by: sam chanthavong, thayne henderson, kirk kramer, and christian the darfur genocide

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The Darfur Genocide

By: Sam Chanthavong, Thayne Henderson, Kirk Kramer, and ChristianThe Darfur GenocideWho were the Perpetrators?Sudanese government soldiers and their proxy militia, known as Janjaweed have fought rebel groups in the Western region of Darfur. They gain power because of the Sudanese government How did they gain power because of the government

Whats Reason did the perpetrator give for their action?The Janjaweed are a combination of Chadian and Darfurian Arab partisans, previously tolerated by the Sudan Government and pursued local agendas to control of the land. The majority of Darfur's Arabs, the Baggara confederation, soon began their presence in the war over grazing territory and land use rights.Overall the government give them the rights and the Janjaweed proceeds with it.

When did the Genocide take place and location?It took place in Africa in Sudan in the Darfur in the western region. The ongoing massacre in Darfur, which has been raging since 2003-present.

How was Genocide carried out?The Government made an militia which basically cleanse the village and kill everyone.They would mostly use incinerary grenades, machine guns, and axesMost times they would flush the villagers out by setting fire to the huts, then storm in on horsesThere was no follow up to the killings.They would often make fake refuge camps for the darfurians, but when the darfurians arrived, the janjaweed shot themThey would attach machine gun turrets to pick-up trucks.How does it fit the definition of Genocide?It fits the definition of genocide because the Sudanese government made a militia (cleansing campaign) to destroy the entire race intentionally because of the formation of the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA), which staged a series of attacks against government installations. Systematic automatic crimes. Analysis Janjaweed was portray as evil people who listens to the government and does anything for land use and money. "Those who attribute every single act of violence or criminality to the "Janjaweed" and claim that all these acts are on the instructions of the Sudanese government are either nave or are seeking to deliberately mislead the international community." The Victims were portray was hungry, weak, wrong place at the wrong time."My home village of Korma and the villages surrounding it were burned last year, and 132 people were killed," said Ibrahim, who left Sudan 15 years ago to study economics in India. "All of them were related to me. These are people from my tribe." Media wants to punish them by means of deathTHE HAGUE, Netherlands (CNN) -- The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has filed genocide charges against Sudan's president for a five-year campaign of violence in Darfur

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