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  • HIDING POSTSThink before hiding.

  • Hiding a Post on Your Timeline

    Hiding one of your own posts is very easy. Hoover over the right-hand corner of the post; a

    downward pointing arrow will appear.

    Choose the Hide from Timeline option. Why hide? You may have a post that is out of date, that you

    may want to re-use or repurpose in some way.

    Maybe an offer expired, but you want to keep the information contained within the offer for future use. Just hide it from your Timeline and use it as reference later.

    Because deleting is permanent!

  • Hiding a Post byOthers on Your Page

    To remove or hide a post by others, go to the Visitors Posts module on the left-hand side of your Facebook Page and click the arrow pointing to the right. Posts by others to your Page, along with posts you are mentioned in, will open up in a dialog box.

    Click the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the post you want to delete. Choose the Delete from Page or Hide from Page option.

    If you only hide the post, the person (and their friends) will still be able to see the post.

    You cannot delete posts you are mentioned in, but you can hide them from your Page, ban the poster, report the post or turn on/off notifications.

    Please note, you can also ban a user from posting on your page, report a post, embed a post or turn on/off notifications for the post.

  • Think Before You Hide Be considerate when hiding posts by others. Should you respond to the post instead? All of the fans friends can still see the post when you hide it. You are only hiding it from

    your Timeline. It may still appear in News Feeds.

    Maybe a negative post is an opportunity to shine. Instead of deleting the negative comment or complaint, why not try responding and taking control of the post. Be proactive. Be kind, and try to address the issue at hand specifically.

    If the post is vulgar or spammy, feel free to hide it. If you feel the post is better answered through a private message via email, you may

    do so, and also hide it. Be careful not to upset fans when hiding posts. Thoughtfully responding to the post

    should always be considered before deleting it.

  • Banning Fans You have heard of trolls, and they do exist. Sometimes there

    are users who misuse your Page by being hateful, making unnecessarily negative comments, insulting other followers, using degrading profanity or posting spammyadvertisements. It is okay to ban these fans.

    Be thoughtful when banning. Did this fan love you once? Could they love you again?

    There are many ways to ban fans. Please visit the following link to learn more:https://www.facebook.com/help/185897171460026.

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