1-3 years3-5 years5+ years

#thinkppc4Live Poll Question #2How do you manage your PPC account(s)?#thinkppcIm part of an in-house PPC team.I do all the marketing myself including PPC.I work with an agency.Im a consultant.

#thinkppcSusan does question #25Data is KingWhat you cannot deny is that theres a seismic disruption happening in our industry. Data strategy is the future of everything were banking on. We dont buy audience targets. We build customized audience targets. We put real-time analytics behind it so we can continue to optimize the machine.

- Deanie Elsner, CMO at Kraft


Intent is the Crown#thinkppc7Four Audience Segments

#thinkppc1 in 2 marketers spend up to 25% on retargeting and 46% of marketers surveyed reports retargeting performs better than search8Messaging Mirrors Intent

#thinkppc9Performance-Driven Marketing

#thinkppc10Follow the Money

#thinkppc11Powerful and Versatile

#thinkppc121. Build Customized Audience Targets

#thinkppc132. Scale with Dynamic Creative

#thinkppc143. Go Cross-Device

#thinkppc15Mobile is the New First Screen


Mobile Case Study: Brilliant Earth

With our customers across multiple screens throughout their day, AdRoll allows us to connect with them regardless of the device or platform theyre using.-Kristina Simonsen, Marketing Manager225% more volume on iOS vs. Android devices20% more efficient CPC on iPhone vs. Android phones50% below target CPCCTRs greater than 1%#thinkppc17

4. Go Cross-Channel (with Social)

#thinkppcReach over 1.5 billion monthly active users across Facebook and TwitterTake advantage of viral social elements such as Likes and RetweetsBe the first to try out new features from Facebook and Twitter by working with a Qualified Advertising Partner

18Social Case Study: Facebook CTA

#thinkppc195. Cross-Pollinate Channel Data

Pull marketingPush marketingLower funnelUpper funnelIntent/direct responseBranding/awarenessSupply scarcitySupply abundancePull marketingFull-funnelIntent-basedVariable supplySearchDisplayRetargeting

#thinkppcSearch Display, and Retargeting all have unique aspects that provide different insights into user behavior and intent, so learning how to leverage these differences can help make a good program great.

How can teams leverage cross pollination?Market perceptionReporting on channel insightsAudience segmentationGauging industry and product knowledgeComprehension and driving adoption

Traditional channels can feed the funnel for retargeting traffic and can give some clues to intent while retargeting can provide intent cues via navigation.

As display ads are shown at a much higher volume, marketers can use display to reach conclusions on what messaging is most compelling much faster.These insights can inform searchs use of unique selling points in ad copy.Demand generation can also grow the pie for branded and non-branded search volume (ex. branded searches capped out? Expand the pie by increasing display campaigns)20

6. Remarketing For Search (RLSA)#thinkppc21

How Most Use RLSA#thinkppc22

#thinkppc23Exclude previous convertersIncrease bids on cart abandonersUse generic keywords for previous visitorsMake dynamic ads to fill in the gaps and always be present for relevant searches from past visitors.

Increase ROI w/ RLSA#thinkppc24If your conversion is only valuable once,exclude all past converters.

7. Past Converters#thinkppc25

Past ConvertersCreate a remarketing list based on the URL served after converting, normally a thank you page.exclude all past converters.


Past Converters#thinkppc27

Case StudyComparing 24 days before/after

Over 9k impressions and nearly 3k clicks in each date range


Case StudySave $$ & increase conversions#thinkppc29

8. Cart AbandonersMake a custom combination list


Cart AbandonersAdd it to your search campaign or ad group


Cart AbandonersChoose a starting bid increase.


Cart AbandonersWhats this?


Cart Abandoners#thinkppc34

Cart Abandoners#thinkppc359. Generic Keywords

#thinkppc36Refine & Qualify Your Audience

Bring Out The Big Guns

Generic Keywords#thinkppc37Example:

Beef up your Q4 by targeting previous site visitors with generic gift keywords.

Generic Keywords#thinkppc38

Generic Keywords#thinkppc39

10. Dynamic RLSA#thinkppc40Dynamic RLSA

Targets people doing Google searches who have already clicked an adLets you use more broad keywordsQualifies your audienceFills gaps in product coverageSearch term reports bring in new keyword research


Dynamic RLSA#thinkppc42Dynamic RLSAHow to Build It

Make a DSA campaignAdd an audienceBid & Target


Case Study#thinkppc44PPC Retainers

Need some assistance for your PPC? We offer on-going and one-time retainers.

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