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DESCRIPTION Facebook allows us to schedule posts on our Facebook business pages. This means we can reach our audience when they are most likely to see what we are sharing. However Facebook scheduling is clunky. Here's how to schedule via Facebook itself and via a cool app PostPlanner.


How To Schedule Posts 15 Minutes To Schedule posts from a Page Finding posts you have scheduled Scheduling via PostPlanner The advantages of scheduling with PostPlanner How To Schedule Facebook Posts From A Page How To Find Posts You Have Scheduled Pros and Cons of Facebook Scheduling Pros Easy to do when you visit your page Allows you post when your Likers are online Cons You cant edit a post whilst it is in the schedule queue Its very clunky and time consuming Using PostPlanner To Schedule Pros & Cons of Using PostPlanner to Schedule Pros Quicker and easier scheduling Editing of posts possible as well as rescheduling Can schedule to multiple pages from one place Cons You have to install the app You have to visit the app page to schedule Try PostPlanner (affiliate link) Find Out More About Facebook For Business Advanced