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Darfur, Sudan Michelle Lin July 27, 2010 Professor Schmidt Geography 1

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  • 1. Darfur, Sudan Michelle Lin July 27, 2010 Professor Schmidt Geography 1
  • 2. Environment
    • Located in Sudan, Africa
    • Has plateaus, gozes, wadis, basement rocks, and a mountain range known an Marrah Mountain
    • Tropical climate: hot, moist summers (110 degrees F), and cold winters (40 degree F)
    • Receives more than 40 inches of rain each year
    • Sand storms known as the Haboobs
  • 3. Region
    • Darfur is a region itself in Sudan
    • Split politically into three federal states by the Transnational Darfur Regional Authority
    • Gharb Darfur (west), Junub Darfur (north), and Shamal Darfur (south)
    • Capitals: Al-Junaynah, Al-Fashir, and Nyala, respectively
  • 4. Economy
    • Developing nation
    • Economy based on agriculture and livestock
    • Raise cattle, sheep, and goat; all raised in the north
    • Live their lives as farmers and herders
  • 5. Exports & Imports
    • Exports include cereal, fruits, and tobacco
    • Imports are received from the United Nations which provide food, shelter, and medical aid
    • Imports are received due to the ongoing genocide occurring today
  • 6. Government
    • Since Darfur is a region not a country it does not have its own government
    • It is ran by two groups, the Sudanese government and the Resistance
    • Caused an ongoing civil war
    • Began when the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army and the Justice and Equality Movement began attacking the Sudanese government. Accusing them of favoring Arabs over non-Arabs
  • 7. Darfur Genocide
    • Began in February 2003
    • Janjaweed attack villages, and certain ethnic groups
    • Coutnless casualties, 400 villages destroyed, and 400,000 lives were lost
    • Men are shot, and women and children are ganged raped, and killed
    • Out of 6 million people 4.7 million are affected
    • United States calls it a genocide and the United Nations call is the worse humanitarian crisis
    • Still continues today
  • 8.
  • 9. World Systems
    • Peripheral region
    • Disadvantage with trading amongst other countries because of their lack of technology and corrupt government
    • Not part of any trade agreements since it is region. All trading acts are with Sudan as a country
    • United Nations helps Darfur due to the ongoing genocide.
    • Provide food, shelter, and medical aid
  • 10. People of Darfur
    • Divided into different tribes
    • There are 6 main tribes: Fur, Zaghawa, Masalit, Sharafa, Rizeigat, and Taisha
    • Differences are whether they are Arab or non-Arab
    • All are of African descent, but different tribes may speak different languages
  • 11. Population
    • 6 million people
    • Population shrinking due to ongoing genocide
  • 12. Religion
    • Significant in Darfur
    • Part of their everyday lives and traditions
    • Nearly everyone is Muslim
    • Known to have some of the most devout Muslims
    • 65% of the civilians practice Islam
  • 13. Why I Chose Darfur
    • Joined Save Darfur club in high school
    • Learned about the tragedies of Darfur
    • Raised money to help
    • Save Darfur, STAND, Amnesty, etc.