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  • Darfur Action

  • Darfur Action - OverviewShort history of SudanGenocide in DarfurWhat can be done to save Darfur?

  • Facts About SudanLargest country in Africa

  • Sudan/Darfur Map

  • Politics of SudanRacial and religious divideEfforts to establish as Islamic republicPrevious sanctuary for bin Laden

  • North South Civil WarRace and religionLack of southern representationImpact 21 years long, 2 million killed

  • Comprehensive Peace AgreementSigned January 2005Power and revenue sharingDarfur not included in terms of agreement

  • Conflict in DarfurEscalated in February 2003Khartoum government scorched earth policyEstablished militia Janjaweed

  • Reasons for GenocideNot related to religious differencesHerders vs. farmers struggle for landDrive towards Islamic and Arab state?

  • Tolls of Atrocities1600 villages destroyed250,000 to 450,000 killed2.5 million refugees and IDPs

  • Google Earth

  • Darfur ActionLearn more about the Darfur crisisTake weekly actionProvide humanitarian relief

  • Learn About Darfur Crisis


  • Take Weekly Actionwww.SaveDarfur.org

  • Humanitarian Relief

    Dear Sudan 2007: $58.40 a year

  • Darfur ActionLearnActGive

  • Darfur Action