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1. National Sta Training: Current Trends & Issues April2015 CICOMBRAINSInc. 2. CICOM BRAINS Inc. 2 Current Trends Increased number of trainings Closely connected with Japan head oce Eectiveness & Practicality Increasing inquiries from many industries and companies of all sizes. More Japan head oces in charge of overseas training, due to limited number of local training sta or training being controlled by head oce. Greater focus on dealing with current organizational issues / problems and developing the next generation of leaders. Leadership Soft skills such as leadership and management know-how have become more popular. 3. CICOM BRAINS Inc. 3 1Content Multi-lingual 2Purpose Is it a reward trip? Acquisition of business knowledge? Opportunity to network with other global colleagues? Or some combination of the three? 3Participants Mixed levels of participants in terms of business knowledge & experience 4Logistics Costly & time-consuming to arrange transportation and accommodation 5Feedback Participants response and feedback may vary greatly Challenges 4. CICOM BRAINS Inc. 4 Measures Content Choose language based on training content e.g. native language for communication skills training Purpose Who should be going? What should be the outcome / objective of the training? . Participants Adjust the training content add pre-course learning material ( video) use in-house or real cases for class discussion 4. Logistics Make use of dierent learning tools use video content or web tools to increase eciency 5. Feedback Increase PICs knowledge of intercultural contents adjust the training contents by researching participants cultural tendencies & preferences 5. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Clarify & Share the Training Objectives 5 Who should be oered the training? By position By profession What is the training objective? Learn new knowledge & skills Assess managers potential Enhance employee retention 6. 6 Case Studies 7. CICOM BRAINS Inc. 7 Global business management Management of SBU Global Business - Business Model Creation - Global Level New Business - Global SBU Investment Decision Making Expanding into regional markets Management of Regional Business - Regional Strategy, Investment - Regional Strategic Team Management - Global Human Resource Development Creating new business & expanding existing business Leadership in Planning & Creating New Business - Strategic New Business Planning - Eective Leadership - Strategic Investment Plan Existing business management Management of Existing Business - P/L Management - Labor Management, H/R Management - Compliance 1st STEP-UP Problem Solving Strategic Thinking, Leadership, Accounting, Market Analysis, Business Simulation 2nd STEP-UP Problem Solving Innovation Strategy Organization Management, Negotiation 3rd STEP-UP New Business Model Creation Strategic Investment & Finance (M&A, Project Finance), Creating New Markets, Global Business Strategy, Global Organizational Management Regional Leader Development Program 8. CICOM BRAINS Inc. 8 Strategic Thinking Business Environment Analysis Business Strategy Task Analysis Decision Making Day 1 Basics of Finance & Accounting Day 2 Cross-cultural Understanding Understanding Japanese Culture / Communication Style Leadership Team Management Coaching Day 3 Presentation Skills Group work Final Presentation Day 4 Group work Complete E-Learning Finance & Accounting course Think of a work-related issue that you can share with other participants Pre-training Assignment Focus on management issues, task analysis and business strategy. Participants then apply what theyve learned in a group presentation. Output= Final presentation: Analyze a work-related issue or problem and develop a recommendation that ties in with the overall corporate strategy. Program language: Japanese or English Program Features Basic Management Knowledge for New Managers Group work 9. CICOM BRAINS Inc. 9 Session 1 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 AM Strategic Management Leadership Action Learning PM Strategic Management Leadership Action Learning Session 2 Day 1 Day 2 AM Leadership Workshop Action Learning PM Leadership Commitment Action Learning Session 3 Day 1 Day 2 AM Presentation Skills Presentation Rehearsal PM Action Learning Presentation Summary Coaching for Leadership Personality Assessment Action Learning Action Learning Objectives See your business from a global perspective instead of focusing on one department or region Propose a new regional or head oce strategy Identify leadership gaps and ways to address them Develop Managers to be Future Leaders 10. 10 About CICOM BRAINS Inc. 11. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Our Strengths 11 Experience Network Flexibility With 20 years global human resource development experience, CICOM BRAINS understands our client needs. CICOM BRAINS has oces in China, Singapore and Thailand, as well as partners throughout the world who can coordinate and implement programs in local languages which are delivered by local lecturers. Customized training content such as job related exercises, corresponding to the level and interests of participants Flexible combination of contents including eld research, project-based assignments, & assessments 12. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Experience 12 Established in 1996 as the rst school (now CICOM-GLP) in Japan to oer MBA contents in English, CICOM BRAINS accumulated know-how in the following elds: Management Development Business Strategy, Problem Solving, Finance, Marketing, Organizational Management, & General Management Skills Human Resource Development to Support Overseas Business Inter-cultural Management, Business Communication Skills in English National Sta Training for Overseas Subsidiaries Managerial Problem Solving, Leadership Programs for Executives Hands-on programs for India, Indonesia, China and Other Emerging Countries Leadership Development & Market Analysis Supporting the globalization and growth of "people and organizations" for 20 years 13. CICOM BRAINS Inc. 13 Asian Network Programs conducted in local language & delivered by local lecturers , 14. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Linked Topics Flexibility 14 Local Language Customized Exercises & Cases Consideration of Cultural Elements Customization Solutions E-learning Classroom Project- based Overseas Experience Tools To achieve training objectives in a cross-cultural environment Assessment 15. For any inquiries regarding national staff training, please contact: Tel: +81-(0)3-5294-5576 e-mail: