jacquie corona holocaust & human rights genocide in darfur

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Jacquie Corona Holocaust & Human Rights Genocide in Darfur

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The First Genocide of the 21st CenturyThe slaughter of many men and boys, The rape and murder of many women and young girls, the damaging of villages and displaced people. The killing of many innocent civilians began in 2003 & continues to today.

This tragic Genocide is known as the first Genocide of the 21st century.

Known as Devil on horsebackEthnic cleansing of Black Muslims

Janjaweed Responsible for 480,000 deaths, over 2.8 million people being displaced, and too many rapes to count

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Martin Luther King Jr.

West Sudan (Darfur)= Mainly African American Muslims

South Sudan= Black Cristian's

North Sudan= Arab Muslims

Languages- Arabic & Some English

Religion & Ethnicity


Content May Be Disturbing To Some Viewers (Upcoming Content Skulls & Bodies)

Women are separated from children.Children are slaughtered in front of mothersGirls and Women are raped. Remaining civilians are executed/ slaughtered

Men are killed and slaughtered

Boys are tortured, executed, or taken away as future Janjaweed.

Janjaweed steal items

Village is burned down/ destroyed.

The Victims Warning!

Content May Be Disturbing To Some Viewers (Upcoming ContentChild Facial Defection)

Children were tortured & slaughtered in very awful and groosum ways. It was very common for a child to be killed in front of their mother before she was raped No Warning, You're safe!

But the following images are powerful

Infants & toddlers were starved, sliced violently alive, staked from the back, beat with machine guns, or burned alive.

What do you see here?


Content May Be Disturbing To Some Viewers (Upcoming ContentBurned Bodies)

Burning civilians alive was very common with the Janjaweed when invading a Village.

Refugee Camps

Timeline 2004 2005 2006First reports to the U.N. from Sudan, Sudan Gov. & Rebels negotiate Peace, China+ Sudan= Oil production (Khartoum), Rebels want share of land wealth, Khartoum Gov. approves ethnic cleansing. 2003-PresentChina supplies Sudan with weapons to the rebels & frontier, Refugee camps in Chad, People are continuing to, Refugee camps are becoming Packed. Janjaweed try to invade Chad border and closer areas, Now its a Chad conflict, Save Darfur Organization, Save Darfur Marches. Remember Silence helps the killer.GOS & SPLM/A sign comprehensive Peace agreement, end second Sudanese civil war. Rebels continue. Increase tension along boarder. Timeline (Continued) 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012ICC its first arrest warrents for crimes committed in Darfur, Violence continues. Chad needs food assistance for refugees. Full deployment & authorization of 26,000 troops is slow & attacks continue through region. In July Omar al-Bashir, President of Sudan has 10 count of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. He announce a ceasefire but rebels refuse. Genocide continues. Refugees in chad have now been estimated 270,000, Genocide worsens. Luckily these civilians are not alone but they are not getting as much support or help as they need. Some help and support sources include the Save Darfur organization. The organization was founded in 2006 a year after the genocide had started. People involved with the organization included Actor DonCheadle, Ex president George W. Bush, Actress Angelina Jolie, and President Brock Obama.

Support Or help?

Support Darfur Spread awarenessPrevent genocidehttp://worldwithoutgenocide.org/genocides-and-conflicts/darfur-genocide



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