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This presentation covers material from Chapter 3 Section 1 and 2, Glencoe, Journey Across Time, 2005.


  • 1. Chapter 3


  • C. 1400 B.C. Israelites left Canaan because of a drought, head to Egypt
  • Canaan is located in southwest Asia


  • They were monotheistic
  • Their religion is now known as Judaism
  • They spoke Hebrew
  • They were descended from Abraham
  • Abraham is connected to all three monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • Abrahams descendants form the 12 tribes of Israel


  • Arrived in Egypt because of drought, became enslaved
  • Moses saved by the pharaohs daughter
  • 10 plagues of Egypt
  • C. 1290 Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, this was known as the Exodus


  • Laws received by Moses on Mt. Sinai
  • Laws became part of the Torah
  • Torah became holy book of the Hebrews
  • Torah describes covenant with God (Israelites return to Canaan)


  • Took 40 yrs. to return to Canaan
  • Israelites regained Jericho
  • Took judges as leaders
  • One group of Israelites, Phoenicians, were skilled sailors and traders
  • Phoenicians created an alphabet (basis for the English alphabet)


  • C. 1000 B.C. Philistines were the strongest people in Canaan
  • The Israelites wanted a king to unite them against the Philistines
  • The prophet Samuel was asked to choose the King
  • Samuel warned against this


  • Israelites chose Saul, a warrior-farmer
  • Samuel anointed Saul
  • God displeased with Saul disobeying Him
  • Samuel anoints David as king


  • David defeats enemies and creates an empire
  • Requires tribute to be paid
  • Heavy taxes to expand Jerusalem, new capital
  • Wrote the Psalms
  • Solomon, his son, becomes king, after David died


  • Built Temple in Jerusalem
  • Known for his proverbs
  • Forced men to work in mines in nearby countries.
  • Empire divided after his death Israel and Judah