fashion illustration. elements and principles of design…a mini-review design elements colour line...

Download Fashion Illustration. Elements and Principles of Design…a mini-review Design ELEMENTS Colour Line Shape Texture Design PRINCIPLES Balance Proportion Emphasis

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  • Fashion Illustration
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  • Elements and Principles of Designa mini-review Design ELEMENTS Colour Line Shape Texture Design PRINCIPLES Balance Proportion Emphasis Rhythm Harmony
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  • Fashioning Body Shapes - Women There are four basic female body shapes: Apple Pear Hourglass Rectangle
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  • Fashioning Body Shapes - Men There are five basic male body shapes: Trapezium Inverted Triangle Triangle Rectangle Oval
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  • Fashioning Body Shapes The TLC show What Not to Wear is the perfect example of how clothes can be selected to suit the body shape. Top Heavy: large-bust.html large-bust.html Apple Shaped: large-stomach.html large-stomach.html Pear Shaped: type-large-hips.html type-large-hips.html Slender / Rectangle: create-curves.html
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  • Fashioning Body Shapes Why do horizontal lines on a garment make people look wider?
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  • Fashioning Body Shapes Why is black clothing slimming?
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  • Fashioning Body Shapes What is the effect of wearing clothes / accessories in bright colours?
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  • Fashion Illustration What is a Croquis? A croquis is a template or a mannequin figure that is used to design clothing without having to take the time to redraw the figure each time. Once you have created a croquis, it becomes your master template that is used for each of your design sketches. Your original croquis should not be drawn on.
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  • What is a Croquis?
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  • Creating Your Own Croquis Today, as an introduction to Fashion Illustration, you are going to create your own croquis. Follow the instructions carefully in order to complete your work properly! This may not be an easy task (at first)! Dont be afraid to try a few times until you get it right.
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  • Creating a Croquis: Instructions 1.Look through the magazines and find a full body photograph of a male or female figure whose pose is in an S curve.
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  • Creating a Croquis: Instructions 1.Remove the photograph from the magazine and place a piece of plain white paper on top of the image. 2.Lightly draw in the basic skeletal shape to capture the pose and see which way the body tilts. 3.You must sketch in the following lines: head, shoulders, waist, hips, spine 4. Carefully trace over the body (not the clothing). If the clothing extends beyond the body, you will have to figure out where the body is! 5. Be sure to take your time and do it properly until you are happy with your work!
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  • Creating a Croquis: Instructions 1.When you are finished tracing, remove the tracing paper from the image (do not throw the photo away). 2.Now, you are going to make a good copy of your croquis to use as your master template. 3.Use your first croquis drawing and make a good copy onto a clean piece of white paper (start with pencil and finish with ink / marker). 4.Staple your first croquis sketch to the magazine image you used.
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  • More Croquis! Now that you know how to draw a croquis, you can go through the process again and draw two more! 1.Create a croquis in a frontal pose. 2. Create a croquis in an action or sitting pose. Follow the same instructions as you did for the first one in order to complete these two!
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  • UAL CQk