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Presentation on leading practices for optimizing Facebook newsfeed posts.


  • 1.Optimizing NewsfeedPosts for Brand PagesConfidential to IT Agility LLC

2. 90%+ of Facebook fans do not revisit fan pages whichmakes fan page posts critical to driving impressions. 1. The average Facebook person likes amultitude of pages and interests. 2. Over 90% of fans do not revisit the fan page. 3. Most fan page posts are consumed via thebroadcast out to fan newsfeeds. 4. 99% of comments and likes come from faninteraction via their newsfeed. 5. Newsfeed impressions measure how many fanssee your fan page posts. 6. Many fans like the Facebook ad withoutvisiting the brand page.It is critical for brands to make high quality fan page postsand optimize impressions via newsfeeds.Source: IT Agility experience across our 11 managed pages with over 2.5 Million fans and Buddy Media Study 1 3. Companies should adopt several leading practices fortheir Facebook brand pages. 1. Understand the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm andhow to maximize impressions. 2. Make high quality fan page posts. Write compelling and optimal fan page postsusing photo or video types of posts. Be responsive to fan posts/comments. Monitor and understand Fan Page engagementrates. (time to post, post characteristics, etc.) 3. Optimize your page configuration relevant to yourindustry and situation. Select the best page category relevant to yourbrand page. Make page settings relevant to your brand. Make a compelling landing page as a custom tabfor Facebook ads to maximize fan conversionrates.2 4. Understanding the Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm iscritical for brands to maximize newsfeed impressions. Facebooks EdgeRank AlgorithmThe EdgeRank Algorithm has 3 components: 1. u - Edge rank is an affinity score between the viewing user and the items creator (if a personengages with your brands newsfeed posts then you will have a higher edge score with thisperson and your brand page) 2. w - Theres a weight given to each type of Edge (a comment has more importance than a Like).Each brand page posts earns an edge score based on how engaging each post is. When auser likes, comments, shares, or interacts with a post the W score is improved. 3. d -Time is a factor.the older an Edge is, the less important it becomes. Most posts have a 2-3hour life on Facebook before the time decay factor renders the post obsolete.Multiply these factors for each Edge then add the Edge scores up and you have an Objects EdgeRank. The higher the edge rank is, the more likely your Object is to appear in the users feed.The act of creating an Object is also considered an Edge, which is what allows objects to show up in your friends feeds before anyone has interacted with them.3 5. Our content tab provides a proprietary social rank scoreidentifying the most engaging content for each subject area.Wisdom ofcrowds identifiesthe best contentfor each subjectarea.4 6. The social rank score identifies which content is gettingthe most engagement across social media platforms. SocialRank ScoreSocialRank considers contentengagement across majorsocial media platforms.5 7. Engaging content generates buzz and improves brandimpressions across destinations.Trending Increase likes, Increase Attract more Increase openContentcomments, andretweets members to rates shares per post Gain moreyour group Improve click Improve fanfollowers Improvethru rates affinity with your Increase engagement per Grow viral brandengagement post sharing of Gain morewith followers Increase content newsletter impressions shares attachedacross Increase fanto your brandcolleagues, conversion rates family, andfriends Brand Mobile Devices6 8. Posting engaging content generates social clicks andattracts viral fans by reaching friends of fans. 5Six of his top friends also comment or like the 4article creating a new wave of viral sharing to 20% of Joes close their friends. friends (28 people) discover the article via 1 his newsfeed post. Joe user clicks on a photopost and link to an articleshared via a brand page post.2 Joe user likes thebrand post sharingthe article.3 The post that Joe likes the article broadcasts to the News Feeds of his 139 friends*.*139 is the average size of Facebook users networks (Source: Facebooks S-1) 7 9. The trending view of content helps page managersidentify the most engaging content for brand page posts. Engaging Content Increases Brand impressions2) CelebBistroposts thetrending item toour wall 1) Article hits trending content view with a 112 social rank3) As expected, post receives highlevels of fan engagement: 3,585likes, 472 shares, 206 commentsFacebooks EdgeRank Algorithm4) High engagementoptimizes postimpressions andreach via103,472 people reachedFacebooksEdgeRank Algorithm8 10. Picking engaging content is a key factor for drivingimpressions via Facebooks EdgeRank algorithm. Facebook EdgeRank Brand Page Optimization1. Fan that engage with your content creates a higher affinity score