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<p>Elements of fashion</p> <p>fashion is the way we live our lives</p> <p>Where fashion comes from?Our Surroundings Our lifestyles: Technology: technology changes machine and machines change look in fashion , e.g. laser printing, cutting Litrature and history : sari in Vedic time Media: TVs, films, advertisements Art, architectures, palaces, paintings, caves etc</p> <p>Our lifestyles</p> <p>Technology: laser cut &amp; print</p> <p>Litrature and history : saree in vedic time</p> <p>Media: Tv, films, advertisements</p> <p>Art, architectures, palaces, paintings, caves</p> <p>Misconceptions about any fashion Fashion is everything western Designers / retailers impose fashion on consumers Fashion only influences women, where as it does kids/men/animals and our lifestyles Fashion is mysterious and unpredictable, where as its direction comes from our surroundings, lifestyles etc Fashion is only about clothes nothing else though its about the way we live : clothes,food,houses,vehicals,roads,colonies</p> <p>Factors which Influences fashion Religious background: e.g. a married Hindu girl with saree Thoughts and beliefs, rituals, place we live in Our heritage, history, literature (Ramanaya, Mahabharata) Art, paintings, dances, architecture Technology (machine effects rather hand woven like Khadi)</p> <p>History of fashion As old as Vedic period Egyptian: mummy returns Alaxander, julious ceaser Rennaissance,elizabeth English ruling our country Industrial revolution We living in modern era Post modern era -3D tv by philips And this new technology comes in time with Hollywood studios making a big leap into the 3D film industry by coming up with more and more 3D movies</p> <p>Examples of Indian artistic textilesBanarasi Brocades: Densely patterned silk saris, with more zari than silk visible in the fabric surface. They exhibit strong Mughal design influences, with intricate floral and foliate motifs.</p> <p>Dhoti for both men,women(skirt type outfit for women), saree, pallu, choli were made up of crafted textiles</p> <p>At the time Of Mahabharat</p> <p>How fashion is decided: trend watchingWhole social changes are under observation:Eating habits Computers and technology Bikes/cars/sports activities e.g. cricket Movies, TV ,cartoons, video games Political parties and social changes in terms of belief and habits. Technological advancements Economical growth of a country /per capita income What phase is the country when compared to cost, opportunity, growth, kind of investors available Way of lifestyle: working women , fast life, less time Tourism takes in fashion and life style from various countries to India Mental thoughts and beliefs: modern ,moderate and orthodox </p> <p>Elements of trends Season/ wheather : spring-summer-autumnwinter Colors Shapes Kind of surface Kind of material: wood/plastic/metal/organic cotton /polyester/wool/artificial wool Kind of embellishments/embroidery others</p> <p>SEASON</p> <p>COLORS</p> <p>SHAPES</p> <p>Kind of surface</p> <p>Kind of material</p> <p>Kind of embellishments/embroidery</p> <p>Laser cut fabrics</p> <p>Categories of fashion Clothes: indian, western, japanese, latin american, african Accessories: foot wear, watches, handbags, belt, scarves Jewellery: precious, artificial, craft based Home fashion: designer houses curtains, cushions, tapestries, bed sets, carpets, blinds:</p> <p>Category of clothes office wear,evening/ club wear, casual wear sports wear Lingerie/ intimate wear Weddings Uniforms; restaurant,scout-guide,police Work wear: mines,ships,mechanics</p> <p>office wear</p> <p>club wear</p> <p>Casual /day wear</p> <p>sports wear</p> <p>Lingerie/ intimate wear</p> <p>Swim wear</p> <p>Weddings</p> <p>uniforms</p> <p>Work wear</p> <p>Animal fashion</p> <p>Fabrics for clothesSpring/summer Light weight cottons Chiffons Glass nylon Net fabric Lace fabric Cotton voil Autumn/winter Velvets Thick cottons</p> <p>Materials for accessories Fabrics: stole,flower,belt,bag,durries,rags Glass,metals,crystals,wood,plastics,leather: jewellery,shoes,bags Synthetic fibers: carpets,bags,stoles</p> <p>Materials for accessories</p> <p>Materials for accessories</p> <p>Paper jewellery</p> <p>Categories of home Colonial 1770 s Regency1800 England Victorian1880 s art and craft(traditional), modern</p> <p>Colonial 1770 s</p> <p>Regency1800 England</p> <p>Victorian1880 s</p> <p>art and craft(traditional),</p> <p>modern</p> <p>Kids home furnishings</p> <p>Kids home furnishings</p> <p>designer home decoration accessories</p> <p>Home items: towels of various sizes</p> <p>Designer curtainMade with plastic sequins</p> <p>Pearl curtain</p> <p>Interior pc made with painted bamboo pcs</p> <p>Paper sculptured light source: lamp</p> <p>Crystal curtains</p> <p>Fabrics for HomesSummer Cotons Chiffons Nylons Voil Organza Terry towel Winter Benarsi brocades Vevets Rexine, Pvc :poly vinyl chloride Knitted felt</p> <p>Some Indian fabrics used for dressing and home furnishings</p> <p>The embroideries of the Kutch region Rabari : A tribal embroidery from Gujrat</p> <p>Phulkaris from Punjab</p> <p>Kantha( quilting) work Bengal</p> <p>Block printed textile from Rajasthan</p> <p>Ikat textiles prepared by weaving dyed yarns</p> <p>Bandhej from Gujrat</p> <p>How fashion is made Initial research about habits, prices, popular shapes designs Color , Season Market, price Technology to be opted Designing and selection Manufacture Sales ,retails</p> <p>Some product development examples</p> <p>Rabari embroidery inspired shoes</p> <p>Rabari s inspired choli to gowith jeans</p> <p>British designer Alexander Macqueen inspired by Indian mirror work</p> <p>Indian motifs and color combination for western silhouette</p> <p>Indian motif inspired Grahpics</p> <p>Rajasthan Gota work</p> <p>Fabrics from Utter Pradesh</p> <p>Special fabrics :Technical fabrics Used for special purpose like traffic police in night: Photonic textiles Water proof and ultra breathable</p> <p>Window display: way to sell your designs: visual merchandising</p> <p>Window for home items</p> <p>Retail store dispaly</p> <p>Kids shop window display</p> <p>Original sketch for the dispaly</p> <p>3d models for the dispaly</p> <p>Rendering and lighting concept</p> <p>Building prototypes</p> <p>Manufacturing coat stands</p> <p>Final window display</p> <p>Usefull fashion websites www.Fashion.net www.victoriassecret.com www.</p> <p>Few useful definitions Haute-couture: French term for hi-fashion :it could be any silhouette refers to the latest and most advanced fashion by using exceptionally fine sewing and tailoring and expensive fabrics. haute-couture items could be dress,skirt,3pc set, accessory, sweaters etc. its all usually created by well known designers</p> <p>Haute-couture: hi-fashion :</p> <p>Haute-couture</p> <p>Prt a Porte: French term for ready to wear : ready to be carried away from the shops: its less expensive fashion dresses/clothes and accessories ,sweaters where there is no need to get stitched. prt lines have various price range</p> <p>Prt a Porte</p> <p>Line: collection Usually used by couture hi priced clothing : collection by couture/ready to wear/or manufacturers clothing and accessories for specific season. eg winter/summer line; women, kid s, men's lines</p> <p>Atelier de couture: atelier Work rooms where designers and their staff produce various collections. This room has computer table, sketches, pencil, colors, body forms sewing instruments, cutting table and tools, sewing machine, ironing