the first israelites. who were the israelites?  descendants of abraham  built a kingdom in a...

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Who were the Israelites?  Practiced Monotheism  Speak Hebrew  Their faith is known today as Judaism


The First Israelites Who were the Israelites? Descendants of Abraham Built a kingdom in a place called Canaan 1800BC Who were the Israelites? Practiced Monotheism Speak Hebrew Their faith is known today as Judaism How did they get their name? Abraham had a grandson, Jacob, whose name also means Israel Jacob had 12 sons and divided their family into tribes I.A people called Israelites built a kingdom in ___________. A.The Israelites believed in ___________ God. B.A long drought began in Canaan, so the Israelites had to move to ___________ to survive. II.The Egyptian Pharaoh needed people to build his _____________, so he enslaved the Israelites. A.According to the Bible, God sent 10 ______________ to Egypt to convince the Pharaoh to set the Israelites free. B._____________, an Israelite who had escaped death and slavery, believed God had told him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. 1.After many Egyptians __________ as a result of the plagues, the Pharaoh finally decided to release the Israelites. 2.As the Israelites were leaving Egypt, the Pharaoh sent his army after them. According to the Bible, God parted the ___________ and the Israelites crossed unharmed while the Egyptian soldiers were drowned. III.The Israelites left Egypt and traveled back to ____________. A.Moses climbed to the top of Mt. Sinai where God gave him laws known as the _________________. B.Part of the Torah was the ________________, which helped shape the moral laws of many nations. IV.It took the Israelites about _____________ years to reach Canaan, but Moses died before they reached their homeland. A.Their new leader, ________________ led them into a victorious battle against the Canaanites, the people they found living in their homeland. B.After Joshua died, the Israelites did not have one leader, but looked to military leaders called _____________ instead. Bonus Opportunity! You are the King/Queen of a country. 1. Name your country. 2. Create Ten Commandments that people living in your country must follow. 3. Write your commandments on a Scroll and decorate. 4. Do your project on plain paper (no notebook/lined paper allowed) 5. Use complete sentences and punctuation. This is due on Monday 9/22/14