the ancient israelites chapter 3. early israelites canaan was a kingdom established on the...

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The Ancient Israelites

The Ancient IsraelitesChapter 3Early IsraelitesCanaan was a kingdom established on the Mediterranean SeaThe Israelites

Early Israelites (cont.)Small populationMost known for their religion: JudaismMonotheismEarly IsraelitesThe Hebrew BibleWritten in HebrewContained history and religious beliefsValues and religion to spread to Europe.

Early IsraelitesAccording to the Bible they came from Mesopotamia and settled Canaan.Herders and TradersEarly IsraelitesBelief systemdescended from AbrahamGod told Abraham to establish Canaan.Told if they worshiped the one true God, the land would be theirs.Early IsraelitesAbraham had a grandson named JacobCalled Israel, the name was later given to his descendantsJacob had 12 sons which later became known as the 12 tribes of IsraelEarly IsraelitesThey lived in Canaan for about 100 years until a long drought forced them to leave.To survive they traveled to Egypt.

The IsraelitesThe Israelites were enslaved in Egypt by the Pharaoh The Pharaoh did many horrible things to maintain control of the IsraelitesOne mother saved her son by placing him in the Nile - MosesThe IsraelitesMoses lived just outside of EgyptMoses saw a burning bush and heard a voice, which he said was God, telling him to lead the Israelites to freedom

The IsraelitesTo help the Israelites God sent ten plagues to trouble to Egyptians.

The plague convinced the Pharaoh to let the Israelites leave.Passover

the Pharaoh Changes his mind and sends his army after them.

The IsraelitesAccording to the Bible God parted the Red Sea and allowed Moses and the Israelites to pass throughThis event is known as the Exodus

The IsraelitesThe Israelites traveled through Mount Sinai, where he received laws from godKnown as The TorahLarge part of the Torah is the Ten CommandmentsIn order to return to Canaan the Israelites had to enter a covenant, or agreement with God to follow these laws.

The IsraelitesIt took 40 years to reach CanaanNew leader: JoshuaOnce Canaan was reached it was occupied by the CanaanitesThe Israelites believed it was Gods will to conquer themThe IsraelitesJoshua led the Israelites into battleAccording to the story the walls of Jericho crumbled and the Israelites overran the city.Land divided the land among the 12 tribes.The Walls of Jericho

The IsraelitesThe fighting judgesAfter Joshua died the Israelites looked to judges for leadershipMilitary leaderMale or femaleControlled 1 or 2 tribesThe IsraelitesThe fighting judgesThe Israelites won control of the hilly region of central Canaan the Canaanites stayed in the flat coastal region.Israelites adopted the Canaanite alphabet and calendar.The IsraelitesThe Phoenician AlphabetThe Phoenicians were a group of Canaanites along the Mediterranean Sea.Skilled sailors and traders.Carried goods to Greece, Spain, and West Africa.Through trade they spread goods and ideas