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Fashion Uptodate: International Fashion School in Milan, Italy, school and courses in styling, make up, hair styling, photography, image consulting and trends research.



  • The Uptodate project was established in the center of Milan in 2001.

    Its aim is to offer formative and introductory services of a high techni-cal and creative level, aimed at the emergent professions in Fashion, Design and Beauty.It is the first International Fashion, Design and Beauty Academy to offer highly specialized courses for the creative professions comple-mentary to the Fashion System.Uptodate is a highly qualified Academy, based upon an exclusive new concept including creativity, professionalism and trend research.


  • Uptodate Fashion Academy besides being the first international Academy to offer qualified, innovating and formative paths of undis-puted value, it is a place where Fashion, Design & Beauty find their perfect fusion, guaranteeing qualification and updating on trends and aiming at the complete customer satisfaction. Uptodate is a veritable case of Italian excellence.

    The formative supply, characterized by an ongoing updating and in-novative disciplines* includes:

    Fashion Make UpFashion Hair StylingBeauty ConsultantBeauty StylingFashion Image Consulting & Personal ShopperFashion World Styling(Styling, Trend & Cool Hunter, Portfolio, Photography, Introduction To Fashion Collection, Visual Merchandising, Image Consulting, Fashion PR & Marketing, Fashion Show Production)

    Fashion Design The Maison

    * courses are taught in Italian and provided with simultaneous English translation.

    Mission Uptodate aims at the education of a student or business operator, optimizing the value and time of learning.

    Primary Aim: Job PlacementThe Uptodate teachers: stylists, make up artists, hair stylists, photog-raphers, image consultants, personal shoppers and other profession-als talented and experienced experts are happy to offer the most innovative teachings and advice for your own success in the world of Fashion and Beauty.Because fashion needs well trained collaborators to create its opera-tive teams.

    VisionYour own creativity, your passion, your interest in Fashion, Design and Beauty professions deserve support, regard, orientation, develop-ment.

    ValuesFashion, Design & Beauty are the domains that require sophisticated technical and creative skills, but also extreme sensitivity on a human and relational level.For this reason Uptodate intends to highlight the qualities and talents of the students providing them with a high level in professional qualifi-cation, but also with an authentic formative sensitivity as for the ambi-tions and creative projects.

    TargetUptodate is aimed at a trendy and dynamic audience in love with fashion, luxury and its exellencies. Young and less young, men and women, clearly differentiating ac-cording to the teaching typologies they choose to attend. Because in Uptodate we believe that fashion is ageless.

    18 23 Years OldYoung girls/boys who decide to undertake a study path connected to creativity, fashion and graphic illustration - those who choose to build up their profession looking at the future.

    19 29 Years Old Young girls/boys who seek to enter the fashion world provided with technical skills and creativity pursuing professions more strongly con-nected to the Beauty world.

    23 40 Years Old Women and men who love changes and evolution. They attend the Trend course and choose to get close to the independent professions connected to Fashion Styling or Image Consulting.

    25 45 Years Old Those who love luxury and its exellencies and decide to turn their pas-sion into work following the paths linked to the Personal Shopper or Business Etiquette Consultant professional figures.



  • CEO President Tarek Ismail

    Director & Co-FounderSabrina Tolomeo

    Educational ManagerMassimo

    Fashion EditorLuca

    International RelationsMichele







  • Strenght 1Programs consistent with the trends and evolutions of the current market.

    Strenght 2The best professionals from the Fashion and Beauty System, the most sought af-ter stylists, make up artists, photographers and designers.

    Strenght 3Information about the biggest fashion events of the year and the chance to at-tend backstages and shootings as stu-dents of the Academy.

    Strenght 4An innovative and successful didactic method guaranteeing all students a high level of education.

    Strenght 5A stunning location in the heart of Milan, close to the major fashion streets and the citys artistic and cultural center.

    STRENGHTSStrenght 6The didactic materials given to the stu-dents and the presentations are always provided both in Italian and English.

    Strenght 7Our Orientation and Accomodation serv-ice, following the needs of each nationality and thus guaranteeing the highest level of satisfaction for all students.

    Strenght 8Final shootings, planned for every course to test the learning level achieved by the students.

    Strenght 9Experienced photographers for each stu-dents shootings in order to make their portfolios unique and give them the chance to get a concrete start in the fashion world.