machine, embroidery machines etc in the same large size room Some times also called as Salon de couture</p> <p>Atelier de couture: tools</p> <p>Atelier de couture</p> <p>Atelier de couture</p> <p>Atelier de couture</p> <p>Camouflage prints: inspired from army uniforms</p> <p>Polka dots</p> <p>Liberty prints: liberty is name of a company in Britain: around1cm print designers scattered allover fabric</p> <p>Victorian flower prints: with lots ofintricate details in flowers where flowers and leaves etc look very realistic</p> <p>Tartans: plaids Common term for pattern woven of various color yarns in stripes of different width running at right angles to form blocks</p> <p>Tartans: plaids</p> <p>Tartans: plaids</p> <p>Tartans: plaids: origin from Scotland</p> <p>Checks and stripes</p> <p>Hounds tooth: variation of satin weave: like tooth of Hounds dog</p> <p>Graphic prints: shapes which are not seen before,unrealistic,unknown</p> <p>Graphic prints</p> <p>Graphic prints</p> <p>Some name of silhouettes</p> <p>A line skirt</p> <p>Peg skirt and trouser: apparel with fullness athip and tapers at hem</p> <p>Creative peg skirt</p> <p>Pencil skirt</p> <p>Flared skirt</p> <p>Handkerchief skirt</p> <p>Sheath dress: fitted dress</p> <p>Shift dress: loose from armhole</p> <p>corset</p> <p>Tank top/camisole</p> <p>Spaghetti top</p> <p>corset</p> <p>pantyhose</p> <p>Breeches: garment which extends from the waist to justbelow knee where it fastens with buckle or buttons</p> <p>Jodhpurs: riding pants with drop front or zipper closing that flares at thigh and have narrow straight cut legs below knee with cuffs at ankles quite similar to men breeches</p> <p>Jodhpurs:</p> <p>leotard Originally a two pc knit, body hugging garment Now a one pc knitted garment with high or low neck , long or short sleeves and ending in brief panties that is worn alone or ankle length tights as practice garment Its adopted by dancers acrobats and for exercises There is difference in elasticity content in swim wear and leotard</p> <p>Camisole leotards</p> <p>Lycra scoop neck leotards</p> <p>bolero</p> <p>farthingale</p> <p>peplum</p> <p>sleeves</p> <p>Possible Variations in sleeves</p> <p>Leg of mutton variations</p> <p>Pagoda sleeves</p> <p>collars</p> <p>Collars :are separate peace attached to the garment:Bertha: A cape-like collar, usually made of lace.</p> <p>Convertible: A rolled collar that can be worn open or closed. Sewn directly to the neckline.</p> <p>Portrait: A shawl collar that wraps the shoulders.</p> <p>Queen Anne: A collar that rises high at the back of the neckline, cupping the sides of the neck then sculpting low across the chest to outline a bare yoke.</p> <p>Sailor collar : came from naval uniforms</p> <p>Sailor collar</p> <p>Plunge neckline</p> <p>Cowl neckline</p> <p>Shawl collar</p> <p>Notch collar with lapel</p> <p>Mandarin collar</p> <p>Parka: loose fitting jacket made with an attachedhood that is some times trimmed with an attached fur</p> <p>Capes: longer capes</p> <p>Capes: wide, circular,usually opening in center front,cut in full circle,in segment of circle or straight</p> <p>poncho Fashion item shaped like square and hole in the center for the head frequently fringed at the edge</p> <p>Ponchos:</p> <p>Woolen poncho</p> <p>Trims: details,findings(zip,button,threads) to decorate plains garments Gathers,frills,rouching Pin tucks, pleates Neckline, collar, pockets Beadings Applique,quilting Braid,embroidery Belt,thread,decorative labels</p> <p>trimmings</p> <p>Home furnishings trimmings</p> <p>Concealed pocket</p> <p>Patch pocket</p> <p>Some pocket variations</p> <p>Cargo pocket</p> <p>Hook and loop secure cargo pocket</p> <p>Welt pocket</p> <p>Safari pocket</p> <p>Envelope pocket</p> <p>Kangaroo pocket</p> <p>Slit pocket</p>