part 2. development of judaism exodus 1280 bce israelites move from canaan to egypt forced into...

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  • PART 2
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  • Development of Judaism Exodus 1280 BCE Israelites move from Canaan to Egypt Forced into slavery Moses - Born Hebrew but raised as a Pharoah God tells him to lead the Hebrews out of bondage Exodus from slavery in Egypt Return to the land of milk and honey Celebrated by Pesach (Passover) Leads them to Mt. Sinai Revelation Moses meets God again - Mount Sinai Renewal of the Covenant Reveals 10 Commandments
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  • Development of Judaism Monarchy 1004 928 BCE Kings: King David Military leader Established Jerusalem as the capital city neutral site Regarded as a model of the Messiah Unites all the tribes of Israel King Solomon Son of David built temple in Jerusalem centre of Jewish life for 1000 yrs
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  • Development of Judaism Babylonian Exile Assyrians invaded captured Israel - 721 BCE Took land & evicted citizens Babylonians 500 BCE Temple of Solomon destroyed Captured Jewish leaders Impact Changed how people worshipped creation of synagogues worship in dispersed communities Development of rabbis (teachers) concept of Messiah anointed one will return Diaspora: 400 - 300 BCE sowing of seed dispersal of Jews outside of Israel Refers to all Jews living outside of Israel Forced settlement
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  • Development of Judaism Hellenization: 332 BCE Middle East controlled by Alexander the Great Jewish people fell under influence of Greek culture Adopted Greek dress, architecture, names Bible translated and organized Law, Prophecy, Poetry Different Jewish sects develop Pharisees (anti), Sadducees (pro), Zealots (rebels) Maccabean Revolt: 168 BCE Greek leader converted The temple rededicated it to Zeus - resentment Maccabees revolted and took control of Jerusalem
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  • Development of Judaism Expansion of Roman Empire and rule: 64 BCE Treated poorly, taxed heavily Romans controlled temple, high priest Jesus crucified by Romans during this time 66 CE Jews revolt - Romans respond with force destroy the temple leaving only the Western Wall
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  • Beliefs Messiah View of Jesus born a Jew, a preacher and teacher Jesus was not the Son of God; Believe the Messiah anointed one is still to return Lineage People are born a Jew (through mother) can convert (gerut) Reveal knowledge, confirm Jewish beliefs
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  • Development of Judaism Prophetic Tradition: ie Abraham, Moses, Jesus?? Prophet one who sees the future Speaks on behalf of God Jewish Tradition One who receives a message from God and passes it on to people. word of God spoken through prophets Love God and keep the covenant with Him
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  • Beliefs Death and Afterlife On death, body returns to earth (dust to dust) but soul returns to God who gave it Body will be resurrected and reunited with soul at a later time (therefore no cremation) Mitzvah Act of performing a good deed or commandment (ie. 10 Commandments) Direction on how to live ethically and keep covenant with God Bible contains total of 613 mitzvoth (248 do, 365 do not)
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  • Development of Judaism After death of Saul Division: Northern tribes = Israel Southern tribes = Judah centred around Jerusalem
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  • Practices Holy Ark & Torah Blessings and prayer Minyan Kashruth Shabbat Circumcision Shofar Bar / Bat Mitvah Marriage Death & Shiva
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  • Holidays Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Hanukkah Passover
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  • Symbols Star of David= shape of King Davids shield; symbol adopted by Zionists Menorah = ancient source of light 7 branched= Sabbath 9 branched= Hanukah