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ELISABETHMnica Garcia, Nria Garcia, Laia Torquet Mnica Gimeno & Irene Valverde

INDEXDirector: -Shekhan KapurActors: -Cate Blanchett-Geoffrey Pusch-Christopher Eccleston-Joseph Fiennes-Richard Altenborough-Vincent Cassel-Kathy BurleeConclusionDIRECTOR: SHEKHAR KAPUR

Shekhar Kapur was born on December 6, 1945 in India. He studied at the Doon School. When he was 22 became an accountant to meet his father. He moved to Britain and spent several years working as an administrative consultantSHEKHAR KAPURHe has eight Movies, two of which refer to the reign of Elizabeth I. One in 1998 and another in 2007, is also planned to make a third film.

ACTORSCATHERINE BLANCHETTCate Blanchetts role in the movie is Elisabeth I of England.14th of May in 1969 in Australia.American father and an Australian mother.She has an older brother and an younger sister.Her father died because of a heart attack.

CATES AWARDSA star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Two Screen Actors Guild Awards.TwoGolden Globe Awards.Two BAFTAs.An Academy Award.

GEOFFREY PUSCHAustralian actor born in Queensland,July 6,1951.His role in the film Elisabeth is Francis Walsingham.

AWARDS OF GEOFFREYAn OscarTwo Golden GlobesThree BAFTAsFour SAG

CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTONChristopher Eccleston was born in Salford, England in 16 February 1964. His name in the movie Elisabeth is Duke of Norfolk.He participates in a lot of movies suchs as:Sender Horowitz El precio de la libertad(1998)Wolf in The Invisible Circus (2001)Charles Stewart in Los otros (2001).

JOSEPH FIENNESJoseph Fiennes, is a singer and a British actor of cinema, television and theatre. He was born the 27th may of 1970 in Salisbury, at now he has 43 years old.

He is known to be son of the novelist Jennifer Lash and the photographer Mark Fiennes and to work to the Royal Shakespeare Companion and to interpret to William Shakespeare in the film Shakespeare in Love.At now he is married with a Swiss model, Maria Dolores Diguez, with who keeps a relation since the 2005. They knew and married in Italy.

RICHARD ALTENBOROUGHRichard Attenborough was born in Cambridge, England in 29 August 1923. His name in Elisabeth is Sir William Cecil.

Richard Attenborough film career began with Sangre,sudor y lgrimas(1942) his character was Young Stoker.

AWARDS :For Best Actor category.In the category of Best Supporting Actor In an acting category.For Directing for his historical epic and more.VINCENT CASSEL Vincent Cassel (born in Paris, France, November 23, 1966) is a French film actor.He studied at Centre Internacional of ValbonneHe makes of Henry, Duke of Anjou.

KATHY BURKEShe was born at Hospital in London and raised in Ireland. Having two older brothers, John and Barry. Bridget, her mother died when she was two years and raised their neighbors. He later returned to live with his father, who was an alcoholic until he died of cancer. Kathy went to a school of nuns and then studied theater.KATHY BURKE:Elizabeth was not the first movie that Kathy did. In the film she plays Mary's sister Elizabeth. Killed anyone who was Protestant.

CONCLUSIONIn this project we learned a lot of things about the reigned of Queen Elisabeth I of England. And It was easy to understand the history because before doing the project we saw the movie in class. We liked this!THE END