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The First Israelites. Mr. Roe 6 th Grade Social Studies. Review. We have studied the lands of Mesopotamia (the land between two rivers) and learned about the rise of civilization. We then studied one of the most powerful (and in my opinion, very interesting) civilizations, Ancient Egypt. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Ancient Egypt and Kush

The First IsraelitesMr. Roe6th GradeSocial StudiesWe have studied the lands of Mesopotamia (the land between two rivers) and learned about the rise of civilization.We then studied one of the most powerful (and in my opinion, very interesting) civilizations, Ancient Egypt. Up until now, all of these civilizations have centered around polytheism. Now, we will look at the first monotheistic people known to man.

ReviewBegin by filling out the K section of your K-W-L chart for this chapter.K-W-L ChartThe Israelites believed in one god, who set down moral laws for his people to follow. These people recorded their history in the Bible.

The Israelites fought the Canaanites so that they could return to their promised landBIG IDEA (s)Discuss the religious beliefs of the IsraelitesExplain how and why the Israelites had to fight the Canaanites to return to their promised landExplain the significance of Abraham and Moses in the development of the Jewish religionAfter This Section, You Will Be Able To:K-W-L ChartReading Notes (Cornell or Class Led)Map of ExodusBiography worksheet of Abraham, Joshua, Moses, and Deborah

By the end of this section, you will submit:Discuss with your partner how important you think religion may have been to these early societies.

Is it still important today?

Do cultures and societies depend on religion, or does religion depend on cultures and societies. Can you have one without the other?Partner CheckPromised Land

MonotheismTribeTorahCovenantAlphabetContent VocabularyOn a piece of blank paperDraw this description:

The Israelites talk about the promised land, and their return to the promise land. What do you think this promised land looked like?

This is worth 80 Roebucks!! You must include your name, and it must be obvious that you put time and effort into your work!This Weeks Challenge*Around 1,000 B.C., a people called the Israelites built a kingdom in Canaan

I.The Early Israelites

Show them the Papyrus111. People who focused on one god, Yahweh (monotheistic)2. This religion became Judaism (Jews)3. Spoke Hebrew 4. Christianity and Islam would both be heavily influenced by Judaism5. Recorded their history in the Hebrew Bible (also called the Old Testament)A.Who Were the Israelites?

Have You Ever Seen These Symbols?

6. Came from Mesopotamia, and settled in Cannan7. Descendants of Abraham8. Divided into 12 tribes of Israel (based upon the 12 sons of Jacob; we will talk about Jacob)9. Lived in Canaan for 100 yrs, but the land dried up, and the Jews traveled to Egypt to try to survive.

Note: Judaism Would Influence Religion in Europe and AsiaIn the Hebrew Bible, god told Abraham and his people to leave Mesopotamia and occupy Canaan. In return, they were promised this land. Hence, the promised land.14You likely know much more about this topic then you think. The influence of religions and cultures still have impacts on our society today. After this brief introduction to the Israelites, does anything seem familiar? Were you reminded of anything?

Prediction: How do you think the Jews will do in Egypt?Partner Check: Connect1.Egyptian Pharaoh enslaved the Israelites2.Ordered all baby boys born to the Jews to be thrown into the Nile River (why?)3.Moses, a Jewish baby, was put into a basket in the river, and was found by the Pharaohs daughter4.Moses would grow up Egyptian, in the palace, but would lead his people out of EgyptB. From Slavery to FreedomBabies were thrown into the river so they could not grow to be strong men, and fight against the Pharaoh (rebellion).165. Yahweh sent 10 plagues to Egypt, and the Pharaoh let the Egyptians go10 Plaques of Egypt

176. Exodus a. Pharaoh changes mind, and sends army after the Israelites b. God parted Red Sea, and Israelites passed, while Egyptians drowned

Note: This is why the holiday called PASSOVER is celebrated (the last plague passed the Israelites houses in Egypt). Parting of the Red Sea

Route out of Egypt

Moses received Gods laws atop Mt. SinaiTen Commandments=TorahThis is aka the covenant, or agreement a. God promised to return Israelites to Canaan if they followed these laws.

C. Ten CommandmentsWhy was the covenant so important? What does this tell you about the influence of religion on how people live? Are our laws today similar to these? What does this tell you?Partner Check

a. The Israelites had to fight the Canaanites to return to their promised land. b. Took 40 years to reach Canaanc. Moses died before they reached Canaand. Joshua took over leadershipe. They seized the land, and divided it among 12 tribes

Question: What qualities do you think a good leader should have?II. The Promised LandJudges took over leadership after Joshua diedDeborah was a female judge a. she would conquer more Canaan landA. Who were the Judges? 1. Phoenicians were skilled sailors and tradersa. spread ideas through trade routes2. Alphabeta. a group of letters that stood for sound b. made writing simpler, helped record things c. passed to Greeks, to Romans, and ultimately, to us!B. The Phoenecian AlphabetWhat do you noticeabout thesealphabets?Ancient Alphabets

Led by Abraham, the Israelites settled in Canaan. They later moved to Egypt and were enslaved, but then escaped. The Israelites used the Ten Commandments as rules to live by.

Joshua and the judges, including Deborah, won back territory in central Canaan for the Israelites. SummaryP. 205 questions #1, 2, 4, 5, 6Individual Work