    Strenght 10ISO 9001/2000 quality certificate.



    ACADEMIC COURSESAc 01 Fashion Design The MaisonAc 02 Beauty LookmakerAc 03 Fashion World StylingAc 04 Beauty ConsultingAc 05 Beauty Styling

    GLOBAL IMAGE & LIFE COACHING COURSESGi 01 Global Image & Life CoachingGi 02 Professional Image ConsultingGi 03 Professional Personal ShopperGi 04 Image & Etiquette Coaching

    FASHION SPECIALIST COURSESSp 01 Fashion Make-Up Specialist *Sp 02 Fashion Hair-Styling Specialist *Sp 03 Fashion Styling Specialist ** available in intensive version with a One-to-One introduction

    FASHION FUNDAMENTAL COURSESFo 01 Fashion Fundamental Make-UpFo 02 Fashion Fundamental Hair-StylingFo 03 Fashion Fundamental Styling

    FASHION ADVANCED COURSESFa 01 Advanced Fashion Make-UpFa 02 Advanced Fashion Hair-StylingFa 03 Advanced Fashion Cool Hunting

    FASHION TREND PORTFOLIO COURSESFt 01 Fashion Make-Up Trend PortfolioFt 02 Fashion Hair-Styling Trend PortfolioFt 03 Fashion Styling Trend Portfolio

    FASHION SHORT COURSESSh 01 Fashion StylingSh 02 Trend & Cool HuntingSh 03 PortfolioSh 04 Fashion Beauty & Cosmetics CommunicationSh 05 Fashion PR & Marketing CommunicationSh 06 Introduction to Fashion CollectionSh 07 Visual MerchandisingSh 08 Fashion Show Production

    EVENING COURSESEc 01 Fashion Event OrganizationEc 02 Personal StylingEc 03 Fashion Wedding PlannerEc 04 Fashion Image Consulting & Personal ShopperEc 05 Fashion Photography

    SUMMER COURSESS 01 Creative Image ConsultingS 02 Creative Personal StylingS 03 Design your Fashion Make-UpS 04 Fashion Personal ShopperS 05 Fashion Accessories

    MASTER CLASS COURSESMc 01 Fashion Body PaintingMc 02 Fashion Brow DesignMc 03 Fashion & Editorial Make-Up TrendMc 04 Fashion & Editorial Hair-Styling TrendMc 05 Fashion Nail CollectionMc 06 Fashion TattooMc 07 Fashion Shoes Collection & AccessoriesMc 08 Fashion Trends Texture & Color BookMc 09 Fashion Seasonal Book of Personal ShopperMc 10 Fashion Image Consulting - Special Abstract

    ONE-TO-ONE COURSESOt 01 Fashion & Image TourOt 02 Fashion Secrets

  • HISTORYUptodate Fashion Academy is the leader in the world of fashion and beauty studies.

    Founded on a new concept incorporating creativity, professionalism, and trend research.Uptodate Fashion Academy is located in the heart of Milan, the fash-ion capital of the world, established in 2001 with a mission of provid-ing the highest level of trend knowledge and training to guide the emerging professionals into the world of fashion and beauty.

    The academic team of Uptodate: stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists, photographers, image consultants, personal shoppers and other pro-fessionals are amongst the best specialists in todays fashion world.The team is fully dedicated to provide students with the highest level of technical knowledge and to guide them to develop their interper-sonal skills to ensure their success in the world of fashion and beauty.

    Uptodate enhances students talents by involving them in creative projects and providing opportunities of internships and placements with fashion houses.


  • METHOD AND VISIONThe trend-setter in fashion, beauty, design and style is confronted with the prevailing currents, but sets his own goal which becomes attractive for the trend already following these currents

    So the art of setting the trend and therefore of proposing new crea-tive goals for fashion and beauty, implies the ability to explore and interpret the aesthetic-emotional currents of our time.This knowledge based on the observation and surveying of multiple signals (weak and strong) makes it possible to evolve and propose creative goals that guide the prevailing currents toward new trends.

    If your creativity is expressed in the area of fashion and beauty, what-ever your occupation, function of art, nobody can give you what you already have your imagination and sensitivity.But your inspiration also depends on your knowledge of emotional currents that magnify fashion and beauty in the eyes of indi