between fans and your brand page (u score)2. High volume of likes, shares, and comments drives a higher EdgeRank as engaging posts are shown to more newsfeeds (w score)3. Time - the older an Edge is, the less Facebook shows the post (d score). An average brand page newsfeed post stops gaining impressions within ~3 hours.Facebooks EdgeRank Algorithm9 11. Successful Posting 1011) Always include a visual element (picture or video). If you want to share a link, do a photo post and include the link in the comment text.2) Dont be afraid to cue fans into action, use words such as: watch, check out, look at, like, etc.3) Keep posts short and sweet, stick to 3 sentences or less.4) Tack on a question at the end of a post to encourage a response. Remember that comments increase the W score in EdgeRank.5) Keep an eye on your Facebook wall and insights. Learn when your audience is the most active and post during times of high activity.6) Respond quickly to fan questions and comments. If its a large issue, give the person relevant company contact info and help move the conversation off of the wall. 10 12. A photo post is the top performing type of post and should always be utilized versus sharing a link. Link included in text.1) Start with a photo post.2) Upload the full size photo image.3) You can always share an article link in the text with the photo post.Large and engagingphotos. 11 13. Avoid Link Type posts! When you share a link,Facebook auto sizes a small photo image which ismuch less engaging in fan newsfeeds.The link type postimage is way lessattention-grabbingversus a photopostNo link posts!Note: A link post is createdwhen you paste a link intothe Status posting windowon your wall. Link posts achieve way less fan interaction than normal. Facebook EdgeRank deems this post as less engaging and the post is given way less space in a fans newsfeed.12 14. Utilizing Facebook insights will show you thatphoto posts outperform other types of posts.Facebook Insights for CelebBistro Fan Page:Click the Virality column to sort on the most engaging posts.Filter by Type of Post to easily discover which post types perform the best.13 15. Uploading 3-5 photos to your page photo albumgenerates an engaging post to fan Newsfeeds.Photo Album Upload featuring AdeleVisit Page Insights often to identify which postsgenerated the most engagement, then post moreof this type of content. 14 16. Facebook has optimal times to post fan page content. Facebook engagement has three engagement peaks: early morning (7 a.m. EST),after work (5 p.m. EST) and late at night (11 p.m. EST). Non-work hours have the highest engagement rate peaks Thursday, Friday and Sunday posts have the highest engagement rates Each brand needs to consider the behavior and peak engagement rates for theiraudienceSource: Buddy Media Study15 17. Take advantage of Facebooks built in post scheduling and post targeting features.Schedulea post. Target a post based on fan demographics16 18. Promoting a post works well for some types of postthat you want most of your fan base to see.Promoted Posts Work for: Product announcementsPromoted posts typically deliver lower Promoting contests, giveaways, fan conversion rates than landing tabsweepstakes, etc.. You will be charged for promoted posts ads. So, avoid promoted posts if yourjust like running a Facebook adgoal is to grow new fans. 17 19. Post characteristics drive engagement rates. Using action words increases fan interactions wit h your posts Like us if you works Asking for comments works Posts with 80 characters or less gain 27% more engagement than posts that were more than 80 characters. Only 19% of posts in the study were shorter than 80 characters Posts with a full-length URL had three times the engagement of their shortened bit.ly, ow.ly and tinyurl counterparts (the likely reason is readers want to know the link destination) Source: Buddy Media Study 18 20. Optimal frequency of posts varies by type ofbusiness fan page. Optimal Post Frequency is relative to the type of brand page site 1 2 posts per day for a typical company brand page 3 4 posts if you have interesting and compelling content 6 12 posts per day for global media sites Post at least 2 hours apart Dont repost the same content Write an optimal status update with the content > 4 lines will yield more link to see full post Photo and video posts increase engagement quality and ultimate Facebook impressions Ending with a question increases comments19 21. Preparing a content calendar helps ensure that allinvolved are on the same page (Travel IndustryExamples). A weekly or monthly content calendar keeps posting topicsorganized and helps combat monotony. Be sure to switch up the calendar, exchange Mondaycontent with Thursday content to keep posts fresh. Example Content Calendar for Mondays: 9 AM: Quick Getaways- Guide fans to deals on excursionswithin the US, focus on region (West Coast, Midwest, etc.) 1 PM: Travel-Ticker Favorites- Destinations, Activities, TravelAccessories, Restaurants, Clubs, Cultural Experiences, etc. 5 PM: Fa