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1. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Training to Develop Female Managers 1. Focus on the development of women as role models Successful female managers act as role models to motivate aspiring successors and cultivate better human resources among women. Provide a platform of opportunities for valuable work experiences in coordination, innovation, and training. by Matsushi MatsuoThe Advancement of Managerspublished by Toyo Keizai (Coordination)---Participate in cross-departmental projects. (Innovation)---Think outside the box and promote the development of new ideas. (Training)---Take charge of mentoring potential female managers. 2. CICOM BRAINS Inc. The right skillset & mindset are crucial Training in core managerial skills Strength to deal with the challenges & adversity of being a minority in the workplace Training to Develop Female Managers 3. CICOM BRAINS Inc. CICOM BRAINs approach to developing Female Managers skillset Core skills training required for managerial positions Examples: Team vision, mentoring, coaching Effective PDCA Critical thinking, problem-solving Training on handling common challenges encountered by female managers Examples: Mediating internal disputes Gaining respect of managerial colleagues Building trust with older male subordinates 4. CICOM BRAINS Inc. CICOM BRAINs approach to developing Female Managers mindset Appreciate thesignificanceandresponsibilityof being in a managerial position Realize that anunwavering resolveand firm decision making skillsare necessary traits for continued success as a manager Possessawarenessthat female managers are a minority in the industry and confidencein taking on the role