the ancient israelites 2000 b.c. – 100 a.d.. the first israelites 1000 b.c. – small groups of...

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  • The Ancient Israelites 2000 B.C. 100 A.D.
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  • The First Israelites 1000 B.C. small groups of people call Israelites settled in _____________ _______________ belief in one God Judaism influenced Christianity and Islam; speak Hebrew Descendents from ______________(Hebrew Bible) Abrahams grandson - ___________
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  • (The First Israelites Continued) Egyptians enslaved Israelites to build pyramids Moses voices instructed him to lead Israelites out of Egypt Pharaoh and his army chased Moses to the __________________ From Slavery to Freedom Ten Commandments Moses stopped at the top of Mt. Sinai God instructed him with laws (__________) one part of the Torah outlined the Ten Commandments The Ten commandments help shape basic moral laws of many countries Torah
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  • The Promised Land Moses died and Joshua led the Israelites to Canaan Joshua led his people against the Canaanites at _____________ Phoenician Alphabet Phoenicians were skilled sailors and traders created the _____________.
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  • 1000 B.C. _________ ruled in Canaan First King of Israel _______ followed by _______ followed by his son Solomon Eventually conquered by Assyrians and Chaldeans = Kingdom of Israel
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  • The Growth of Judaism Exile and Return _____________ day of rest and worship for Jews After Persians defeated the Chaldeans Jews were aloud to return to Judah The Hebrew Bible consist of the Torah, The Prophets and 34 other books. Some of these books describe Jewish history Jews, Christians, and Muslims share the idea that good will triumph over evil.
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  • The Jews and the Greeks Jews came under the control of Alexander the Great in 331 B.C. _____________ Scattering of Jews
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  • The Jewish Way of Life Jewish laws influenced Jews education, food, and clothes Sons were valuable in Jewish society. They became head of the household Learned how to read the Torah from religious leaders Girls learned how to be good wives, mothers, and housewives Jewish laws stated t hat Jews could only eat certain animals such as beef, lamb, and certain fish. ___________ prepared according to Jewish law.
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  • The Jews and the Romans In 63 B.C., the Romans conquered Judah and renamed it _________ King Herod, most famous leader of Judaea, was know for his additions to Jewish temples in Jerusalem. ___________________ found near the Dead Sea in 1947 A.D. They describe Judaism during Roman Times. The Jews despised Roman rule. They revolted in 66 A.D. and drove the Romans out of Jerusalem. Romans would regain control, killing thousands, and destroyed the temple in Jerusalem (_________) ________ teachers of the Torah, became important leaders. _______ the state if Israel was created
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  • Western Wall (Wailing Wall)