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The Elements of Design In Fashion. The 7 Elements of Design. Shape Line Color Focal Point Proportion Balance Texture. Shape refers to the 4 Clothing Silhouettes. Hourglass Fitted bust & waist give a contour look Favored by women with hourglass figures. Rectangle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The Elements of DesignIn Fashion

  • The 7 Elements of DesignShapeLineColorFocal PointProportionBalanceTexture

  • Shape refers to the 4 ClothingSilhouettesHourglassFitted bust & waist give a contour lookFavored by women with hourglass figures.

  • RectangleThe shape isnt form-fitting through the waist and bust.It hides rather than reveals body shape

  • TriangleThe dress creates a triangle shapeA high fashion look

  • Inverted TriangleThe broad shoulders widen the topThe tight skirt narrows the bottom

  • LineHorizontalDraws the eye across the width of the figureMakes the body look wider and shorter

  • Vertical LineLeads the eye up and downMakes a person look taller and thinner

  • Diagonal LineDiagonal lines are dynamicThey lengthen or shorten, depending on their direction

  • Curved LineAdds fullness to the figure because it emphasizes roundnessThe curved collar widens the shoulder

  • ColorColor has the power to change your shape.You can use color to your advantage in your clothing.

  • If you are tall and want to minimize your height, wear a two color outfit.

  • Contrasting colors call attention to an area.

  • The mono-chromatic look avoids color lines and contrasting color. The effect is to emphasize height.

  • Focal Point A focal point is a place to which the eye is drawn first; it is a point of emphasis.

  • ProportionDeals with how the parts of your outfit relate to each other.Avoid outfits that cut you in half.

  • BalanceFormal or Symmetrical Balance both sides are the sameInformal or Asymmetrical balance both sides are different, yet balanced

  • TextureHeavily textured fabrics enlarge the figure.

    Smooth, lightweight fabrics will minimize your weight.

  • When you understand the basics of design, you can emphasize your best features and even have fun building a wardrobe that is best for your shape.


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