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Ancient Israelites. Bellwork :. Chalk Talk: Write down a list of the world’s major religions. For each religion, write down the religion’s god(s) and sacred text. Work together. No one should write more than 3 items. Central Questions. What were the main beliefs of the Israelites? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Ancient Israelites

Ancient IsraelitesBellwork:Chalk Talk: Write down a list of the worlds major religions. For each religion, write down the religions god(s) and sacred text. Work together. No one should write more than 3 items.Central QuestionsWhat were the main beliefs of the Israelites?What made their belief system unique for their time?What were the main events in the early history of the Israelites?

The History of the IsraelitesThis history is according to the sacred text of the Israelites, the TorahA man named Abraham lived near Ur in Mesopotamia2000 BC: Abraham and his family migrated to CanaanIsraelites believe that God made a covenant (promise) with Abraham God would have a special relationship with Abraham and his descendentsCanaan would someday belong to the Israelites (their promised land)

More History of the IsraelitesA famine forced the Israelites to migrate to Egypt, where they were eventually enslavedA man named Moses (with Gods help) leads them out of slavery and into Canaan (after 40 long years, though Moses never got in)Kingdom of Israel set up by 1000 BCKing David united the 12 tribes of Israel into a single nation

More More History of the Israelites922 BC: After the death of Davids son, Solomon, the kingdom split into Israel in the north and Judah in the south722 BC: Assyrians conquered Israel586 BC: Babylonian armies captured Judah; Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the great temple and forced the defeated Israelites into exile for 50 years (Babylonian Captivity)539 BC: Persian ruler Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon and freed the Israelites

DiasporaDiaspora: 500-year spreading of the Jewish people to different parts of the world that began with the Babylonian CaptivityJews maintained their identity by living in close-knit communities and keeping their religious laws and traditionsAnti-Semitism: hatred or distrust of Jews was common throughout Europe and other parts of the world where they settled

Beliefs of JudaismMonotheistic (belief in one God)Believe God is all-knowing, all-present, and all-powerfulSacred texts: Torah and Talmud Torah= books of lawGenesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and DeuteronomyTalmud= additional laws and customsSociety was patriarchal: men held greatest legal and moral authority

More Beliefs of JudaismTen CommandmentsSet of laws that Jews believe God gave to them through MosesIncluded religious laws such as keeping the Sabbath (holy day of rest) and having no Gods before their one, true GodIncluded basic laws such as murder, theft, etc. Strong code of ethics/morality, which all leaders and prophets had to adhere to Christianity and Islam were influenced by Judaism; both religions honor Abraham, Moses, and the prophets found in the Jewish texts and embrace the same morality