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Presentation made by Annija Abarone. How to make a dress of trash bags


  • 1. A Dress Made of Plastic Bags Made by Annija Abarone Form 8. a

2. My favorite element is water. So I decided to make a blue dress with pearls. I want to look like a mermaid from the fairy tale. 3. For making the outfit i need a dress and plastic bags. 4. Then I cut the bags like this. 5. All cut bags I attach to the dress. 6. Here is my string of pearls which I would use like a necklace. 7. Now, like a real mermaid, who lives under the water, I need friends!!! 8. My family actively participated in creating ANNY STYLE.... 9. Special thanks: To my Mum, for being so fantastic Dad, who bought me these bags Justine for being such a great model Thanks for watching