judaism the backstory – ancient israelites were actually egyptian slaves, and wanted freedom to...

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  • Judaism

  • Hinduism The Back Story

  • If you build up your karma, you will be reincarnated into a higher caste, until moksha is reached

    Low karma reincarnates you in a lower casteUntouchables

  • Buddhism The BackstorySiddhartha Guatama was born with strange tattoos on his bodyThe tattoos said that Siddhartha was destined for two futuresFuture 1 He will be a rich powerful political leaderFuture 2 He will be a poor religious leaderSiddharthas father keeps him in the palace and gives him any desire he could possibly want

  • Buddhism The Backstory Pt.2At age 29 Siddhartha leaves the palace and goes out into caste system India, introduced to suffering and pain for the first timeTo come up for a solution to the suffering, Siddhartha meditated underneath a tree for 49 days

    On the 49th day, Siddhartha realized the answer, and from that day on was known as the Buddha (Enlightened One)

  • Buddha declares life has 4 Noble Truths

  • Hinduism affects on political and social livesPolitically Chandragupta Maurya uses Hinduism to run his empire. He makes people adhere to strict castes. Keeping his people repressed (keeping power for himself) causes him to become paranoid and his police force and bureaucracy to become corruptSocially Every person has a place in Indian society. This will create animosity (anger and jealousy) between different social classes. Unequal rights, human rights violations, and racial prejudices will be created as a result.

  • Buddhism effects on political and social livesPolitically and Socially Asoka Maurya will convert to Buddhism after taking power from his grandfather, Chandragupta. He will be religiously tolerant of other religions.As a result of Asokas tolerance, his empire makes great achievements, such as:Builds RoadsSends out missionaries to spread the word of BuddhismImproves Education