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  • 1. SKIRT

2. SKIRTVARIATIONS Skirts come in a variety of shapes and styles and they are essential items in womens wardrobes. They are more versatile than dresses because they are more flexible when it comes to being dressed up or down. They can be worn to any occasion, and they can be used on those days when women feel like they do not have anything to wear.. 3. PENCIL SKIRT This skirt hugs your body. Its lengthens from the waist to beneath the knees or down to mid- calf. They come in stretch materials. This one is preferred for slim and skinny figures. 4. A LINE SKIRT This skirt fits at the waist. Slightly touching hips and thighs, broader at the hem, narrow at the top and a bit wider at the bottom makes it look like the letter A. 5. MERMAID SKIRT The design is similar to a mermaids tail by fitting from waist to knees. It flares out from the knees to the floor. 6. TIERED SKIRT Gypsy or Tiered Skirt This one is a preferred casual skirt. There are different lengths on this category such as, full, knee length, mini etc. These skirts creates an attractive look by adding shape by tiers. 7. MINI SKIRT Mini Skirt Mini skirts are shorter than knee length. They are just right to reveal a pair of beautiful legs. This one is inappropriate for the workplace or highly formal meeting. So ensure that you have selected it for the right event. 8. MICRO MINI SKIRT Micro Mini Skirt This one is a shorter version of mini skirt. You can go as far as you want without the skirt qualifying as a belt. 9. BUSTLE SKIRT Bustle Skirt It has ruffles in the back being flat across the stomach. The design is popular again as being part of a Neovictorian fashion. 10. MAXI SKIRT Maxi Skirt These skirts are long, having a length from waist to ankle. They may not show any leg, but still can be very fashionable. This one is especially good for fall and cool winter days. Many people believe them as the most comfortable variety. Make sure that it is not too long for you to walk in. 11. PLEATED SKIRT Pleated Skirt Pleats are folds of fabric sewn from the top of the skirt. It hangs from the waist to different lengths showing the pleats over. It looks nice on all figures. 12. CIRCLE SKIRT Circle Skirt This skirt is made in a circular shape that has a flare at the hem. They are very fitting at the dress hips. They are usually made of lightweight fabric. 13. WRAP SKIRT Wrap Skirt These skirts can wrap around the waist and the leg part. Sometimes they have a light flare design. It can be fastened by a button or tie. It is a perfect selection of casual wear. They are usually made of cotton. 14. POODLE SKIRT Poodle Skirt These are a type of long skirts, making the skirt fabric poodle on the floor when you stand still. 15. SARONG Sarong It is a type of fabric that has to wrap around your body to make a skirt. It is widely used in tropical climates to be worn as a skirt or as a cover-up over a bathing suit. 16. BUBBLE SKIRT Bubble Skirt It creates a bubble effect at the bottom of its hem being tucked back under. It has been popular since 1950s. 17. JEANS SKIRT Jeans skirt These are found in a large variety of styles. Jeans skirts are made from jeans and denim. They are usually casual. Some of them are designed with rhinestones or embroidery. Pockets are also a trendy addition. 18. FLARED SKIRT Flared Skirt The design of flare skirts are derived from A-line skirts. The only difference is, these skirts are wider at the bottom. The extra flare covers the fat over hips and thighs. They are also named as four gores, six gores, seven or eight gores. 19. High Waisted Skirt The skirt that fits on higher than the waistline are called high waisted skirts. They can be a little or a lot higher than the waistline. HIGH WAISTED SKIRT 20. COMBO SKIRTS Combo Skirts A combination of different fabrics creates a combo skirt. It is mainly focused when the skirt is re-purposed or up-cycled. The parts can be any fabric such as jeans, ruffles etc. 21. TUTU Tutu It was a specialized skirt, originally used in ballet. This skirt is made of tulle. Recently it has been popular as goth and fetish wear 22. TROUSER SKIRT Trouser Skirt Trouser skirts basically shares a pair of trousers either fitted or flared. Fly fronts and belt loops are the common among trouser skirt. 23. Broomstick Skirt The skirt has a length to ankle with many vertical wrinkles. The wrinkles are made by twisting the garment when it is wet. It is a nice selected for casual wear. BROOMSTICK SKIRT 24. Asymmetrical skirts is designed in a way that the fabric will have different lengths on the hems. It is a perfect selection for an evening out. ASYMMETRICAL SKIRT 25. Grommeted Skirts or Skirts with Gussets These skirts are great for dancing as they are made of vertical panels from waist to hemline. GROMMETED SKIRTS 26. GATHERED SKIRT Gathered skirt Gathered skirts are gathered at the waist. It is the simplest of all skirts. It can also be cut from the hip side and set into a yoke. 27. TUBE SKIRT Tube Skirt Tube skirts are very similar to pencil skirts. The main difference is that they are made with stretchy material and they usually reach just below the knees. These are semi-casual or semi- dressy. 28. STRAIGHT SKIRT Straight skirts are fitted at the waist and hips, but then fall in a straight line downward so that they are loose at the knees. They are similar to the pencil skirt only they are less tight. These are casual, dressy, or formal depending on the fabric 29. PEASANT SKIRT Peasant skirts are similar to broomstick skirts without the wrinkled look. They have several horizontal layers. The layers can be made with the same fabric or they can have different fabrics for each layer. These are casual or semi-casual. 30. TULIP SKIRTS Tulip skirts have more fabric around the hips than pencil skirts, giving them the shape of an inverted tulip. Tulip skirts look good on most figure types, especially slender figures as tulip skirt fabric tends to add a little extra bulk around the hips. 31. Pencil skirt The most classical look with the pencil skirt is high heels, tights and sheer stockings. With the pencil skirt, back-seamed hosiery matches really good.