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  • Facebook Advertising – Boost Posts Boosting is one of several types of placements Facebook advertising offers. The objective of boosting is to get your post in front of more users. The boost does not guarantee increased engagement (clicks, likes, comments, shares) nor does Facebook guarantee your entire budget will be spent. If the post you are trying to boost does not interest users, Facebook will stop distribution on it and your budget will go unused. For this reason, boosting posts that have already proven successful is a best practice in social advertising.

    Before sharing a post you intend to boost, review your graphic and if it contains more than 20% text, be aware that Facebook may not approve it. Up until recently, Facebook took a staunch stand against text-heavy ads to “provide people with an enjoyable experience on Facebook.” Industry outlets have reported Facebook is testing ads with more than 20% text so you may or may not encounter this challenge. After a post is published, if you decide to boost choose the “Boost Post” option.

    You will be taken to a pop-up where you can set the objective and enter the parameters for your boosted post. For this ad type, choose between driving traffic to a website or increasing engagement (which is what we have chosen):

  • Use the left side to:

    • Set an audience. You can target your existing followers, your existing followers and their friends, targeted users. If you choose targeted users, you can refine your audience by gender, age, location and interests. Targeting using either of the existing followers options may yield the best results, as these individuals already have an affinity for your brand.

    • Set a budget and duration. You can select from the pre-designated amounts in the drop-down or click inside the budget box to enter your own. Facebook ad buys can be very economical – a budget of a few dollars can help increase reach. You’ll also be able to choose how long you want the ad to run. If you choose to run it for more than one day, your total budget will be divided equally between each day.

    • Choose a payment method. If you do not already have an ad account with Facebook, you will be prompted to set one up with a credit card. If you choose to run your ad for more than one day, Facebook may break up your payment into several charges.

    Click “Boost” to submit your ad to Facebook for review. Allow for up to two business days for approval (however most ads are approved within hours of submission.)

    Should you choose to add more budget to your boost, simply click on the “Boosted for __” button below the post once it’s approved:

    Viewing Results

    After the boost has run its course, you can view the results by clicking the “View Results” button below the post or on the Insights tab for your Page.

    Within results, you will be able to see how many people saw your ad without the boost (organic) as well as how many saw it as a result of the boost (paid.) You will also find additional details such as how many people engaged with the post and using what types of engagement. These are recommended guidelines for boosting a post. For additional information regarding Facebook Advertising including other ad objectives, instructions and resources, visit: https://www.facebook.com/business/products/ads


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