the early israelites who were they? herders and traders spoke the hebrew language moved from...

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  • The Early Israelites Who were they? Herders and Traders Spoke the Hebrew Language Moved from Mesopotamia to Canaan (Lebanon, Jordan, Israel) Israel- May God Rule Monotheism
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  • The Land of Canaan Judah Would become the Southern Kingdom and Israel - the Northern Kingdom
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  • Israeli Genealogy Abram (Exalted Father) Abram would be called Abraham (Father of a Multitude) Sarai (Sarah)Hagar (Egyptian) Isaac ( He Laughs)Ishmael (God Hears) 1 st Arab 1 st Arab Jacob (He Deceives) and Esau (Hairy) Or (Edom) RED
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  • Israeli Genealogy Cont. Jacob would be called Israel (One who struggles with God) Jacob would have 12 Sons which would become the 12 tribes of Israel ReubenSimeonLeviJudahIssacharZebulunJosephBenjaminDanNaphtaliGadAsher Would live in Canaan for 100 yrs.
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  • Joshua, Judges and Kings Joshua would lead the Israelites into Canaan In 7yrs he would conquer 31 kings He divided the land between the 12 tribes of Israel After his death (110 yrs old), Judges would rule over the people of Israel
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  • Judges Were appointed leaders who delivered Israel from its oppressors (12 Judges total) Deborah (40 yrs) Deborah (40 yrs) Gideon (40 yrs) Gideon (40 yrs) Samson (20 yrs) Samson (20 yrs)
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  • Deborah Fourth and only female judge of Israel Good mediator, adviser, and counselor Known for her prophetic power
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  • Gideon A military strategist who was an expert at surprise Was offered a hereditary kingship by the men of Israel Always tried to do the right thing
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  • Samson Known for his feats of strength Dedicated to God from Birth Began to free Israel from the Philistines
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  • Israel and its kings Samuel would be the last judge of Israel He would appoint the first king of Israel Saul- 1st king Tribe of Benjamin 30 years old Striking appearance King for 42 years Disobeyed God
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  • King David Youngest of 8 brothers Defeated Goliath and the Philistines 30 yrs old when he became king Was king for 40 yrs Troubled family life
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  • King Solomon Married the Pharaohs daughter Wisdom and insight Proverbs; practical and wise sayings Proverbs; practical and wise sayings Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid King for 40 yrs
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  • Judah vs. Israel Israel- Kingdom in the north Capital was Samaria Capital was Samaria 10 Tribes 10 Tribes Judah- Kingdom in the south Capital was Jerusalem Capital was Jerusalem 2 Tribes 2 Tribes
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  • Major Hebrew Prophets ElijahAmosHoseaIsaiahMicahJeremiahEzekiel Worship God only Prosperous kingdom God loves / Forgives Help others Everyone is equal God is just and kind You can change
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  • Israel and Judahs fall Assyrians conquered Israel The 10 tribes were scattered throughout the empire Lost tribes of Israel Egyptians conquered Judah- which was then taken over by the Chaldeans
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  • Exile and Return Sabbath- weekly day of worship and rest Synagogues- Jewish house of worship Four kings during exile Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar Belshazzar Belshazzar Darius Darius Cyrus Cyrus
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  • Jews and the Greeks Alexander the Great Diaspora Jews outside of Judah Diaspora- scattered Maccabean Rebellion Antiochus Judas Maccabeus New rulers of Judah Hanukkah Festival of Lights Dedication