elements & principles of design key to fashion design

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  • ELEMENTS & PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN key to fashion design
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  • Balance is how the space of a shape interacts with the overall figure. Can be symmetrical (equally divided) or asymmetrical (divided unequally)
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  • Proportion is the relationship of the size of different parts of a garment and the relationship of the total volume of the garment to the person wearing it. Colour of a garment enhances or reduces the illusion proportion creates. An effective garment must balance the persons figure http://thebluekimono.blogspot.c a/2009/03/elements-of-design- proportion-and.html
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  • 2:31:2 http://thebluekimono.blogspot.ca/2009/03/elements-of-design-proportion-and.html
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  • The Golden Ratio The golden ratio occurs in nature, and is a mathematical formula used by artists, designers, architects, and even musicians in creating beauty. for artistic uses its often simplified to this: 1:1.5, or a 2:3 ratio. naturally appeals to the human eye, and that people throughout time and space are drawn to it whether they know it as mathematical formula or not. http://thebluekimono.blogspot.ca/2009/03/elements-of-design-proportion-and.html
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  • The Golden Ratio contd Leonardo da Vinci was intrigued by the golden ratio and depicted it in his famous Vitruvius Man.Vitruvius Man http://thebluekimono.blogspot.ca/2009/03/elements-of-design- proportion-and.html
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  • Proportion & Balance work together Trouser works well because the proportion is just right! The pleated, flowy pants are balanced by broad-shouldered tops and wide belts. http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i94/gwendog/fashion/32517Missoni.jpg
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  • Emphasis is the focal point or center of interest of a garment. It can be accomplished with line, design details, colour, texture, trims or accessories. http://www.fashiondesignscope.com/?p=3302
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  • Rhythm is the flow of the lines, shape, space and texture of a garment is a sense of movement and is necessary to create interest Done by the repetition of lines, shapes and colour to create direction
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  • Harmony or Unity is the pleasing arrangement of all the parts of a garment. Colours, lines, shapes, and textures look like they belong together. Image Courtesy: tradenote.net, allwomenstalk.com, thestylesample.com, patternpulp.c sareensaree.com, bridgat.com, pursepage.com


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