the darfur genocide by: owen young, chase gardner, mike hall

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THE DARFUR GENOCIDE By: Owen Young, Chase Gardner, Mike Hall

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  • THE DARFUR GENOCIDE By: Owen Young, Chase Gardner, Mike Hall
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  • Where is Darfur? Located in Africa Sudan, Darfur
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  • Conflict In Darfur Guerilla conflict/Civil War. Centered on the Darfur region of Sudan. Began in February 2003. Two very similar indigenous groups that have coincided in life for many years have started a conflict causing many crimes against humanity The most common language in Darfur is Arabic. Darfur is one of the most diverse ethnic places in the world
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  • Who was involved?
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  • Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) Formed in 2000 Against the Sudanese Government Rebel Group Led by Khalil Ibrahim Allies with the Sudan Liberation Movement Member of the Eastern Front Eastern front is a collation of rebel groups operating in Sudan On December 25 th, 2011 The leader Khalil Ibrahim was killed by the Sudanese Peoples Armed Forces.
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  • Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) Formed in 2002 Sudanese Rebel Group Allies with the Justice And Equality Movement Groups within the SLM Led by Minni Minnawi, Other groups led by Abdul Wahid al Nur
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  • Alliance Of Revolutionary Forces Formed January 20 th, 2006 Justice and Equality Movement Sudan Liberation Movement Merged to form a single rebel alliance Khalil Ibrahim Quoted We have set up this union in the interest of the people of Darfur.
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  • Janjaweed Formed in 1987 Arabic words for man, gun, and horse Armed militia The Janjaweed would get help from Sudan's government and military. In conflict with Darfur rebel groups Arab herders
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  • Why Did This Genocide Start? SLM and JEM accused the Sudanese Government of oppressing non Arab Sudanese in favor of Sudanese Arabs. The Government is mostly Arab Government was said to be doing an Arab apartheid (segregation or discrimination against other races) The Arabs monopolized power and excluded blacks The civil war started because of various small attacks on government controlled areas by rebels. The government is accused of trying to carry out the ethnic cleansing of non Arabs in Darfur. The Africans are farmers and the Arabs are herders
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  • Omar al-Bashir President of Sudan, since 1989 In July of 2008 he was prosecuted in the international criminal court for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. Charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity but not on genocide. Re-trial in July 2010 and the court found sufficient evidence for the charges of genocide. In August 2010, he was arrested
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  • Atrocities Families are driven from their home Women are being raped Civilians are being targeted Over 400,000 have died in Darfur Around 2 million people were forced to relocate and they faced starvation and disease Executions Due to economic, political, religious and ethnic reasons civilians are being are being discriminated against 90% of the governments weapons come from China
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  • Why Is Darfur A Genocide? Young African males would be murdered African women would be raped by the Arabs because the childs race was determined by the fathers race Arab villages are being spared while neighboring refugee villages are being attacked The Sudanese government claims that it is not a genocide, they are simply defending themselves.
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  • United Nations After Nazi Germany the world said Never Again The crimes in Darfur still continue to this day The UN joined Darfur in 2004 and they are continuing to help increase Darfurs defenses. Peacekeeping missions Security has tightened and the killings are starting to decrease
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  • Our Opinion To see a genocide in such modern times is horrific We think that the atrocities could come to a stand still if the UN put more troops in Darfur After our Armenia, The holocaust, and Rwanda, we still haven't learned from our various mistakes.