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Topic 1: 200Question:What is an example of oral history?AnswerA story told to a grandchild by their grandfatherBackTopic 2: 200Question:Early hunter-gatherers fed themselves byAnswerHunting animals and gathering plantsBackTopic 3: 200Question: What is the order tools most likely evolved?AnswerSticks and stonesPointed rocks tied to sticksBows and arrowsMetal toolsBackTopic 4: 200Question:Cuneiform evolved from which writing system? AnswerpictographsBackTopic 5: 200Question:Which monument is Ramses II known for?AnswerA temple of four 66 ft statues of himselfBackTopic 1: 400Question:What is an artifact?AnswerA human made objectBackTopic 3: 400Question:Mesopotamia is between which two river systems?AnswerTigris and Euphrates RiversBackTopic 4: 400Question:What were the two major empires in Mesopotamia?AnswerAkkad and SumerBackTopic 5: 400Question:Egyptians believed pharaohs wereAnswergodsBackTopic 1: 600Question:The Rosetta Stone is an example of Answer: A primary sourceBackTopic 2: 600Question:Modern humans belong to which species of early humans?AnswerHomo SapiensBackTopic 3: 600Question:Who became famous from creating the code of law?AnswerKing HammurabiBackTopic 4: 600Question:Hatshepsut was the first female ______.AnswerPharaoh of EgyptBackTraits of SumerQuestion:What are the traits of Sumer?Answer:Advanced Cities: Kish, Nippur, UrSpecialized Workers: King, Priest, artisansComplex Institutions: Temple, army, schoolsRecord Keeping: WritingAdvanced Technology: Bronze tools, irrigationTopic 1: 800Question:What is a fossil?AnswerThe remains or imprints of plants and animalsBackTopic 2: 800Question:What is surplus?AnswerExtra supply of resourcesBackTraits of CivilizationQuestion:What ruler created a set of written laws to help him rule his empire?Answer:HammurabiTopic 4: 800Question:Why is the Nile important to Egypt?AnswerIt is a source of irrigation, fertile soil, and wildlifeBackTopic 5: 800Question:The floods of the Nile River provided farmersAnswerRich black soilBackTopic 1: 1000Question:Lucy belongs to which species of early humans?AnsweraustralopithecinesBackTopic 2: 1000Question:What is migration?AnswerMoving to new and distant landsBackTopic 3: 1000Question:The belief in many gods is calledAnswerpolytheismBackTopic 4: 1000Question:The ancient Egyptians mummified the dead becauseAnswerIn order to prevent decay for the afterlifeBackTopic 5: 1000Question:Monotheism is the belief inAnswerOne godBackTopic 6: 200 pts.Question:What did the Israelites promise when they agreed to the covenant?AnswerObey the Ten Commandments and love God.BackTopic 6: 400 pts.Question:The sacred book of Judaism is calledAnswerTorahTopic 6: 600 pts.Question:The Israelites were lead from Egypt to Canaan by whom?AnswerMosesTopic 6: 800 pts.Question:Who did David defeat?AnswerGoliath the leader of the PhilistinesTopic 6: 1000 pts.Question:The practice of forcing people to move from their homelands to another place far away is calledAnswerexileBonus Question 2000 pts. Question:The people who were most cruel in conquering and governing their empire were the AnswerAssyriansDaily DoubleThe Winner Of The Last RoundWrite Down How Much MoneyYou Are Willing To RiskIf You get the Question write you win that moneyIf you get it wrong you Loss the money!

Daily DoubleThe Winner Of The Last RoundWrite Down How Much MoneyYou Are Willing To RiskIf You get the Question write you win that moneyIf you get it wrong you Loss the money!