hunting for the truth modern genocide: darfur in crisis

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Hunting for the truth Modern Genocide: Darfur in Crisis

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  • Hunting for the truthModern Genocide: Darfur in Crisis

  • SudanDarfur is a region of Sudan, on the eastern side of the country.Darfur means Home of the Fur, Muslim farmers who call the region home.It is divided into three smaller regions; Northern, Southern, and Eastern Darfur

  • Sudanese CultureLanguages of SudanOfficial state language is ArabicA number of tribal languages are still spoken.

  • Sudanese CultureFood of SudanKissra, a bread made of dura or corn is the main staple of the nation.Moukhbaza is a dish made of banana and stemmed from Ethiopian influences.Kawal is a form of stew made from certain plant roots.

  • Modern Genocide: SudanConflictThe Janjaweed, militia group recruited from Abbala (camel herding tribes), fighting the Baggera (mostly land tilling tribes).Sudanese government denies supporting the Janajaweed even though they have given them many supplies including weapons.

  • Conflict in SudanOmar El-BashirCurrent President of Sudan

    Key Political LeadersMinni MinnawiLeader of the Sudanese Liberation Army.

  • Key Political Leaders cont.Hassan Al-TurabiSuspected Leader of JEM(Justice and Equality Movement)

  • Headlines from the conflictU.S. Calls Killings In Sudan Genocide-Washington Post, September 10, 2004.Khartoum and Arab Militias Are Responsible, Powell Says-Washington PostGenocide in Darfur sparks outrage, but little action-USA Today

  • First hand experienceBrian Steidle, an amateur photographer and ex-marine went to Darfur with a camera on a private contract for the state department. In an email to his sister, commenting on what people would do if the public saw the pictures, he said:there would be troops in here in a matter of days."

  • UN ResponseResolution 1706 passed.Called for 22,500 UN peacekeeping troops to come into the region and support the already existing 7,000 AU(African Union) unites in place.Sudanese president is still waiting to solve conflict without international troops.

  • Covering GenocideBrian SteidlePhotojournalist

    Paul SalopekReporter