the art of fashion. what is fashion made from ? the good fashion has a combination of elements &...

Download The art of fashion. What is fashion made from ? The good fashion has a combination of elements & principles of design. Elements of design are the building

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Elements and principles.

Elements and principles.The art of fashion

What is fashion made from ?The good fashion has a combination of elements & principles of design.Elements of design are the building blocks of any designPrinciples that make up appealing art apply to good fashion design as well.

The relationship between elements and principles of design ;

to createElements principles harmony Line Color/value balance Shape rhythm Texture emphasis Pattern proportion Tools rules

The elements of design (tools)

Elements of design, 1- line;LINE: Have direction, width, length ,Eyes follow lines ,Lines suggest movement, leading eyes up, down, side- to-side, around Outline of garments.

Types of line ;Straight line : bold, severe Show dignity, power, formality, stability

Curved line ; it is opposite straight line, they are rigid and crisp.

Directions of line ; vertical:

Vertical: Goes up and down Feeling of dignity, strength, makes wearer look taller and thinner

Horizontal:Horizontal: side to side , Feeling of restfulness and gentleness

Diagonal:Diagonal : Degree of slant determines the visual effect

Curved line :Curved: rounded, circular Less conservative, formal and powerful Give soft, and youthful.

Jagged :Jagged: change direction abruptly (ex: zigzags)

Elements of design; 2-shape:The shape of clothing in a human body.shape Form or silhouette of a garment

Elements of design: 3-texture:TEXTURE: Surface quality of garments (how it looks and feels) Roughness, smoothness, dullness, glossiness, stiffness, softness .

Elements of design: 4-Color and value: Color is described with the words hue, value and intensity.

Colors:Summer bright and energeticEarthy- gives a rustic feelPastels- light and soft colorsNeutrals classic and go with any season

The principles of design(rules)

Principles of design; The Principles are concepts used to organize or arrange the structural elements of design. The principles are: Balance Proportion Rhythm Emphasis Unity

1-Balance;Balance is the weighted relationship between the visual elements. Balance can be symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Symmetrical balance;Symmetrical balance refers to an item that looks the same on both sides of a line drawn through thecenter.symmetrical balance is referred to as formal balance.

Asymmetrical balance; Asymmetrical balance is referred to as informal balance.

2-proportion;Proportion refers to the relationship between one part of a design to another.

3-Emphasis;Emphasis refers to the focus of attention in the composition. The focal point of fashion

4-rhythm; rhythm is made when the lines, shapes, colors, texture or patterns in clothing and accessories are arranged to lead the viewer's eye easily from one part of the garment to another.

Rhythm by repetition;repetition of line, shape, color, texture within the design. example, row of bottoms, trim on collar and cuffs, the same color used several times.

Rhythm by gradation;gradual change in lines, shapes, colors values or texture within the design.

Rhythm by radiation;of lines, shapes colors or textural fold inward or outward from a central point or area

Rhythm by opposition/ alternation; alternation of tow or more lines, shapes colors, textures or patterns, causes contrast or opposing details in a design.

harmonyThe compensation between elements of design and principles of design create harmony

Harmony; pleasing visual unity. harmony can be achieved by unity or variety. variety ( things that are different) , when the design has differences to create interest. unity ( things that are a like ), a sense of completeness .

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